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Why Quality and Features Matter More Than Cost in Mobile App Development

In the fast-paced world of mobile app development, where the pressure to cut costs and meet tight deadlines is a constant challenge, businesses and entrepreneurs often find themselves at a crossroads, torn between the allure of cost savings and the need for an app that stands out in a sea of digital offerings. The truth is, while controlling expenses is essential, the success of a mobile app is not solely determined by its development cost. Quality and features are the true linchpins that can make or break an app's journey from concept to customer's hands.

How To Develop Ecommerce Platform Like Sharaf DG

E-commerce has transformed the way we shop, and the significance of this industry continues to grow. Now more than ever, businesses are eager to establish their presence in the digital marketplace, seeking efficient, user-friendly e-commerce platforms that can empower them to thrive in the online retail landscape. One of the success stories that have left a mark in the online retail landscape is Sharaf DG, an ecommerce giant that has set new standards for customer experience and business growth.

How To Develop An E-Commerce App Like Poshmark

Poshmark, founded in 2011, is a leading social commerce platform that allows users to buy, sell, and connect with others in a community-driven marketplace. What sets Poshmark apart is its user-friendly and visually appealing interface, which empowers individuals to turn their closets into a boutique-like experience. Poshmark's success can be attributed to its combination of e-commerce, social networking, and personalization.

How to Develop Property Management Software like Buildium?

Buildium is a popular and comprehensive property management software platform designed to streamline and simplify the management of rental properties. It is primarily used by property managers, landlords, and real estate professionals to efficiently handle various aspects of property management, including tenant communication, accounting, leasing, maintenance requests, and more.

Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Introduces Esports World Cup 2024

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has announced the launch of the Esports World Cup to be held annually in Riyadh starting summer 2024. This announcement was made at The New Global Sport Conference in Riyadh, signaling Saudi Arabia's ambition to become a major player in the world of gaming and esports.

Revolutionizing Mobile Apps: The Impact of ChatGPT Integration

ChatGPT is an AI language model designed to understand and generate human-like text, making it ideal for conversational AI applications.The integration of ChatGPT into mobile apps empowers developers to create more responsive, context-aware, and human-like interactions, thus unlocking a plethora of opportunities for innovation.

Royex at GITEX 2023: Transforming Tomorrow's Tech Landscape

Ah! What an amazing experience it was. Trust me, we just came back from the future-or at least that's what it felt like at GITEX 2023. If you're even remotely into technology, this event was the geeky equivalent of a theme park, and it did not disappoint.

How To Develop An E-Commerce App Like Temu

Temu is a mobile e-commerce application that has made a significant impact in the U.S., and has become one of the top trending apps in the country. Embark on the journey of creating your own e-commerce app like Temu with our comprehensive guide. Learn the essential steps, strategies, and best practices to craft a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience that stands out in the digital marketplace.

Royex Connect: The Ultimate Intermediary for System Integration by Royex Technologies

In an age where integration is key to digital efficiency, Royex Connect emerges as a beacon of seamless interoperability. At its core, it's designed to be the ultimate nexus where diverse software solutions converge, communicate, and collaborate. Beyond its technical prowess, what sets Royex Connect apart is its heritage. Born out of a decade-long commitment to excellence by Royex Technologies, this platform embodies all the values that the company stands for: innovation, quality, and relentless pursuit of perfection.

How To Develop An Auction App Like Emirates Auction

Building an auction app like Emirates Auction requires careful planning. Focus on key elements such as user-friendly item listings, real-time bidding, secure payment gateways, and a trustworthy user rating system. Prioritize customization, intuitive navigation, and robust security to create a seamless and successful auction platform.

Let's Meet During GITEX Global and North Star

Connect with Royex Technologies at GITEX Global. We're excited to be part of this exceptional gathering, aiming to expand and strengthen our professional network while fostering innovation, collaboration, and the collective embrace of cutting-edge technologies. See you there!

