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Top 10 UX Trends For Mobile Apps

UX must be clear, simple, comfortable, and user-friendly. Here are some modern UX trends for mobile apps.

Definitive Guide To Secure Your M-commerce App

You must take action on many fronts to make your mobile commerce app safe. Discover why and how to secure your mobile commerce app.

A Complete Guide on Instagram Marketing: 8 Ways to Grow Your Business

Are you a complete novice in Instagram marketing? No worries, I’ll help you learn how to use hashtags, stories, captions, live sessions, and more to achieve your business goals with Instagram.

Google I/O 2021 Event: What Did Google Announce

Google I/O usually offers some interesting activities for the general public. So far, here's what unfolded.

15 Things You Need To Know Before Starting An Ecommerce Business

There are steps that you need to take before starting your ecommerce business. Here's a checklist of everything you can do before opening your ecommerce website to ensure it generates interest and revenue.

Apple Event 2021: New iMac, iPad Pro, AirTags, Apple TV, & More Announced

On Tuesday, Apple hosted its first hardware event of 2021, announcing a flurry of new items in an hour-long presentation. The following are some of the most noteworthy announcements from Apple's event.

How to Build Trust for Your Online Store: A 14-Point Checklist

Only winning consumers’ faith won’t help much, you need to consistently maintain faithful relationships with the buyers to achieve your long-term business goals.

Effectiveness of Machine Learning in Mobile App Development

Machine Learning in mobile app development has transformed the mobile app industry in drastic ways in recent years. This article explains how.

10 Step Guide on How to Maintain an Ecommerce Website

Poorly maintained websites harm ecommerce businesses to a great extent. This is why our guide will explain how you can maintain an e-commerce website easily

Augmented Reality Is the Next Big Thing in the E-commerce

AR enables users to try the products via a screen in real-time in their own environment. That somewhat bridges the gap between physical stores and online shops. Consequently, traditional e-commerce is going to lose dominance in the market, instead online shops equipped with AR technology will reign in the kingdom of the ecommerce industry.

Why Online Reviews Matter & How They May Help Your Business

Since people can’t touch or feel the products they intend to buy, they want to judge the quality of these products, relying on online reviews given by fellow buyers. That’s why eCommerce product reviews matter a lot.

How To Build A Secure Mobile Application

It is your responsibility as an app developer to guarantee that any smartphone app you create would not breach the protection of your customers. Here are ten ways to protect your built mobile app

AI & Machine Learning: Their Roles in the Ecommerce Industry

The future of online shopping will be determined by the advancements in AI and machine learning technologies. Find out how in this article.

25 Mobile Applications For Your Daily Use

Mobile apps govern the way we live our daily lives. There is no denying this fact. In this article, we will share 25 mobile apps that you can use on a daily basis that will improve your productivity and save time.

Designing Your Home Page: 13 Essential Components to Consider

Only a well-optimized, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing website home page with simple navigation can hold visitors and motivate them to continue browsing.

Cost to Develop an Online Shopping App Like Lulu Shopping in UAE

If you also have plans to develop an online shopping app like LuLu, we can help you with the cost estimation and development process in this article.

How To Develop A Dating App Like Tinder In UAE

Tinder is the go to app for online dating and in this article, you will know the development cost of a dating app like Tinder in UAE

Cost to Develop a Home Maintenance App Like Fanni in Dubai

You can easily develop an on-demand handyman services mobile app. How much does it cost to develop a home maintenance app like Fanni in Dubai? Find the answer in this article.