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Revolutionizing Property Management in the UAE: Royex Property Management System Powered By AI

The United Arab Emirates, known for its stunning architecture and flourishing real estate sector, demands a forward-thinking, adaptable property management system that can cater to its diverse needs. Royex property management system is a comprehensive, all-in-one platform capable of efficiently managing diverse property types, from residential properties in iconic skyscrapers to sprawling commercial complexes and luxurious vacation rentals.

Unleashing the Power of Visual Recognition: Royex's Innovative Solution for People Tracking and Monitoring

Visual recognition systems can identify individuals, track their movements, count them, and even locate specific individuals. By harnessing the power of live video analysis, Royex's system provides real-time insights and enables proactive decision-making. It offers unparalleled safety, efficiency, and personalisation, transforming how businesses operate and customers experience their surroundings.

3DX: Redefining The Internet In 3D

In the fast-paced digital age, businesses constantly seek innovative ways to engage customers and enhance their overall experience. One such technology that is revolutionising customer engagement is 3DX or 3D Experience.

Enhancing Customer Engagement: Introducing Eyaana, the Next-Generation AI Virtual Assistant

AI-powered virtual assistants serve as smart, automated systems that can understand natural language, analyse data, and perform tasks or conversationally provide information. Recognising this need, Eyaana emerges as a game-changing solution, harnessing the power of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to transform how companies engage with their customers. Eyaana is an advanced AI-powered virtual assistant developed by Dubai-based renowned software company Royex Technologies.

Struggling with Low Sales on Your Ecommerce Site? Here Are 5 Common Website Development Mistakes to Avoid

The world of ecommerce is rapidly growing, and with the rise of online shopping, businesses are shifting their focus to building their online presence. However, creating an ecommerce site is only half the battle. Ensuring that it runs smoothly and generates sales is where the real challenge lies.

Not Earning Enough from Your Mobile App? Implement These Rules for Increased Revenue

As the mobile app market continues to expand, developers are constantly seeking new ways to monetize their creations and generate revenue. However, not all mobile apps achieve the desired success, and many developers find themselves struggling to increase their income.

Can Artificial Intelligence Simplify Mobile App Development and Reduce Costs?

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly impacted various industries, including mobile app development. As the demand for mobile apps continues to grow, developers are constantly seeking innovative ways to simplify the development process and reduce costs.

Ready to Scale Your Social Media-Based Ecommerce Business? Uncover the Next Steps to Success

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses interact with customers, offering a direct line of communication and a platform to showcase products, share content, and build a brand identity. If you're running a social media-based e-commerce business and have experienced initial success, congratulations! Now, it's time to take your business to the next level and scale up for even greater success.

Experiencing Declining Order Numbers on Your Ecommerce Site? Assess Its Performance with Our Handy Checklist

A decline in order numbers on your ecommerce site can be disheartening, especially when you have put a lot of effort into creating and managing your online store. It is crucial to identify the causes behind this slump and take corrective measures to restore your site's performance

Slash Your Mobile App Advertising Budget While Increasing Lead Generation: Tips for Success

Mobile app advertising can be expensive, but it's crucial for driving downloads and increasing user engagement. With the right strategies, you can reduce your advertising budget while still generating leads and driving app growth

Incorporate AI into Your Mobile App: Enhance Smart Features for a Better Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way mobile apps function, offering smarter features and improved customer experiences. As technology continues to advance, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into mobile app development has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their customers

Redefining Ecommerce: How to Set Your Online Store Apart from the Competition

The e-commerce landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, making it essential for businesses to differentiate their online stores and stand out from the crowd

Standing Out in a Crowded Market: How to Differentiate Your Mobile App from Competitors

With millions of mobile apps available in app stores, differentiating your app from competitors is crucial for success

The Next Frontier: App Development for Vision Pro in Dubai

By embracing the unique opportunities Dubai offers, app developers can create innovative and transformative experiences for the Vision Pro headset. Dubai's thriving tech landscape, coupled with the city's forward-looking vision, positions it as an ideal hub for Vision Pro app development, enabling developers to showcase their creativity, drive industry advancements, and cater to the dynamic needs of Dubai's diverse population.

How To Convert Your iOS Applications for Vision Pro

Converting your iOS applications for Vision Pro opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities, allowing you to deliver immersive experiences to users through Apple's innovative augmented reality/virtual reality headset. While the process may involve some adjustments and optimizations, it's an exciting opportunity to expand your app's reach and create engaging interactions. Here are some steps to guide you in converting your iOS applications for Vision Pro.

Microsoft Build 2023: Empowering Developers with AI, Cross-Platform Development, and Open Source

Microsoft Build 2023, the annual developer conference, brought forth a host of exciting announcements that showcased Microsoft's commitment to enabling developers to build better applications

Scaling New Heights: Empowering Data Analytics with Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric provides a powerful framework for building and managing highly scalable and reliable applications, particularly those built using a microservices architecture

Is Your Mobile App Running Slow? Uncover the Reasons and Tips for Improved Performance

To ensure your app's success, it's essential to identify the reasons behind its sluggish performance and take the necessary steps to improve it

How much does it cost to develop an app like InstaShop?

