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How to Develop a Taxi App Like Hala

In this article, we will discuss how to create a taxi app similar to Hala, including the necessary features and development steps. We will also provide helpful tips and advice to ensure your app is successful. So, let's get started!

How to Develop a Digital Banking App Like Yap

Digital banking apps are becoming increasingly popular as more people are turning to mobile banking solutions instead of traditional banking services. With the rise of mobile banking, customers are able to access and manage their finances from the convenience of their own devices. As the world progresses into the digital age, more and more people are relying on mobile banking apps like Yap to manage their finances from the comfort of their own homes. From transferring money to paying bills, Yap is quickly becoming the go-to option for individuals and organizations alike. With the number of people using digital banking increasing rapidly, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are looking to develop their own digital banking apps. In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes Yap such a popular mobile banking app, how Yap's business model works, and the steps you need to take to develop an app like Yap.

How to Develop an App and E-Commerce Platform for Men’s Suit

This article serves as a guide, outlining the essential steps, challenges, and considerations involved in crafting a digital space where discerning customers can seamlessly navigate, customize, and procure tailored suits from the comfort of their homes.

10 Notable CEO’s Dismissed by Their Boards

The stories of these ten notable CEOs who were dismissed by their boards show that corporate leadership is complicated and has many aspects. These departures were due to a variety of reasons, including ethical issues, disagreements about strategies, and financial difficulties. These examples demonstrate how important it is for boards of directors to uphold corporate values and ethical standards, and to guide companies through changing conditions. While some of these leaders faced difficulties, some companies later recovered with different leadership. These cases teach us the importance of being open, having ethical rules, and having a shared vision between CEOs and their boards in order to be successful in business.

Connecting the Dots: Royex Connect's Role in Industry-Wide Data Integration

The ability to seamlessly connect, share, and utilize data can significantly impact productivity, decision-making, and competitiveness. Royex Connect, developed by Royex Technologies, is emerging as a game-changing solution in the realm of industry-wide data integration.

Gen AI in eCommerce: Beyond Predictive Algorithms to Holistic Decision-Making

One of the most transformative developments is the emergence of Generation AI (Gen AI) in eCommerce. Gen AI refers to the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that go beyond predictive algorithms. It encompasses a holistic approach to decision-making, significantly impacting how businesses operate and cater to customer needs.

Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) for Small Businesses: Strategies for Success

The rise of "Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store" (BOPIS) has proven to be a game-changer, offering small businesses a unique opportunity to enhance customer experience and streamline operations. In this article, we'll explore strategies for success in implementing BOPIS for small businesses, empowering them to thrive in the digital retail arena.

Royex Technologies Shocked by Sam Altman's Departure from OpenAI: A Blow to Tech Genius Guided by Investors

The recent dismissal of Sam Altman from OpenAI mirrors a chapter in the tech industry's history where founder CEOs, despite their groundbreaking contributions, have been unceremoniously ousted from their own companies. This unsettling pattern evokes memories of Steve Jobs, the iconic co-founder of Apple Inc., whose tumultuous journey with the company he co-founded serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability that often accompanies tech leadership.

How to Develop an App and E-Commerce Platform for Kandura

Kandura is a traditional garment of the United Arab Emirates. It is often worn during special occasions and is a significant part of the Emirati culture. With the growth of the digital world, there is now an increasing demand for Kandura to be available online. Developing an app and e-commerce platform for Kandura is a great way to tap into this demand and create a viable, profitable business.

Transforming Startup Guidance: Unveiling Royex Startup Mentor Chatbot for Tech Entrepreneurs

Embarking on a tech entrepreneurial odyssey is an exciting yet complex undertaking. Recognizing the challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs, we are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation – the "Royex Startup Mentor" chatbot, powered by OpenAI.

How to Develop an App and E-Commerce Platform for Abaya

Abayas are traditional clothing items worn by many women and girls in the Middle East. In the modern age, abayas have become increasingly popular as an online fashion choice, and many people are looking for ways to bring these garments to the digital market. Developing an app and e-commerce platform for abaya is a great way to tap into this demand and create a viable, profitable business.

New Trends in Generative AI for 2024: What to Expect

This article talks about important trends in Generative AI that will really shape how technology is used in the GCC next year. From cost-effective models to ethical considerations and advancements in autonomous agents, these trends signal a collective effort to leverage the full potential of AI while navigating the complex interplay between technology and society.

Royex: Enhancing Performance with GitHub Copilot and Customer Benefits in Dubai's Tech Scene

Royex is leading a big change in technology by using GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered code completion tool developed by GitHub in collaboration with OpenAI. This revolutionary software has not only transformed the coding experience for developers but has also proven to be a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their performance and deliver superior customer value.