How To Build A Real Estate Crowdfunding App Like SmartCrowd And Its Development Cost

Investing in real estate is often seen as a way to grow and stabilise finances. However, many people can't access it due to difficult barriers. The founders of SmartCrowd recognised these challenges and embarked on a mission to change how the world invests in real estate. Creating an app like SmartCrowd is to step into a world where technology and real estate merge to provide a solution that simplifies one of individuals' most significant financial decisions. In that case, this guide will take you through its operations, the intricate regulatory considerations, and the financial aspects of app development.

GITEX Global: Empowering Start-ups with Royex Technologies

Join us at GITEX Global. Royex Technologies will be actively involved in the world's most renowned tech gathering, aiming to expand its professional network, foster innovation, encourage collaboration, and collectively embrace technology. Don't miss the chance to connect and chat during this incredible tech extravaganza!

How To Build A Real Estate Crowdfunding App Like Stake And Its Development Cost

Building an app like Stake represents an enticing opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators eyeing a venture into digital real estate investment. However, it's essential to understand how such an app works, the licensing considerations, and the associated development costs. This comprehensive guide will delve into these aspects, providing you with the insights needed to embark on a journey to create an app that revolutionises real estate investment.

Slash Your Mobile App Advertising Budget While Increasing Lead Generation: Tips for Success

Mobile app advertising can be expensive, but it's crucial for driving downloads and increasing user engagement. With the right strategies, you can reduce your advertising budget while still generating leads and driving app growth.

Unlocking Growth: How Development Plays a Critical Role in Scaling Your Ecommerce Business

In today's fast-paced digital world, ecommerce businesses must constantly evolve to stay competitive and meet the ever-changing demands of their customers. A crucial aspect of this growth is development, which significantly scales your ecommerce business.

The Truth About Cheap vs. Costly Ecommerce Development: What Your Business Really Needs

In the world of ecommerce development, the age-old adage "you get what you pay for" rings true. However, understanding the real differences between cheap and costly ecommerce development and knowing what your business genuinely needs can be challenging

When Is a Custom Ecommerce Website Development Necessary for Your Business?

Custom ecommerce website development is necessary for businesses that require a unique, scalable, and flexible solution to stay competitive in the online marketplace. It offers enhanced security, improved SEO, and the ability to create a distinct user experience that reflects your brand's identity.

How to Design a Website for the Best Customer Experience in Dubai, UAE

Dubai-a very lively city with millions of transactions going on every day, is so ahead in advancement that it is extremely difficult to design a website for its market. People residing in Dubai experience premium user experience in different sectors so as a website designer you have to look closely at different aspects before designing one. At Royex Technologies, we are running our Website designing company in Dubai, and we know best with our professional experience in this field how to design a website with best Customer Experience.

How to Turn your Website into a great Marketing Tool

In today's world, a business website is the most important marketing tool for his potential client or customers. A website is considered as a virtual equivalent of a physical company. The primary objective of a website is to inform and influence targeted audiences to make a purchase of a product or service whereas secondary objective is to create a strong market presence in the digital world.

Best website designing principles

In this world of technology, people prefer to work and complete their daily tasks online. For this, you need such a competitive and profit-oriented Website Design Dubai that boosts your business by drawing the attention of your customers. A good Website Design Dubai is not only one that looks good but also has a smooth user interface. A customer who wants to check your services and goods will first examine your reputation online by judging the website of your business before visiting the physical location. Therefore, a website is the reflection of your business organization.

Eight Reasons why you should hire a professional website design and development company

If you are looking to make your mark on it; it is important that you or your business is represented through a platform that is enriched with sophistication and professionalism. The Internet now holds the importance like never before and with each passing day, it is becoming the premium choice of people.

Tips to make a good Responsive Website Design in Dubai, UAE

Liquid formats and media questions to adjust your site to fit in various screen sizes on the present web, so this means that a responsive design uses fluid grids. In the phone, desktop monitors, tabs, etc., your website should be equally responsive. Every website should be conceived as it should be responsive in such a way that it stays relevant to the technology in today’s digital world.

