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10 Reasons Why People are Leaving your Website Page

Your business can grow with a good website or fall with a bad one. To learn more about products and services your firm provides to customers, clients will often come to your site. Retaining the presence on your website and attracting the customers is a quite a difficult task.

Things to consider when designing a website

Once a website is correctly completed, it can boost your business to the sky. Turning the web traffic into simplified funnels can market the business to the next level. But if you miss the mark, it could turn into a never-ending cycle of bugs and tweaks that can kill your time and money.

Our Website Designing Process

When it comes to the website designing, the designers usually hold a perspective of a good website as a matter of just purposeful code, appealing visuals, Content Management System (CMS) or wireframes. However, this is not only the case. High-quality website design is not only achieved through appealing visuals and engaging designs. The website designers of a Web Design Agency know that an exemplary website design requires a considerable focus on developing online strategies to accomplish organizational goals. As professionals, they know how to create a website that is visible and accessible to the public and seeks the attention of visitors to purchase goods and services or represents one’s work or just promotes knowledge.

How much does a website cost in Dubai?

How much does a website cost in Dubai? or website designing cost in dubai? A very common question that Dubai website development company gets. This article will give you a clear view of a new website development cost in Dubai and also help you to select the best website development company for your Business.

Importance of Product Packaging in This New Age of Ecommerce Business

It is in some cases mentioned that making a package deal for an item is as crucial as designing that thing itself. While automation in packing has certainly assisted matters to a degree, it obviously cannot replace the various transformations and incorporations that packagers have to go with before settling a package for a particular product. It consists of a dry run and estimating the wastage while optimizing the length of master sheets needed.

AWS Summit Bahrain 2019 - Bringing Technologists Together

Technological innovations has become a major driver of disruptions across the world. Here, in the GCC it’s a pillar of the major economic transformation that is creating exciting new opportunities across the region.

Why is it necessary to have an event management platform like Eventbrite in Dubai?

The main benefits of this system that it eliminates your mundane task of doing things manually and automates the whole process. The events are customized as per clients requirements to achieve their goals and objectives of elevating their brand.

How to choose the right design agency for your company in Dubai

Honestly, it is not a simple task to find a perfect designing agency for your company. A good website changes your company's brand value. Most of the designing agencies have a good portfolio, and it makes your life harder to choose the right designing agencies. Here are some of my tips

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand service application like UrbanClap?

In this article, we will talk about the development cost of an on-demand service application like UrbanClap in Dubai.

What will be the cost to develop an e-commerce site like in Magento?

To Building an e-commerce portal like we have several constraints to take care of like logistics, inventory management, tax regulations, etc and to encapsulate all this together, the perfect platform would be Magento. Read to know more ...

Popular E-Commerce development platforms used in UAE and their development cost

E-commerce websites are an essential entity to any business, be it a startup or a well-established business, everyone needs an online store to sell their products. We designed the infographic below based on a research done by, they have done a survey on over 991 e-commerce websites across UAE, research is mainly on the E-commerce platform they are using and the figures are astounding.

Connecting Magento eCommerce site with your ERP system odoo

For most B2B companies, the enterprise resource planning system acts as a “single source of truth.” If your eCommerce platform and ERP system don’t talk to each other, it makes everything harder. Your eCommerce platform may not have the latest product catalog for each customer or the right rules for spending and approvals.

Royex Event Management and Online Ticketing System - Why and How much will it cost?

Event Management Software is a specialized event-focused solution that brings automation and task-tracking benefits to the event planning, event registration, event booking, and execution process.Our Event Management System enables organizations to envision an event, Sell ticket online, Managing multiple types of tickets, maintain a participant database, send invitations, run through the entire process to confirm participation, ticket printing and assign event execution tasks to various teams.

How much does it cost to build an eCommerce site like on Magento

Namshi is one of the popular eCommerce platform in Dubai, UAE. It is popular for Fashion Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Accessories. The design of the site, especially its simplicity with colorful presence is really great to see. Also, the user shopping experience is really good.

What is the eCommerce site development costs in Dubai, UAE

This is a very basic question everyone asks to google and also to us, How much it will cost to develop an eCommerce site in Dubai. Now why Dubai or location-based price is important?

How much does it cost to build eCommerce website like

Can you remember how good the was? Yes, it was a nice eCommerce site and we all love that site. If you are an entrepreneur or planning to start a new business, you may want to wonder how to build an e-commerce website like and how much will it cost to develop.

What are android Instant Apps and How does it work?

No one has got the time to wait and download a whole application so here comes Google Instant App. A Google Android instant app is a module program that enables end-users to test out a portion of a native Android app without installing it on a device.

Development Cost and Working of Udrive - The Smart Car rental Application

Rent a car whenever, wherever with Udrive. Read our take on it and contact us to if you have an idea in mind. Find the development cost of a car rental application like Udrive in Dubai.