ChatGPT-Powered Chatbots: Enhancing E-commerce Support

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI, known for its ability to generate human-like text based on the input it receives. Leveraging this technology in e-commerce chatbots enables businesses to create intelligent and responsive virtual assistants that can understand and generate natural language.

Navigating E-commerce Excellence: The Role of Seasoned Development Partners

Embarking on the journey of E-commerce excellence requires more than just a vision—it demands strategic collaboration with seasoned development partners. In this article, we'll delve into the pivotal role these expert allies play in navigating the complex landscape of online business. From crafting seamless user experiences to optimizing backend operations, join us as we unravel the significance of choosing the right development partners for your E-commerce aspirations.

Enhancing User Engagement: ChatGPT in Mobile App Development

Unlocking the next frontier of user engagement in mobile app development involves integrating cutting-edge technologies, and ChatGPT is at the forefront of this revolution. In this article, we explore the transformative impact of incorporating ChatGPT into mobile applications. From personalized interactions to dynamic user experiences, join us on a journey through the innovative ways ChatGPT elevates and enhances user engagement in the ever-evolving realm of mobile app development.

Microsoft Copilot vs. ChatGPT: Unraveling the Differences

Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT are both remarkable AI models, each with its own unique strengths and focus areas. Copilot's specialization in code assistance makes it a game-changer for developers, while ChatGPT's versatility in natural language understanding and generation opens doors to a wide array of applications. As these AI models continue to evolve, their impact on various industries and domains is set to be transformative. It's crucial to understand their distinct features and applications to harness their potential effectively and responsibly.

Top 10 Technology Trends to Watch in 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, each passing year brings forth a host of innovations that not only shape our daily lives but also redefine industries, economies, and societies. As we step into 2024, the world of technology continues to evolve at an astonishing pace, shaping our lives in ways we could have never imagined. From artificial intelligence to quantum computing, emerging technologies are driving innovation across various industries. In this article, we'll explore the key technology trends and emerging technologies that are set to make a significant impact in 2024 and beyond.

How to set a smart competitive price for your Ecommerce Business

Competitive Ecommerce pricing is not simply playing with the tactics of under cutting or price matching prices with the competitor. By making use of the right competitive intelligence technology, Ecommerce companies can help themselves and go an extra mile in creating a more competitive price in not only analytical but profitable way.

How can you select the Right Products to Sell Online?

The success of your online selling store is very much dependent on what kind of products you choose to sell in the online world. But since, there are a lot of things to sell, what exactly you should choose?

7 Top Steps you can take to boost your Ecommerce Sales through Retargeting

Retargeting is nothing like what you have in your mind. It does not have anything to do with finding a new breed of audience neither it has to do anything with designing a completely new ad campaign that is based on the trend of your current customers’ behavior.

10 Ecommerce Mistakes that Can Cost you a lot : How to avoid all Cost

E-commerce might look very interesting and easy medium of making money but once you are in the well, you will realize how hard it is to sell the products over there. The basic thing is, you are not the only one with the site! The competition in the eCommerce world is really intense and as such you have to make sure that your site is impeccable in order to have any chance of gathering success.

Can Warehouse Management System for eCommerce Increase your Business Profit?

Your corporate shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to managing a warehouse. Things such as counting, listing, and should be done in a quick succession to make warehousing work efficiently.If you’ve sacrificed the speed, you might end up overselling to your customers that might anger them. So, what should a business do to make things work specially if it is an eCommerce business?

How an Accurate Inventory Management System will aid your Business

Though inventory management system can betermed as a back house process, the nature of the process is quite critical as it can increase overall sales of any company. The process often occurs behind closed doors,so customers and unrelated personnel have no idea what an inventory management system is all about. However, the process is quite stringent and should be formulated with utmost care.

Facebook Marketing Tips for an eCommerce business to Boost Sales

Have you tried Facebook for marketing? If so, you would know that it canbe quite beneficial and can bring you the ROI that you’ve never imagined. But, there are things that you should be aware before you could start making money through Facebook.

How eCommerce Management system can Benefit Your Business

Are you a new business owner? If so, you should have heard about e-commerce software. You may also know that e-commercecompanies need to have aprominentpresence online. You also need a shopping cart software to be able to sell products online.Since consumers are always looking for a convenient way to shop and are not comfortable leaving their homes for it, this is the number one way to do business

Tips on Choosing a Shopping Cart for your Online Store

E-Commerce is a big thing among entrepreneurs and majority of them want to have their own unique stores. Being a booming industry a lot of turnkey solutions/platforms have sprang up to offer aspiring entrepreneurs with little technical knowledge to launch their own online stores. However, with plenty comes confusion and entrepreneurs are facing predicament in choosing the right platform that suits their business.

