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Getting More Backlinks For Your Website: 8 Must-Try Strategies

"How do I acquire backlinks?" is a question frequently asked by many digital marketers.

Every digital marketer desires more backlinks because they play a crucial role in Google's ranking algorithm. Google's Search Quality Senior Strategist Andrey Lipattsev also acknowledged this in a 2016 Q&A session. Essentially, backlinks are links from other websites that point back to your site. The more quality backlinks you have, the more likely your site is to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). However, obtaining backlinks isn't simple. No one gives them away freely, especially if you're spamming site owners with impersonal emails.

Earning backlinks requires effort, which I'll guide you through in this article. This isn't just another list of link building strategies; I'll share the proven methods to use to secure thousands of backlinks for various clients.

Why are Backlinks Important?

Want to be at the top of Google search results? You need backlinks - lots of them. Most experts agree that links help your website rank better, even if it has other technical issues.

According to a survey by performance marketing agency Aira, a mere 1% of SEO experts believe that links have no impact on search rankings, while 48% acknowledge that link building positively influences rankings, even in the presence of significant technical SEO challenges.

Why does this matter?

Search engines like Google view them as a sign that your site is trustworthy and authoritative. When respected websites link to yours, Google thinks your site is more valuable. Backlinks also help Google's search robots find and explore your website more easily.

Good backlinks are crucial for high rankings. However, getting quality links from other respected sites isn't simple. That's why it's important to learn and use effective strategies for building backlinks.

Tips to Get Backlinks

The sooner you master getting backlinks, the better. Here are 8 proven tips to help you gain more backlinks for your website:

Show How the Other Site Benefits

When asking for a link, focus on what's in it for them. Most link requests fail because they don't give a good reason to add the link.

No matter how great your content is, you need to explain why linking to you helps the other website. Think about what they want and address that in your request.

Offer something valuable in return. This could be:

  • A well-written guest article (not made by AI)
  • Expert insights for their existing content
  • A testimonial
  • Something that improves their users' experience


Remember, it's about making their website better, not just promoting yours.

Create Content That Stands Out and Help Others

To get good backlinks, you need to make great content. It's that simple. Why? Because no one wants to share boring stuff with their readers.

But great content doesn't mean super long articles. Aim for about 1500 to 2000 words. This length lets you cover a topic well without boring people.

Your writing should be clear and interesting. Use good grammar, but focus more on telling a good story.

To start, look at what others in your field are writing. Use a tool like Ubersuggest to find top articles. Then ask:

  • What's their main point?
  • Do they use their own research or expert quotes?
  • How many pictures do they use? Are they good?
  • How long are the articles?


Try to make your content better in some way. Maybe go deeper into the topic or use new research no one else has.

This method works. 

Another good way to get backlinks is to write nice things about other websites. Many businesses will link to you if you review their product or share how it helped you.

For example, Zapier has a testimonial on the Trello website. This gives Zapier a valuable backlink.

To try this approach:

  • Think about the tools or services your business uses regularly.
  • Visit their websites and look for testimonials or case studies page.
  • Reach out to their marketing team with an offer to share your experience.


If they say yes, write an honest review. Talk about how the product helped you solve a problem. If you can make a video, that's even better.

You can also get backlinks by helping with case studies. Remember, helping others often leads to them helping you with backlinks.

Show That Your Website Can Be Trusted

It's easier to get other sites to link to you if your website looks professional and trustworthy. Here are some simple things you can do to make your site look more legitimate:

  • Use HTTPS: This makes your site secure. Look for the little lock icon in the address bar.

  • Get your own domain name: Instead of using a free website, buy a domain that matches your brand.

  • Make your site look good: A well-designed website shows you're serious about your business.

  • Add links to your social media: This shows you're active online and helps people connect with you.

  • Put your contact info on the site: Include your business address and phone number. This shows you're a real company.

  • Show who you are: Add an 'About' page, explain how you create content, and include author information for articles.


You don't need to do all of these at once, especially if your website is new. But the more of these you can add, the more trustworthy your site will look. Even if no one knows about your site yet, these things can help people trust you when they find you.

Remember, building trust is extra important for new websites. It's worth taking the time to get these basics right from the start.

Keep Your Pitch Short and Simple

Want more people to say yes when you ask for links? Make your message easy to read and understand. Here's how:

  • Write short: Keep your message brief. People are busy and don't have time for long emails.


  • Use space: Put each main point on its own line. This makes your message easy to scan quickly.


  • Be clear: Say exactly what you want. Don't make people guess why you're writing to them.


  • Highlight important stuff: Use bullet points or make key words bold. This helps important information stand out.


  • Stick to the basics: Try to keep your whole message to five sentences or less.


  • Make it easy to act: If you're sharing links, make sure they're easy to spot and click.


Remember, the person reading your message probably gets lots of emails every day. If you can make yours quick and easy to understand, you're more likely to get a positive response.