10 Reasons Why People are Leaving your Website Page

Your business can grow with a good website or fall with a bad one. To learn more about products and services your firm provides to customers, clients will often come to your site. Retaining the presence on your website and attracting the customers is a quite a difficult task.

Things to consider when designing a website

Once a website is correctly completed, it can boost your business to the sky. Turning the web traffic into simplified funnels can market the business to the next level. But if you miss the mark, it could turn into a never-ending cycle of bugs and tweaks that can kill your time and money.

Our Website Designing Process

When it comes to the website designing, the designers usually hold a perspective of a good website as a matter of just purposeful code, appealing visuals, Content Management System (CMS) or wireframes. However, this is not only the case. High-quality website design is not only achieved through appealing visuals and engaging designs. The website designers of a Web Design Agency know that an exemplary website design requires a considerable focus on developing online strategies to accomplish organizational goals. As professionals, they know how to create a website that is visible and accessible to the public and seeks the attention of visitors to purchase goods and services or represents one’s work or just promotes knowledge.

How much does a website cost in Dubai?

How much does a website cost in Dubai? or website designing cost in dubai? A very common question that Dubai website development company gets. This article will give you a clear view of a new website development cost in Dubai and also help you to select the best website development company for your Business.

AWS Summit Bahrain 2019 - Bringing Technologists Together

Technological innovations has become a major driver of disruptions across the world. Here, in the GCC it’s a pillar of the major economic transformation that is creating exciting new opportunities across the region.

Why is it necessary to have an event management platform like Eventbrite in Dubai?

The main benefits of this system that it eliminates your mundane task of doing things manually and automates the whole process. The events are customized as per clients requirements to achieve their goals and objectives of elevating their brand.

How to choose the right design agency for your company in Dubai

Honestly, it is not a simple task to find a perfect designing agency for your company. A good website changes your company's brand value. Most of the designing agencies have a good portfolio, and it makes your life harder to choose the right designing agencies. Here are some of my tips

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand service application like UrbanClap?

In this article, we will talk about the development cost of an on-demand service application like UrbanClap in Dubai.

What will be the cost to develop an e-commerce site like in Magento?

To Building an e-commerce portal like we have several constraints to take care of like logistics, inventory management, tax regulations, etc and to encapsulate all this together, the perfect platform would be Magento. Read to know more ...

Popular E-Commerce development platforms used in UAE and their development cost

E-commerce websites are an essential entity to any business, be it a startup or a well-established business, everyone needs an online store to sell their products. We designed the infographic below based on a research done by, they have done a survey on over 991 e-commerce websites across UAE, research is mainly on the E-commerce platform they are using and the figures are astounding.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Fetchr?

The Million dollar investment startup - Fetchr, Delivery Application. Why is it so special and how does it work? What is the development cost of an app like Fetchr? Read to know our take on the trending application!

How much does it cost to develop an app like elGrocer?

Sit home and relax while elGrocer deliver your ordered goods in less than an hour. Want to know the features and approximate cost to develop an app like elGrocer in Dubai? Read to know more.

Ten Factors while Choosing E-Commerce design Company in Dubai

Intersection with the regional boundaries, and moving toward worldwide customers, the worldwide world is mentioning associations to think comprehensive. Experiencing extended arrangements volume and business advantage by having a web nearness as it implies that you have streamlining procedures to get client input. The most important decision is to pick the right e-commerce website design company to have a strong web presence for an e-commerce store.

Why Online Reviews Matter & How They May Help Your Business

Since people can’t touch or feel the products they intend to buy, they want to judge the quality of these products, relying on online reviews given by fellow buyers. That’s why eCommerce product reviews matter a lot.

AI & Machine Learning: Their Roles in the Ecommerce Industry

The future of online shopping will be determined by the advancements in AI and machine learning technologies. Find out how in this article.

What Is OKOMMERCE And What Are Its Key Features

OKOMMERCE is an enterprise eCommerce platform designed to serve the needs of a large scale enterprise. So how does this enterprise ecommerce platform work? Find out in this article.