Big Data Analytics can help e-commerce Firms during Diwali

Companies can give away huge discounts and deals to push sales. In addition they can use celebrities to advertisement their online store. Diwali can be some sort of America’s Black Friday or the Cyber Monday when huge discounts are offered in the United States. We will try to look into the ways and means Indian e-commerce companies can adopt some of the best global practices in big data analytics to make their customers celebrate Diwali with greater joy.

Six Benefits of Customized e-Commerce Platform – Woops EMS

It is easier for starters to use of the shelf e-commerce solution as it can save money and time. But, experience show that common generic platforms can lead to huge extra cost to the company in future. As such, deploying a customized platform as per your needs can help your business grow without much hindrance.

5 Reasons why you should use Integrated E-commerce and not open source E-commerce

The biggest difference between open source e-Commerce platform and integrated e-commerce platform is the cost. Open source is totally free and you don’t have to pay any subscription or license fee like integrated e-Commerce platform.

Managed e-commerce platforms vs. Content Management Systems (CMS) and Woops EMS

A huge number of e-commerce platforms are emerging these days as the competition of running online e-commerce business is increasing at a rapid pace. It is getting difficult to choose the right platform or tools when it comes to starting your own online e-commerce business. And it gets more complicated when you don't have any technical or background knowledge of the platforms, services or the tools required to start the business.

Six Tips to increase Email Engagement Rate for your eCommerce store

In today’s competitive world no sector has been left untouched by the fierce competition. Marketing through email is one of the tools that can make you attract more consumers to your business and strengthen it. But it doesn’t mean that just by sending an email to the list of consumers who have subscribed your email newsletter is going to provide you with the best results.

Ecommerce SEO : Questions to Ask to Improve Online Ecommerce Store Ranking

Though not too different for e-commerce stores, the Organic search traffic is typically the largest referral source for every website.Since they perceive them to be more genuine and trustworthy, consumers prefer organic results. However, organic search has its share of issues. For instance, many organic searches don’t always provide searchers the type of searches and results that they are looking.

12 Essential Features an Ecommerce website need to have

We all know that how much a person buys from an e-commerce site is totally dependent on the various features provided by the site. Whether the site is user-friendly and gives customers with the ease to manage products in an efficient manner is a very important factor for a user or buyer. Below we are going to discuss few features through which an e-commerce site can gain popularity among its users.

Things to consider before selecting an ecommerce Solution

If you are looking for an e-commerce platform you should consider crucial issues like the design side by side with the functions so that users gets the best user experience. The latest trend among most businesses is using ready made e-commerce platforms that come with hosts of inbuilt features.

What Is Email Marketing and Why it is Important for e-Commerce Business?

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that email marketing is the most inexpensive method of retaining your customer and it is the easiest way to experience an impressive ROI because through email marketing you can turn your website visitor in potential buyers. Through email marketing, directly you can remind people that you remember them, and in an indirect way make a statement that you exist as well.

Top 5 Car Wash Apps In UAE Market

One of the most widely used services through mobile apps is the car wash service, which is quite popular in the UAE. Due to the busy lifestyle of the people in UAE, it is hard to wait in a queue to get their car serviced. Thanks to the rise of on-demand apps, they have made lives much easier for everyone. What are the best on-demand car wash app in the UAE?

The Best AR Mobile Apps of 2020

AR or Augmented Reality has arrived on our mobiles, since today's handsets have increasingly efficient cameras that can layer realistic images on your mobile screen. The latest smartphones have such powerful hardware that can handle the AR technology with relative ease. So, in this article, we will list down the best AR apps of 2020. Install these apps in your device and get an immersive AR experience.

How to Develop an App Like TikTok?

These days, the video-sharing app TikTok has become quite a popular phenomenon across entertainment applications. In this article, we will give you an idea on how to create an app like TikTok and development cost of an app like TikTok in Dubai.

How to Make a Telemedicine App Like Doctor on Demand

So, how do we develop a Telemedicine app like Doctor on demand? What will be the development cost to develop Doctor on Demand in Dubai? You will find this information in a detailed manner in this article. Let's begin.

