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7 Tips To Make Your E-Commerce Site Trustworthy

As the demand for online shopping is increasing rapidly, every online business owner is trying to make a strong online presence through websites or e-commerce stores. Now, online shoppers will find hundreds of e-stores for purchasing a single piece of cloth & they will choose only the option they can trustfully. So, It is quite difficult to gain that much trust level among all these options.

Based on a research, 92% of the consumers are more likely to buy additional services apart from the main products from their trusted shop. If you can’t provide your customers' products with safe transactions they will just switch away to the second option. So, you must make your customer more confident while they are visiting your e-store & intent to purchase anything.

It takes continuous effort & time to build a good relationship & trust with your potential customers. So, how can you make your e-commerce business more trustworthy? We are sharing some simple tweaks you can focus on easily.


7 Ways To Make Your E-Commerce Site Trustworthy

While shopping online there is no way of face-to-face interaction with the online vendors. Shoppers have to depend on the products displayed here & most of the time many customers feel uncomfortable sharing their card details while purchasing. Concerning the quality of products, quotes about defective products or even being afraid of fraudulent practices is valid for the consumers.

The solution to all these worries of customers is to make your e-commerce store more interactive, transparent, and secure place for online transactions. 


Narrative About Us Page

Narrative About Us Page

To build a strong customer relationship you need to design an informative About Us page. Of course, customers will not interact properly with strangers first. The About Us page is a sneak peek of who you are, what makes your brand different, what types of products & services you provide, what is the motto of your business, what types of achievements you earned, how many staff are there behind the scenes & so one. 

A well-written & designed  About Us page attracts customers easily to engage with the service you are offering. A standard About Us page consists of:

  • A tagline that promotes your business
  • Showcase your brand story
  • Consider adding images of  founders & team 
  • Focused & minimalistic page design
  • Let customers know where you are operating


Up-to-date Product Catalog

Up-to-date Product Catalog

While customers land on your website, make sure they find the specific product with related information. It is important to regularly update the products of your e-commerce store. 

You can also set push notifications to notify customers about your recent stocks or any kind of discounts or offers. In this way, customers can slowly trust your services & will make purchases sometimes. 


Secure Badges & Seals

Adding security badges & seals not only help you to gain the trust of your customers also Google can easily identify your site as safe & secure for online purchase & transactions. It has a great impact also on your sites’ SEO ranking. E-commerce sites having security badges & trusted seals provide customers with secure & legitimate service.

Security badges & trusted seals include:

  • Secure Socket Layer(SSL) certificates
  • Money-back guarantee badges
  • Logos of Payment gateways
  • Business Badges of your partners 
  • McAfee & Norton badges

Having an SSL certificate means all the data collected by an e-store is protected & secured from data breaches. Money-back guarantee badges help users to try it for a period of time  & it is totally upon the customer if they want the service/product or not. Sometimes people hesitate to share their card information online. Hence this badge helps them to pay online without any worries. Then, if your e-store is integrated with any 3rd party applications or services make sure to include their badges on your site as a partner. Hence your customer can easily trust you. Lastly having McAfee & Norton Badges indicates your site is free from any malware & virus.


Presence Of Social Media, Proof & Reviews

Presence Of Social Media, Proof & Reviews

Providing social media icons influence your customer psychologically. Brands' social media proof acts as a social phenomenon sometimes. According to research, 70 percent of customers research the brand’s social media activity before purchasing from the website.

Also, reviews give your next customer relief that someone also enjoyed a positive experience using your product & service. In this case, image review gets higher attention as people believe in seeing more than hearing any information.

Some social media proof can be:

  • Case study of your service
  • Product Reviews from your beloved customers.
  • User-generated content
  • Displaying actual insight of the usage of products


Detailed Product & Shipping Information


Adding unique product display information provides transparency between vendors & customers. Make sure, when customers visit your e-store they get clear 3D visuals of every product, detailed product information, precise shipping method & cost. While we are talking about detailed product information that means:  

  • Multiple 3D images from a different angle
  • Key features of the products
  • Perfect measurement
  • Warranty information
  • Suggested products


24/7 Customer service

24/7 Customer service

Reassuring top-notch customer service is again an important part of this entire process. 96% of the customers say that they are satisfied with those brands' amazing products with efficient customer service. While implementing live chat on your website it doesn’t take much more than 30 minutes. Always try to resolve customers’ queries within a day. Also, it has a direct impact on the customer’s review section. Also, try to add a contact us link on every product page.


Easy Checkout Process

If you are running a successful e-commerce store, you have probably heard ‘Abandonment of shopping carts’. It is one of the biggest problems of the e-commerce sector & it is interrelated with customer trustworthiness. It is your responsibility to make sure that the customer who landed on your platform can exit with a product purchase. Sometimes the checkout process gets so clumsy & irritating that customers lose patience & move to another site. To make a smooth checkout process:

  • Remove all types of subscription popups, ads.
  • Make sure your website provides multiple product gateways & multi currencies
  • Add security badges & seals
  • Try to avoid pricing manipulation.

Here we have talked about the top factors that will make your website more trustworthy for shopping. Apart from these points, there are other factors like adding a blog section, easy-to-navigate website design, Informative FAQ page & creating mobile-friendly applications. Gaining customers’ trust is an ongoing process & it is important to grow your online business eventually. 

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