The Role of Big Data in Inventory Management

When your business is all about selling tangible products, inventory management comes into play to make a big difference. Big data analysis can ease this entire process to improve inventory management. Read on to know the impact of big data in inventory management

7 Ways Augmented Reality is Transforming the Ecommerce Industry

AR enables users to try a product/filter virtually in real-time in a real-life setting. This technology has the potential to bring revolutionary changes to the ecommerce world. Keep reading to know how augmented reality can transform ecommerce for betterment.

Ecommerce SEO Guide for Beginners

Yes, there are ways to get paid traffic, but SEO aims to help you get more organic traffic. It’s not easy to appear on the first page of search results, only ecommerce sites optimized with the best SEO practices will reach the top. Don’t worry! Here I’ll discuss the basic steps of ecommerce SEO for beginners.

Ecommerce Trends in the UAE That Will Be Dominant in 2021

The UAE enjoys multiple benefits that make it perfect for growth in eCommerce. A young internet-savvy community, with strong social media use, consists of the user demographic. These individuals are more inclined to invest time online than any of their counterparts worldwide. Hence, it becomes important to analyze the trends in the UAE eCommerce sector that will dominate in the next year.

Top Magento Development Trends To Follow in 2021

Magento is a popular platform widely used by ecommerce development companies in Dubai as their preferred choice. In order to extend an advantage on their rivals, startups & founders are still to provide the best possible Magento services. Let us read in depth about the many enticing emerging trends in Magento development in 2021.

What Do You Need To Know About Ecommerce Business License In Dubai?

In today's convenient focus and competitive world, people no longer want to go to busy streets looking out for the products they want to shop. Instead, they want to shop sitting at their convenient place avoiding all the hassles. Even a few months ago, people used to go out shopping for the experience, but with the pandemic situation which we are going through, they have completely shifted to online shopping, which makes entrepreneurs be more serious about ecommerce business.

12 Best UX Practices to Ensure a Pleasant Experience for Your Customers

Since the e-commerce industry is expanding more and more every day, it’s getting tougher to maintain high customer retention. You have to ensure a pleasant and convenient shopping experience for your customers to induce them to come back to your platform and shop again. To attain this ultimate goal, you must employ quality UX design for e-commerce.

8 Tips To Grow Your Small Business Online

Getting a dedicated website is a must for a small business, irrespective of the fact if it is well-established, just ventured out, or anywhere in between. It may seem daunting to move your small company from the brick-and - mortar area to the virtual world, but in fact, building a website has never been simpler. Our step-by-step tutorial will take you through all the main points for your small company to build the ideal website.

8 Ways To Optimize Your Ecommerce Product Pages

It has become challenging for companies to capture a large number of customers and even produce a respectable ROI, with several e-commerce websites getting on board. There are several online marketing strategies available and we're here to come up with 8 strategies tried and tested to improve the product pages.

Best UX Practices For Magento Ecommerce Store

With the ever-increasing rise of internet shopping, gaining and keeping clients is becoming a problem for e-stores. It is important to look for cohesive user experiences to develop a client base and to raise traffic on your site in order to achieve higher engagement and create trust with users. Here are the best UX practices to follow for your Magento eCommerce store.

Why Should You Choose Magento 2 For Ecommerce Website And Mobile Apps

Magento was developed to be a scalable and flexible platform. This is truly its distinguishing trait. Magento users can create stores using readymade extensions or by coding themselves. This article will cover the reasons for you to choose Magento 2 for ecommerce website and mobile app.

Top Payment Gateway for Ecommerce websites in UAE

Ecommerce business is one of the most booming businesses around the globe because of the pandemic situation. Having a secure payment gateway with the Ecommerce site will increase the trust of the customers towards the brand. There are different payment gateway providers in UAE and here are the best ones.