Top Work from Home Apps for Productivity

COVID-19 has pushed the broad global workforce into operating from home. It 's critical for most work from home policies and approaches that people remain occupied, involved and entertained to be successful. So, at Royex, we decided to recommend some mobile applications that might boost efficiency and keep you occupied with tasks at home and ultimately, improve productivity.

Top 10 Mobile App Testing Tools

Without automation, it is hard to picture successful mobile app testing. Automated testing is an essential if you really want to take advantage of regular launches and lesser duration to launch. Yet before you reap the rewards of automatic mobile testing, you need some of the best mobile testing tools or systems onboard to help you develop tests.

Apple Releases Public Beta of iOS 14 - Here’s What You Need To Know

The public betas for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 have rolled out on Thursday, 9th July and there are a bunch of new features that come with the new OS version. Some of the changes are minor while there are major changes to the iOS homescreen. In this article, we will take a look at these changes and give a quick guide on how to install the beta OS if you are interested

Online classroom Edmodo - How it works and development cost

Edmodo is a California based technological education company for students and teachers. In this article, you will learn how the platform works and the development cost to develop an app like Edmodo in Dubai.

Implementing The Search Feature For Mobile Apps

Mobile app search is a relatively complex feature and there is a lot to be covered on this subject. However, I will discuss how to choose between the two most popular ways to use the search on your app: search bar on the landing screen, and search tab on the navigation bar. Too many apps that we use every day have the search feature. The way search is applied in these apps may be very distinct. But why are separate iterations of the same feature required? Is one better than the next? Let's figure it out.

UX Tips To Improve Mobile Apps Design

A study by Google revealed that an average consumer has about 36 applications installed on their smartphone and uses only nine of them per day. Statistically, for more than a year, just four percent of apps would be used. It makes a convincing argument for making great mobile applications by utilizing the fundamental concepts of user interface design (UX) to your benefit. A more functional app has a strong user engagement and decreased risks of uninstalling the device. Strong UX and increased customer retention are also one of the key factors for an app to gain popularity. There's a 52 percent chance, after all, that your app would be discovered outside the app store by a relative, family, or colleague. Here are the five UX tips for helping you design mobile applications in a better way.

A Complete Guide To Mobile Application Testing

Nowadays Mobile phones have a vital role to play in our life. From a device for communication it has been advanced to a gadget that can perform everything. How are these applications working?? Have you ever thought about it? All these are going through a lot of process before being available at your fingertip. One out of this is TESTING. Testing is a process which all the applications will go through once it is developed.

How to Develop a Hotel Reservation and Booking Platform Like

We all have heard about is a platform which helps you to book the hotels in whichever location you want based on your preferences. In this article, we will talk about the development cost of a hotel booking platform like in Dubai.

Million Dollar App - Influencer Marketing For Your Mobile App

So, you've created a cool app. You want everyone to know and use this app. You're not sure how to attain that goal, however. Here's an idea: influencer marketing for mobile apps. 49 percent of customers depend on influencer reviews, according to Single Grain.

Million Dollar Apps - Story Behind Urban Company

Urban Company (formerly known as UrbanClap) is a home services startup founded in 2014 by three young entrepreneurs - Abhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan, and Ragav Chandra. Urban Company is the go-to service for all home related services ranging from pedicures to getting your house painted. How did a small startup grow up to become one of the largest at-home services provider? Find out in this article as we lay out the success story of the company and its million dollar app.

Million Dollar Apps - Story Behind Byju's

Byju’s - The Learning App is an Indian ed-tech and online tutoring platform. It was founded by Byju Ravindran in 2011. In 9 years, it has managed to become the world’s most valued ed-tech company valued at $5.4 billion. From humble beginnings to being a billion dollar company, to having Shah Rukh Khan as brand ambassador, Byju’s has had a meteoric rise and in this article, we will tell you it’s success story.

Million Dollar Apps - App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization is all about making the app rank higher in the search results by growing visibility in the app stores. This means more users would be able to find and use your app. More downloads would equal more customers and more users would bring more revenue. Looks easy, does it? Well, this is not so simple. If you are wondering how App Store Optimization works, we got you covered. Follow this guide to App Store Optimization and you can expect your app, no matter what kind it is to rank high and make your business grow.

Viral Elements That Make Your App Successful

In this article, we will learn what a viral app is, what viral elements are, examples of viral elements in popular apps that went viral, and what kind of viral element will be best suited for your app.

Million Dollar Apps: Online Grocery Delivery Apps

A lot of effort goes behind making a mobile app successful. An app simply doesn’t become a million dollar app right after launch. Careful planning, skilled development, creative marketing, acquiring a user base all combined are responsible for making a million dollar app. Today we will take a look at million dollar online grocery delivery apps.