A good pitch is like a good movie trailer - it gives just enough information to make someone interested, without taking up too much of their time.

By keeping things short and clear, you show that you respect the reader's time. This can make them more willing to help you out or work with you.

Use Connections to Get More Links

Making friends in your industry is a great way to get more links to your website. When people know and like you, they're more likely to share your stuff.

Social media is perfect for this. It's like a big online party where you can meet lots of people in your field.

When you're active on social media:

  • You'll meet new people
  • You might get asked to write for other blogs
  • You could be invited to talk on video calls


Don't say no to these chances! They can lead to more links to your website.

Writing for other blogs (guest blogging) is a quick way to get links. And when you become known as an expert, people might ask to use your words in their articles, which gives you more links.

Remember, being friendly and helpful online can lead to more links and better rankings for your website. It's like making friends at school - the more friends you have, the more popular you become!

Create an Infographic That Tell Your Story

Want more people to link to your website? Try making infographics. These are pictures that explain ideas or show data in a fun way. And guess what? They still work great.

Why do people love infographics so much? They're easy to understand and share. Everyone from news writers to regular readers enjoys them.

To make a good infographic that people want to share:

  • Use true and interesting facts
  • Tell a story with your information
  • Make it look nice
  • Arrange everything so it's easy to follow


You don't have to be an artist to make these. There are free websites like Canva that can help you make great-looking infographics quickly.

Remember, a good infographic is like a picture book for grown-ups. It should teach something new in a way that's fun to look at. When you do this well, more people will want to share your infographic on their websites, giving you more links back to your site.

So, next time you have some interesting information to share, try turning it into a colorful, easy-to-understand picture. It could help more people find your website!

Give to Get: A Friendly Approach to Earning Links

Want more websites to link to you? Try linking to them first! It's like making friends - when you're nice to others, they're often nice back.

Here are some easy ways to share other people's work:

  • Make a "best of" list in your field each week or month
  • Share cool stuff in your newsletter
  • Use expert quotes in your blog posts
  • Ask people what they think about a topic
  • List top tools or people to follow in your area


After you mention someone, send them a quick message. Just say, "Hey, I talked about your great work!" Don't ask for anything in return. This can start a friendship that might lead to them sharing your stuff later.

Talking to others online is also a good way to make connections. You can do this by commenting on blogs or social media. But be careful - don't just drop links to your site everywhere.

Instead, when commenting:

  • Say something nice about their work
  • Add a helpful thought about the topic
  • Share your own ideas or experiences


The goal is to add something useful to the conversation. The more helpful you are, the more likely people are to remember you and maybe link to your site in the future.

Remember, it's all about building real relationships. Be genuine, be helpful, and the links will often follow naturally. It's like planting seeds of friendship - with care and time, they can grow into valuable connections and backlinks for your website.

Use Hot Topics to Get More Links

Want more people to link to your website? Try talking about what's popular right now. This could be the latest celebrity news, a big world event, or a trending TV show. News writers are always looking for fresh information on these topics, so they're more likely to link to your site if you have something interesting to say.

The lesson here is to keep an eye on what's popular and look for ways your website can be helpful. If you can give people what they're looking for, especially when others can't, you're more likely to get those valuable links.

Remember, in the world of websites, being useful and timely can make you very popular!

How to Write a Great Pitch to Get Links

Most people ignore emails asking for links because they're not very good. Here's how to write an email that people will actually read and respond to:

Make a great first impression. The subject line of your email is super important. It's like the cover of a book - it needs to make people want to open it. Try something like:

  • "Hey [Their Name], want to team up?"
  • "I've got a free gift for you"
  • "Let's make your content even better"
  • "I think your article is missing this..."


Keep it short and sweet In the main part of your email:

  • Don't write too much
  • Get to the point quickly
  • Show how you can help them


You could offer:

  • A free article for their website
  • A nice review of their product
  • A link to their site from yours
  • Your expert opinion on a topic


Make it personal Show that you've done your homework:

  • Use their name
  • Mention their company
  • Say something nice about their work


Remember, people like to feel special. If you show you've taken the time to learn about them, they're more likely to read your whole email and say yes to your request.

Writing a good email is like being a good friend - be helpful, be interested in them, and don't ask for too much too soon. If you do this right, you'll have a much better chance of getting those important links to your website!

To strengthen your backlink profile, you need a diverse and strategic method. Applying the following methods will raise your website's credibility, better your rankings in search engines, and gain more organic visitors. Keep in mind that building links is an ongoing exercise that needs patience, creativity, and a pledge to offer value to your viewers and industry colleagues.

As you carry out these tactics, put a higher on quality than on quantity and aim to establish true relations within your field. By regularly presenting value and staying updated with latest SEO trends, you'll be well situated to secure toptier backlinks that can considerably elevate your online visibility.

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