Role of AI in Ecommerce Industry Revolution

One of the big success stories of Amazon is the merchandise upselling and cross-selling on its website which is responsible for an incredible 35 percent of its total sales. What technology is responsible for this conversion? The answer lies with the product recommendation technology from Amazon which is primarily powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Instagram Launches Facebook Pay Powered Instagram Shop

Instagram has launched its brand new Instagram Shop, a marketplace for shopping that is powered by Facebook Pay within the US. Instagram Shop is defined as a platform for shopping items from favorite brands and designers

How To Start An Online Grocery Ecommerce Business Like Instashop

Planning to start new business like Instashop or an Ecommerce Grocery store. In today's convenient focus and competitive world people no longer want to go to busy streets looking out for the products they want to shop. Instead they want to shop by sitting at their convenient place avoiding all the hassles.

How To Boost Your Mobile App Downloads?

You have developed an amazing mobile app, which performs smoothly on every device & also successfully launched it on the app store. But what next? Only you will be able to make real money if people download it & make purchases of your service or products. It takes lots of effort & mobile marketing techniques to achieve the right download metrics. In this article, we are going to share with you some simple & basic strategies on how to increase mobile app downloads effectively.

Top 10 Fitness Mobile Apps of 2022

Currently, there are more than 1000 mobile training apps on the market. These applications use features ranging from tracking athletic activity to providing motivational messages. Some of the top applications that are being used worldwide are.

6 Things to Consider Before Developing a Mobile App

Whether you're a novice entrepreneur or a seasoned pro, there's no denying that mobile apps assist you to increase your exposure while also allowing your consumers to contact you quickly. Here are a few critical considerations for businesses to make before embarking on mobile app development.

The Best Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks

Cross-platform app frameworks enable developers to build mobile apps with a singular code and run them on many devices with few adjustments. There are numerous fantastic cross-platform frameworks for mobile app development available nowadays that allow you to build high-quality apps. Each of them is capable of resolving a certain issue. We'll look at some of the most prominent cross-platform programming frameworks in this article.

How To Determine The Value Of A Mobile Application

The value of an app can be determined by looking at factors such as downloads, revenue generated, and potential earnings for future downloads or updates. The calculation for this estimate is different for each individual company. In this article, we will discuss some formulas to attain the calculative valuation of an app and some additional factors in a nutshell.

Top iOS App Development Trends For 2022

The popularity of Apple devices has grown, necessitating the creation of mobile apps for iOS a must for any business. The platform is adaptable, allowing developers to use cutting-edge features in mobile apps to boost usage. We'll go through some of the upcoming iOS app development trends that we'll see.

Innovative Mobile App Ideas To Consider in 2022

Around the world, there are currently over 6.055 billion smartphone users. In addition, by 2023, mobile applications will generate $935 billion in revenue. These stats alone demonstrate the importance of mobile apps for any business. Here are some of the most innovative app concepts for 2022.

Apple March Peek Performance Event: iPhone SE 3, Mac Studio, iPad Air 5, & More Announced

Today, Apple's March 8 Peek Performance event unveiled a slew of new products. The iPhone SE 3 with the A15 Bionic power, 5G, and various camera enhancements have been unveiled, as well as a new iPad Air 5 with the M1 CPU. Apple has revealed the new Mac Studio computer, which features a blistering M1 Ultra CPU that essentially combines two chips into one. There's also a new Apple Studio Display with 5K res that costs less than the Pro XDR, albeit it's still expensive. Here's a quick summary of the event.

How To Develop An On-Demand Car Service App Like MySyara

MySyara is one of the successful on-demand car care & technology companies in Dubai. They have been recognized as the first online car care app in the Middle East! In this article, we will explore some of their car care services & give you some guidelines on how to develop an on-demand car servicing app like MySyara.

How to Increase Mobile App's Users Engagement

With the enormous amount of increasing demand for mobile applications, it is necessary to understand the perspective of the user engagement process to retain your customer & also make them use each & every update of your mobile app. To avoid your mobile application getting replaced by others, you need to ensure some factors. Here you will find a full guide on how to increase your mobile app’s user engagement.