“Your Tulip flower can talk now”. Discover the Google Tulip with amazing features

Google has recently introduced a new service app that people never ever to think which will become a reality. A new and unique flower-chatting service is provided by Google Tulip. It was a challenge for Google to decode the language of flowers.

Be together in the moment with Google Duo

Monologuing by Dr. Maya Angelou, Google has taken the opportunity to bring the Google Duo to the world in a new image. Whatever happens, people now can share their moments with their friends and family by using a simple video calling app “Google Duo”.

Google Chrome, Japan

This video was produced by the Google Japan team. You will definitely like this video. So continue your browsing experience from desktop to phone on Chrome.

South Africa's First Humanoid Robot "Pepper"

For the first time, South Africa has discovered a client-friendly humanoid robot and they named it Pepper. It was at first unveiled at Nedbank’s digital-branch, the NZone, at the Gautrain station Sandton. Pepper is the form part of our journey to explore innovative technologies that will enrich the client experience.

Lenovo shows off the world’s first ‘Foldable PC’

“This is not a phone, tablet, or familiar hybrid,” the company wrote in a press release announcing the device. “This is a full-fledged laptop with a foldable screen.” The company says it plans to begin selling the foldable laptop in 2020.

Vector by Anki : A personal Robot who hangs out & helps out with Amazon Alexa Built-In

This cute Vector is a clever, quite personable robot and it is equipped with Amazon Alexa (Launching December 17). This vector’s ability is to help out has just grown by leaps and bounds.

Google I/O 2019: Top 10 announcements you need to know!

Google I/O is an annual developer conference where Google announces new hardware, software, and various updates for its existing apps and services. To see what’s coming up at Google I/O, check out the list at a glance. We have also upload a youtube video based on this Google I/O 2019

Meet Miko : India's First Companion Robot

This cute robot named Miko is developed in India by emotix. Miko can be your child’s new companion. This Miko can be called as a brain with loads of heart. People will amazed by its work. You can not think about how much Miko can do. It has a wide pool of knowledge and an even wider pool of fun.

How to Sell on Instagram: Strategies and Tips for your Success

Marketing on instagram still needs some creative thinking. Many ways you can choose to go about it. So, let’s take a glance at samples of however a number of the world’s top ecommerce brands are using Shopping on Instagram to drive sales and growth.

Spread these 10 Inspirational quotes that UX design matters

We always believe that a motivated designer can be a successful designer. Passion is the matter that drives us everyday at work.

A New Chapter in Mobile Begins

The GalaxyFold is our most significant leap forward, completely reinventing the shape of mobile with first-ever foldable 7.3 inch super AMOLED infinity-flex display.

Are you excited for Dubai Expo 2020?

A World Expo, Expo 2020 is to be hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It is announced that it is opening on October 20, 2020. When Dubai won the right to host the expo 2020. The Dubai Ruler promised Dubai will "astonish the world," in 2020.

Twitter feature will let you hide replies to your tweets

Twitter is now working on one of the feature of them that gives permission to the users to hide their replies in tweets. An expert on reverse engineering apps, Jane M. Wong has discovered this feature

WordPress Website development Trends You Need to Adopt in 2019

If you are thinking about the best CMS for website development for startups or non-tech workers, we will recommend you “ Wordpress” is the king of development needs.

Get Motivated : 25 inspirational Quotes of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was an American business magnate and investor. Apple’s late co-founder, Steven had touched many with his passion and creativity for making beautiful things, and his legacy lives on through his company and the many motivational thoughts he shared with the world. Discover 25 inspirational Steve Jobs quotes will help you to work better and to be smarter.

Upcoming 2019 trends of Mobile UX Design

Nowadays many things move quickly in this mobile app digitize universe. To succeed in the field of mobile UX design,designers must have the foresight and prepare for new challenges. So we have to simple the matters. And to simplify the way, we have already listed some of expressive and the biggest trends for the upcoming 2019

Share your Gifts

Apple has released the newest addition entitled “Share Your Gifts” featuring music from 16-year-old singer/songwriter Billie Eilish. The story is about a teenage girl and her dog. The girl likes to keep her creation in a secret box. But creating without sharing is like buying a wonderful present—and then locking it away.

Royex Technologies are taking part in 38th Gitex technology Week 2018

This 14th-18th October, GITEX Technology Week returns to Dubai World Trade Centre for its 38th edition with the latest products and innovations for the startuppers. We are thrilled to announce that we,Royex Technologies are taking part in 38th Gitex technology Week 2018. You are welcome to our Stand.