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10 Steps To Take Before Launching Your Mobile App

The mobile app market is a competitive one, with hundreds of new apps launching every day. So it is important to take some important marketing steps before the launch of your app in order to get the best possible chance of success.

From app development to app launch- the whole process is long as well as stressful. For most of the development teams, if the front-end work is finished, then it is ready to launch. But the actual scenario is different & this type of approach can lead to poor app execution, not sufficient amount of app downloads & very poor app-engagement ratio.

Actually, there is no rocket science to ensure an app's success upon release. Every app owner has to take some important marketing and other additional steps before the app launch. These steps can be different for different types of apps. But in general, they are related to app store optimization (ASO) and user acquisition. Also, you should also think about what type of content you are going to use for marketing your app - blog posts, infographics, videos - and make sure that there is enough content available before launch day.

Let’s have a look at some significant steps you should take before launching your mobile app.


10 Steps For A Successful Mobile App Launch

Analyze Your Competitive Market

Analyze Your Competitive Market

Conducting thorough market research is the first necessary step to differentiating your app from others. It is critical because there are tons of apps out there. It is important to understand what functionality you are against them, their targeted market size & how they have marketed their pre-launched activity to their target audience. Deep market research will help you to make a great marketing plan which will help your audience discover the app easily.


Define Your App Success Metrics

Defining app success metrics before your app launch is important to identify if the app is meeting its goals. There are many different metrics that you can use to measure your app’s success.

The most common metric for measuring a mobile app’s success is usage. This measures how often people use the app, and how long they use it. Another important metric to measure is retention, which measures how likely users are to continue using an app after they have downloaded it. We recommend you create a framework to measure your app's success. Metrics can be:

  • User’s lifetime value
  • App install rate
  • Number of ratings
  • Return on Ad spent
  • Apps uninstallation rate


Claim Your Social Media Accounts

Claim Your Social Media Accounts

If you have done proper market research, you already know which social media platform is popular to target your potential customers. To reach as many customers, you need a strong online presence. As a pre-launched activity. You should claim & verify all the social media accounts. You can showcase the app development process and also can collect feedback that will be useful for the upcoming future release. In this way, you can slowly create a strong authentic user base, and also gain their interest of them in your app. Besides this, you can also create some pre-release buzz to attract customers & make them sign up for your newsletter to get notified about the release information.


Create A Solid Marketing Copy

A good marketing copy will help you in getting more downloads and conversions. It can also help you in defining your app's USP. To gain attraction from the customers on any platform requires some great content or documentation about your app or its feature, or how it’s going to solve customers' issues on different touchpoints. Types of content you can generate for marketing purposes- blog posts, press releases, email marketing copy & social media content. You can pre-schedule all these contents & post them on the launch day. Otherwise, you can regularly post content during the launch week, in this way, the app users can get real-time updates about your app launch event.


Create A Demo Video

Create A Demo Video

Recording a promo video can help you to present your product, its essential features & values. It is an effective way to showcase the essence of your app & how your app is different from others within a short time period. App promo videos are the ideal marketing content type to share on all marketing channels including press releases. This type of promo video can take your marketing level towards a wider range of customers as, videos can be embedded into social media posts, landing pages, and email bodies easily.


Launch Your Own Website

Launching a dedicated website for your mobile app is more convenient for the users to discover your app features more appropriately. Otherwise, you can create a web page about your application on your existing website. Websites or dedicated single web pages complement your social media activities. Like, visitors from your website can directly access the promo videos, can sign up for the alert email, etc. Additionally, you can create an eye-attractive pre-launch landing page that includes the app launch date, app screenshots, app features & clean, simple CTA button that will turn your visitors into leads. 


Best Practice Of App Store Optimization(ASO)

Best Practice Of App Store Optimization(ASO)

App store optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store. ASO is important to discover you on the top of the search results of Google App Store or iOS App store. When it comes to ASO for apps, there are a few important factors to keep in mind- first, you have to make sure that the keywords you are going to use in the title & description are enough optimized for Google Play Store and Apple App Store searches. Then, you should have a professional icon or cover photo & eye-catchy app feature screenshots for your app which will attract users to visualize your app & make them download this. Thirdly, you need to optimize your metadata so that it is clear what your app does and what its features are. Fourthly, create a catchy title that will grab visitors’ attention when they see it in their search results.


Let Influencers & Affiliates To Market Your Apps

Connecting with the influencers or partnering with the affiliate marketers helps to promote your app to a bigger customer base. It is a good as well as a convenient way to build hype and anticipation for your app. This is not just about collaborating with an influencer or affiliate on board with your app, but it’s about finding someone who is perfectly aligned with the same goals & targeted audience as you. Also, planning to have an affiliate program ensures you get more downloads or purchases after the app launch.


Have A Proper Research On App Store Guidelines

Have A Proper Research On App Store Guidelines

App guidelines are the most important step while you are preparing to submit the app.  It is necessary to have proper research & knowledge of the guideline before launching the app. Imagine a scenario where you have already notified the press & your email sign-up list about the app launch date but unfortunately, your app is rejected for not following the proper guidelines. So, ensure that, you have thoroughly read the guidelines & following each & every rule for a smooth app launch.


Plan A Beta Release Of The App

A beta release is an early version of a mobile application that is released to a select group of people for testing purposes before it is publicly available. Before making your app live in public, it is important to plan the beta release because this will give you the opportunity & time to identify any potential bugs or issues with your app and fix them before releasing it publicly. Additionally, planning a beta release is that you can collect feedback from real users about what they like and don't like about your app, which can help you make changes before launching it for everyone.


So, are you ready to launch your mobile application? You can simply follow the above steps for a successful app launch. If anyone is still in the app development process, this article will be helpful because we have made sure to cover all the basic steps one should follow before app launch. A good app marketing strategy is an essential part of this whole process. It should be a well-planned and executed marketing strategy.

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