How To Develop A Delivery Platform Like Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero is a leading local delivery app that offers customers one of the widest range of cuisines at their doorstep. In this article, we will share some insights about Berlin-based delivery platform- Delivery Hero & also share some effective points on how to develop delivery platforms like Delivery Hero in Dubai in the most cost-effective way.

How To Develop An On-Demand App Like Glovo

Glovo is a kind of delivery app that allows customers to get anything necessary in the city like- food, groceries, pharmacies, courier & a lot more! In this article, we will know some insights of the Glovo app & also will know how to develop an app like Glovo

Importance of Mobile-First Design

A major component of effective product design is a mobile-first design. Designers may focus on the essential functionalities of their product by designing for the smaller displays first and then working their way up. Today, 2 billion individuals solely use their smartphones to access the internet. That percentage is anticipated to rise to 72.5 percent by 2025. This indicates that designing for mobile is crucial for users to have a satisfying experience.

Royex Technologies Forms Strategic Partnership With Cashew; Specialized Rates for Royex Clients

We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Cashew Payments. Royex Technologies has teamed up with Cashew to offer our clients a customized discount rate. Our ecommerce clients will not only enjoy a personalized rate, but they will also get dedicated support from Cashew Payments. They will pay a lower merchant fee than the usual Cashew merchant fee.

Top Mobile App Design Trends To Follow In 2022

If your app doesn't appear modern, it isn't modern. That's why staying on top of the latest app design trends, especially what's in store for 2022, is critical. The question is, how can you forecast what will be trendy graphic trends in the future today?

How To Make A Doctor Booking App Like Okadoc

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for mHealth apps increased. This article will explain how exactly the doctor appointment mobile app like Okadoc works, the features required in such an app, and the development cost.

How To Develop A Buy-Sell Used Car Mobile App Like CARS24

Companies that deal in used vehicles for sale have built up their own cars for sale mobile applications in recent years for the convenience of their consumers. This article will explain how you can develop a buy-sell used car app like CARS 24. You will know some basic information about CARS24, how it works, the features required in such an app, and the development cost of an app like CARS24.

How Can You Develop A Buy Now Pay Later App Like Tamara

Here in the UAE, we have seen a few BNPL making waves across the country. One such app that is widely popular is Tamara. And in this article, we will explain how you can build a “buy now pay later” app like Tamara. Let us know more about Tamara first.

Metavization - Transforming Your Business Into The Metaverse

Transforming your brick-and-mortar and online business into the Metaverse is called Metavization. We, Royex Technologies, will help an easy and smooth Metavization process.

7 Best Practices For Mobile UX Design You Should Follow

Nowadays, to cope with the latest mobile technology & latest design trend, UX designers are challenged to incorporate many innovative features on a small screen. Providing a handy UX should be a priority for all UI/UX designers. In this article. We have listed the seven best mobile UX design practices every designer should follow.

[NEWS] Royex Technologies Organizes ‘Experience The Metaverse’ Event

On Wednesday, 29th June 2022, Royex Technologies organized the ‘Experience The Metaverse’ event in the Rove Downtown Hotel, Dubai. There were 45 attendees at the event which started with a presentation on Metaverse.

Royex To Launch Dubai Meta Mall - 4 Times Larger Than Dubai Mall

We are pleased to announce that we are developing the world's biggest Metaverse Shopping mall - Dubai Meta Mall. This mall is 4 times bigger than the current biggest mall, Dubai Mall. Dubai Meta Mall covers an area of 48 million sq. ft, with 26 million sq. ft of leasable space. This space will be rented out to 5000 retail stores among which the top retail global brands are expected to be present.

Redefining The Shopping Experience Through Metaverse

Metaverse enables you to establish a brand identity by allowing consumers to enjoy the same in-store experience as they do in the real world, but more efficiently. Royex Technologies, inviting you to join the event where we are demonstrating our newly developed Metaverse Store which is connected with a physical store or online store system. As a result, our built Metaverse shop serves as a link between the virtual and actual world.

