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8 Great Online Business Ideas That Will Prosper In 2022

2021 is about to end & the last two years have taught us something different about the way we live & how we consume services & products. Amidst Covid-19 outbreaks, somehow we managed to survive personally & economically because of our online presence in every sector. Dependency on online service is now increasing rapidly & this will continue upcoming all years.

Over the traditional business ideas, people now prefer online business or you can say the online presence of their physical business. Apart from these points, it is true that online business is much easier & you can personalize your business according to the trend. Just one important thing you should remember before starting your online business is that the product or service you tend to cater to is highly demanding on the online market.

But truly we are living in the middle of the ocean of ideas. Just Google about online business ideas & you will get 100 ideas & it is quite difficult to choose which one aligns your business.

So, in this article, we are sharing the top 8 best online business ideas 2022 in Dubai & also with the reason behind these ideas & some tips & tricks to start an online business.

Check out the ideas to kick start your very first online business!


Top 8 Online Business Ideas In Dubai

Top 8 Online Business Ideas In Dubai

Digital Conference App

Digital Conference App is considered as one of the in-demand apps in the mobile application marketplace. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, every industry person is communicating through a conference app. It helps organizers, attendees, company owners to manage their meeting experience more efficiently. 

So, developing a meeting/conference app is the best, most fruitful & time-effective idea in this situation. It basically provides location information, set pre-meeting date, access to venue map, receive notification, allows event promotion & so on. This type of meeting app lets attendees customize their own personal itineraries, which helps the other meeting attendees be more engaging throughout the session. Using a digital conference app, users can attend online classes, video webinars, conferences/meetings room, phone/video calls & chat. Some popular meeting apps are:

  • Google Meet
  • Zoom
  • Skype

Cab Booking App

Online cab booking service in Dubai is the most prominent business idea anyone thinks of. Despite some popular cab booking apps like Uber, Dubai is like creating its own taxi services. And it actually spread in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia.

Cab booking app allows the user to search  & book any nearby cab based on their location User can enjoy a variety of features depending on the location & user role like- 

  • Different types of vehicles, 
  • Number of seats
  • Shared or Personal Cab
  • Hourly depended or full day

Apart from these features, users can track the specific cab they have booked, the minimum estimated time to reach the destination & some advanced features. Cab booking ideas can be divided into two categories :

  • Dedicated Cab Booking App- For those who have already their own full fleet cab & drivers
  • Aggregated Cab Booking App- This app allows other existing cab drivers or service to register their cab for online booking

Online Activity Booking App

Dubai has always been the top tourist spot on the traveler’s travel bucket list. Every year around 16 M tourists visit Dubai to witness its beauty & culture. It is the very first place to reopen after COVID maintains all the safety measures.

To get a better position in the Dubai tourism market, owning an online activity booking platform is the best option indeed. Online activity booking apps can be developed based on any activity, such as Hotel/ Restaurant/Bars booking, Bus booking, online ticket booking for concerts/amusement park/local events & so on. And the fun fact is that you can earn extra commission on every booking.

Cloud Kitchen Service

In recent years cloud kitchen service has taken the food marketplace in Dubai to the top. Also pandemic has almost changed the way of consuming food service to adapt to the new normal. Hence cloud kitchen ideas work at their best. Having a cloud kitchen service is both economical & profitable. 

Cloud Kitchen is nothing less like a full-fledged lucrative restaurant. Cloud kitchen is a spacious place connecting different kinds of restaurants to provide food service to the consumers operating online. Cloud kitchens don't require any dining space but prepare quality in their own premises & allow customers to order food via digital platforms.

Advantages of running a cloud kitchen could be:

  • Low costing on infrastructure
  • Cover a wide range of consumers
  • Low risk & high profit
  • Easily management facilities

Door-Step Grocery Delivery App

The business kind of delivery services at your doorstep is now blooming in Dubai. Grocery delivery service is one of them.

On-demand grocery delivery service allows customers to find out their nearby grocery shops, check on the availability of the goods, assigning delivery agents to pick up the order & deliver to the customer’s doorstep.

Types of Grocery delivery apps are:

  • Personalized single Store App
  • Grocery chains app
  • Marketplace app
  • Aggregators app

Cloud Cleaning Service 

This doesn't sound lucrative but the cleaning business in Dubai is considered the most profitable business you must know. Dubai is the place where people happily pay for the cleaning service to male their office, apartment, shopping mall neat & clean.

Cleaning services can be residential, commercial & industrial also. To develop a cloud clean service app you need strong infrastructure, manpower/labor requirements & heavy equipment. Users can select a convenient timeline & select a booking service based on location.

Resume Builder/Updater

You will find plenty of apps or tools for resume editing purposes. Developing a resume builder app helps your targeted customer to connect with online job search processes easily. And it is a big reason for becoming one of the most on-demand startup editing applications. Apart from this, you can also provide resume/cv writing services. Customized resume builders provide a smooth & eye-attractive CV building experience.

Develop An Online Job Search Portal

According to research, 75% of job seekers always search for jobs on online job portals. Job recruitment portal helps candidates to get jobs according to their preference easily. Job searchers can attach their cv & make a list of their expert areas also with their preferred job location. Also, recruiters find it helpful & effective to select their candidate easily based on location, salary expectation & expertise. 

We all know that Dubai is a business hub for not only the locals but also for foreign business owners & entrepreneurs. A recruitment app may help them to choose their perfect candidate to achieve business aims.


10 Steps To Start Your Online Business

10 Steps To Start Your Online Business

I hope you have a clear idea about the trending business ideas of 2022. Starting a new business involves a whole lot of work. But with proper tools, manpower, marketing strategies can ease the way. So, it’s time to look at the steps to start your online business.

  • Figure out the product or service that you intend to sell. Make sure you have the proper skill & vast knowledge to start your business from scratch.
  • Without research starting a business increases the chances of risk. Conducting market research is the most integral part of this process. Proper market analysis reduces risk, helps to focus on the targeted audience, know the available opportunities & trends & so on.
  • Build your business plan for the short & long term. You need to focus on- the identity of the business, set a marketing strategy, set a financial plan
  • Register your business legally according to the law of your industry & region. Your business is your identity. 
  • It’s time to make your idea into reality. Design & develop your product with a proper pricing plan.
  • If you offer a materialistic product then find a proper manufacturer or vendors.
  • Now, it’s time to showcase your service on the internet. For that, you need a well-designed website. Find an affordable domain & hosting to register your website.
  • Set up & design your website with proper tools, plugins & payment methods.
  • To collect an international payment, set up payment gateways otherwise set up your local business account. The business account helps you to track your capital, revenue & expenses.
  • Without marketing, no one will know your online existence. Make marketing strategies that prioritize all the channels


Wrap Up

One thing you should always keep in mind is that you have to be always updated about the latest trend in your respective field. All the ideas we have discussed are profitable in 2022  & easy to start in Dubai with proper market research & little investment.

We hope you will find your perfect business from the above list that will allow you to achieve your business goal as a successful entrepreneur.

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