Shopping grocery has never been so easy. With InstaShop, Now you can sit home and relax while InstaShop delivers you all the groceries you ordered right at your footstep! Read more to find out the development cost of an app like InstaShop in Dubai

Different Proven Ways to Promote Your Mobile Application

It is important to make it viral and familiar to its audience developing a useful app is essential too. Unless they are told to do so, users are not going to know about its importance. However, make sure you do the following to promote your app and make it familiar to its target audience if you are in middle of developing an app or have carried out mobile application development

How to Develop a Car Wash and Service App like KENO

Keno, a revolutionary idea wherein a user can book for a Car Wash and the service will be done at your doorstep. Read to know the development cost of a car washing app like Keno in Dubai.

How to develop Fuel delivery app like CAFU?

It is 2019 and everyone is busy and there is no time to wait in queue for petrol at petrol stations, CAFU - A Fuel Delivery app based in UAE. If your aim is to build the next sleeky and state of art mobile app like CAFU, then contact us today. If you are interested to know how to create an app like CAFU then don’t hesitate to make inquiry anything about us.

How to Develop a Mobile App for Hospital

Mobile app becoming very popular nowadays. Each and every industry has its own mobile app like pathao, uber and fast-track for transportation, commercial apps for events and others.

How to create an app like Netflix and what will be the development cost of it?

Netflix is a leading subscription service for watching TV series and movies on multiple platforms. Users would pay fees monthly at the beginning and can stream or rent an unlimited amount of content. Netflix app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms.

Our Kiosk apps for AbuDhabi Culture & Tourism Ministry was displaying at ADIBF

We were really excited to see our developed KIOSK Apps for the Abu Dhabi Culture & Tourism Ministry in Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.The e-library is named at e-publisher. If you are looking for a good and creative ebook collection, you may visit this e-publisher.

What will be the development cost for an event app?

A certain information about a certain event is the event apps. For National or international conferences, associations commonly use this event apps. The apps are becoming more and more necessary because people expect to get ease access on smartphones and tablets.

How much does it cost to build a car wash app?

This article describes the development cost associated with the development of a car wash app in Dubai.

How to develop an app like UberEats and how much will it cost?

If you are interested to create an app like UberEATS and want to know the development cost, this article is for you. We, Royex Technologies are here to give you the development cost of a food delivery app like UberEats in Dubai.

How to develop a taxi app like Careem and how much it will cost?

If you are interested to develop a taxi app like Careem then this article is for you. Here is the development cost of a tax app like Careem in Dubai.

How much it will cost to create an educational mobile app?

What is the development cost of an educational mobile app in Dubai will be? You will find these answers in this article.

Why a Health and Fitness Mobile App and how much it will cost to develop?

Now-a-days fitness is a trend as well as healthy lifestyle. Everyone knows that health apps become popular apps. Success of an app is not only in features but also creating application with nice, easy interface and smart functionality. Healthy app provides those features that can measure calories, mood, and sleep patterns and can also track indications or form health records. It is also now included the tracking steps, creating an exercise log, or acting as a personal trainer.

Watch out these top 10 Mobile App Development frameworks for 2019

As with time, the number of mobile platforms is increasing, it could be a hard choice for developers to choose the best suitable framework for their project. Previously, there used to be few mobile app development frameworks in comparison to today, where there are numerous app development frameworks. So, we have provided a list of Top Mobile App Development Frameworks that developers can choose for their app-based business.

A New Chapter in Mobile Begins

The GalaxyFold is our most significant leap forward, completely reinventing the shape of mobile with first-ever foldable 7.3 inch super AMOLED infinity-flex display.

Which Platform Are You Looking To Develop Your Mobile App On?

Nowadays, there are literally thousands of app company, so how do you choose? You may find them under various names: app builders, app creators, app makers, app building platforms, app builder software, mobile development software, etc. Basically, these platforms are there to allow anyone assemble various features, elements, design into one mobile app. Most of the online app makers create a) mobile app versions of a website and b) native apps Now, what you want to develop?

Watch out for Top Mobile App Development trends in 2019

We have all notice that how Mobile App Trends have shaped our lifestyles in this recent times. The massive popularity of mobile applications offers an amazing opportunity for our business to leverage it through business apps. As business owners and enthusiasts, we all strive to provide the best services and meet clients’ needs whenever it is possible.So that, we need to watch out for new trends.

A Guided Tour' of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR

If you have a overview of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR,then we are definitely sure that it will be great news to you. Recently Apple has published a video on youtube in where we can get various swiping gestures for navigating iOS 12, Face ID authentication, Portrait Mode with Depth Control, Dual SIM functionality, Memoji, group FaceTime, and ​more. People who are interested to buy a phone with overall functions, are their targeted users. But in all situation, these information is helpful tips for users and also the new buyers.