WhatsApp Cloud API- All You Need To Know

Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced at WhatsApp's messaging session on Thursday that the firm is giving free cloud-based API services in an effort to entice more businesses to use the app. WhatsApp also said that it plans to offer optional paid capabilities as part of a new premium service for users of its dedicated business app for small enterprises.

Google I/O 2022: Pixel 6a, Android 13, Pixel Watch & Other Announcements

Google IO 2022 took place from Wednesday, May 11 to Thursday, May 12. The opening Google IO keynote began at 6 pm GMT on May 11 and lasted two hours. Google I/O 2022 is a platform for Google to showcase its latest products. Here is a rundown of all the announcements at Google I/O 2022.

Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority - World’s First Regulatory Authority To Debut In Metaverse

The Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) of Dubai has announced its foray into the metaverse by establishing a metaverse headquarters in the interactive virtual world of 'The Sandbox.'

Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Twitter Acquisition: Reasons and Impact

Twitter's board of directors has approved Elon Musk's $44 billion (£34.5 billion) buyout bid for the acquisition of social media. Mr. Musk, who made the surprise proposal less than two weeks ago, said that he would unlock the "tremendous potential" of Twitter. Here are the reasons behind the acquisition and the impact will have on the social media giant.

New Partnership Announcement: Royex Technologies & Valcom Technology Co. Ltd

We are proud & delighted to announce that, recently we have settled a partnership contract with Valcom Technology Co. LTD, one of the well-known African private software companies. At this signing event, Rajib Roy- our honorable CEO was present to sign the agreement with the CTO of Valcom- Mohammed Abdullah.

Adobe Summit Keynote 2022 - Metaverse, AI, Real-Time CDP, Personalization, And More

The Adobe Summit began with an announcement on how the company would help creative and marketing teams create metaverse experiences for its customers. There were significant announcements for those still focused on the real world, including advances in real-time customer data, functionalities from the Sensei AI engine, the release of a new digital learning platform, improved workflow automation, a healthcare industry version of Adobe Experience Cloud, and new ecosystem partnerships.

Our Achievements in 2021 and Our Plans for 2022

2021 was a great year for us. We have done lots of great things with many remarkable achievements. In this article, we are going to talk about our achievements of this year and our plan for next year. This article is mainly for our extended team, clients, and those who are planning to take service from us.

Royex Technologies Declares New Working Hours In Accordance With New Government Guidelines

In compliance with the new government guidelines, Royex Technologies declares new working hours, whereby our work week will be from Monday to Friday with a two-hour break (12:30 pm-2:30 pm) for the prayer break on Fridays, starting from 1st January 2022.

AWS Re: Invent 2021

The Amazon Web Services Re: Invent 2021 event just took place between November 29 and December 3, 2021. It's no surprise that AWS' event is one of the most awaited of the year. We forecast what will happen during the event based on the release and trends in the cloud market, among other variables.

Royex Technologies Is Now An ISO 9001 And ISO 27001 Certified Company Of Dubai

We are proud and excited to announce that Royex Technologies has been accredited with ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications, two of the most acknowledged and prominent quality management standard certificates.

Umbraco 9: A new era of Umbraco CMS with .NET 5

Umbraco 9 is the first version to be transferred from.NET 4.x to.NET 5.0. V9 now reaches platform independence for the first time, allowing hosting on operating systems other than Windows (IIS) for the first time. These advancements provide the Umbraco community with a plethora of new outcomes while also making them easier to manage.

Royex Technologies Launches Video Teleconferencing App - Royex Live

We are pleased to announce Royex Live, our new video teleconferencing web app. Our team member, Sazzad Anwar, software engineer here at Royex, designed and developed this app. Royex Live allows you to easily set up virtual meetings, video conferences, and direct messaging. It also allows you to share your screen with the meeting participants.

Why You Should Accept Cryptocurrency in Your eCommerce Store

Due to the increasing demand for tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum, cryptos have been in the news a lot recently. Many online companies have begun to consider taking various cryptocurrencies as payment for products and services, and investors aren't the only ones who may gain from this technology. Is it OK for your company to be one of them? Continue reading to find out.