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Why You Should Accept Cryptocurrency in Your eCommerce Store
29 Sep 2021

Why You Should Accept Cryptocurrency in Your eCommerce Store

Due to the increasing demand for tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum, cryptos have been in the news a lot recently. Many online companies have begun to consider taking various cryptocurrencies as payment for products and services, and investors aren't the only ones who may gain from this technology. Is it OK for your company to be one of them? Continue reading to find out.

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12 Sep 2021

We Have Moved To A New Head Office - Royex Technologies

We are excited to announce that our head office in Dubai has moved to a new location with a bigger office space. Our new office is located in Office #3203, 32nd Floor, Citadel Tower, Marasi Dr, Busine...

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06 Sep 2021

How Can Mobile Apps Help For An Event Like Dubai Expo 2020

Expo 2020 Dubai will assist the UAE Vision 2021 by promoting tourism, fostering the development of innovative enterprises in the UAE, and strengthening the country's international reputation as a busi...

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05 Sep 2021

How Tech Companies Can Get Benefit From Expo 2020 Without Directly Participating

There are obvious benefits of exhibiting in expos for tech companies. But did you know, even without directly participating, your company can benefit a lot from competing at an expo like Dubai Expo 20...

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30 Aug 2021

5 Things To Do To Improve Your Ecommerce Business In This Pandemic

The global coronavirus epidemic has had a devastating impact on retail, and the eCommerce Boom of 2020 has been felt across sectors almost a year later. The pandemic has launched a protracted era of e...

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18 Aug 2021

Impact of Blockchain On Mobile App Development Process

Blockchain technology is one of the most popular new technologies among startups. Blockchain technology now increases transaction speed and safeguards consumers' most sensitive information in mobile a...

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09 Aug 2021

AWS Debuts in UAE- A new era of Cloud Technology in MENA

In the first half of 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will launch an operational region in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with three availability zones....

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18 Jul 2021

Top Ecommerce Metrics to Measure Your Business Success

Ecommerce metrics come into play to help you measure your success. These metrics are critical to determining the right strategies for your business. Here, we have gathered only the most significant me...

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07 Jul 2021

Mobile Apps Marketing Secrets Revealed

With over 70% of the world's population owning a smartphone, it's clear that apps are the way of the future for mobile marketing. We'll explain how to market a good app that people will rapidly downlo...

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01 Jul 2021

9 Secret Techniques To Get Thousands of Downloads For Your App

How can you stand out in an increasingly competitive market with your app? Here are some suggestions for increasing downloads and increasing engagement with your mobile app....

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24 Jun 2021

6 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Mobile Apps Business

You've come to the right place if you want to establish a Mobile App Business. Because we'll show you exactly how to do it. Here are seven things to consider in order to ensure that your mobile app bu...

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13 Jun 2021

10 Tricks To Get Crazy Ecommerce Traffic

Are you experiencing problems getting visitors to travel to your online store? We've gathered a list of top-notch techniques to attract traffic to your online business....

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09 Jun 2021

WWDC 2021: Apple’s Annual Developer Conference Summarized

Apple revealed updates to many of its operating systems, including iOS 15, during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (June 7th-11th). Here's a breakdown of all the announcements at WWDC 2021...

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