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How To Develop An On-Demand service App Like Rizek

The on-demand service app is a convenient way to get all types of services done by professionals only at the tap of a button. These apps are designed to make life easier for users, and people worldwide have widely adopted them. Users can get anything from housekeeping to dog walking, grocery deliveries, car repairs, and many more. They only need an internet connection and can order anything their heart desires. 

These types of on-demand apps target customers who need fast & easy to access service regardless of the place. Customized to our needs and requirements, this app is a boon for both the service providers and the customers. Also, the on-demand app service is user-friendly and provides transparency about prices and services, which is the main advantage of these apps.

Besides, the on-demand app offers its potential customers all sorts of deals, discounts, coupons, promotional codes, etc. It also provides an easy payment gateway for customers to pay for their orders using their credit card or PayPal account without any hassle.

UAE is the ideal place to have these types of on-demand apps & the market is pretty competitive. It is also one of the most thriving and promising markets for on-demand service apps. Some of the most popular apps are Uber, Careem, and Waze. They provide all kinds of services, including cars, food delivery, and travel information.

Rizek is one of the most popular on-demand services, currently providing services in Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain & Umm Al Quwain. It enables its customer to have a wide range of services like cleaning, car rental, beauty/wellness, healthcare, packers & movers & so many useful on-the-go services. The Rizek app has been developed to make an impactful investment for the betterment of society.

In this article, we will discuss how the Rizek app works & the steps to make an on-demand app like RIzek.


Rizek App Services

Rizek App Services

According to the co-founder & CEO Abdallah Abu Sheikh, the Rizek app is developed to connect the Heroes to the Users. Heroes are like technicians, beauticians, consultants, and plumbers who actually provide their respected service through these platforms. In 2020, Rizek gained enormous popularity & achievement, providing the top-prior services related to healthcare. Some diversified services Rizek offers-

  • Healthcare- PCR tests, Vaccines, Blood tests, IV Drips & Doctor Consultation.
  • Beauty & Wellness- Nails, Hair, Waxing & threading, Massage, Facials, Eyelash extension  
  • Men’s Grooming- Barber at Home, Barber on Wheel, Massage
  • Maintenance-Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber, A/C cleaning and maintenance, Pest control, Move in/out 
  • Residential Packing & moving
  • Cleaning: Housekeeping, Disinfection, Deep cleaning
  • Car Wash:  Internal & external car wash, Waterless carwash
  • Pet Care:  Dog/Pet grooming & washing


Steps To Create A Successful On-Demand App Like Rizek

Steps To Create A Successful On-Demand App Like Rizek

On-demand apps are such kind of app that allows users to use or subscribe day to day life service with a minimum price range. Simply, an on-demand app service is an application that provides a service for a fee. The user can request the service by using an on-demand app, and the provider sends the service to the user's location. On-demand apps are becoming more popular because they provide quality service with convenience and affordability.

Many steps must be taken before an on-demand app can be created and successful. Some of these steps include finding an idea for a business venture, researching the market for the idea, developing a business plan for the venture, hiring people for specific roles in the company, and more.


Define Your Niche Or Services

Deciding on which niche you will develop your app in is the first step of app development. But in on-demand app criteria, you must be more specific about the services you will provide to your user base. It must be mentioned that there is always more to explore regarding on-demand app services. But remember that don’t choose any option where your competitor already has gained popularity. Try to be different in customer service & price range options. Your selected niche is meant to fulfill your potential customers’ needs & requirements. The most prominent niches of on-demand services are Food/grocery delivery, beauty, transportation, healthcare/telemedicine, e-learning apps & home services.


Choose The Business Model

A successful on-demand app needs to have a well-thought-out business model. The most popular on-demand apps are those that generate revenue through either in-app purchases or advertising. Sometimes, the app generates revenue by charging for the service provided. This can be done by charging a monthly fee for the service or by providing different membership levels with different pricing tiers. Another popular business model is an on-demand marketplace. In this model, admins don’t have to worry about the actual delivery process rather, they will create an interface where a specific user category will connect, just like Fiver, Upwork, or Uber.


Select The Must-Have Features

The feature list of an on-demand service app depends on the functionality of the app. For example, an on-demand delivery service app’s feature will differ from a telemedicine service app. But some must-have features need to be considered before launching a successful on-demand app.

  • User Registration
  • Vendor Profile
  • Product or service filtering
  • Shopping Cart
  • Live chat
  • Real-Time Delivery tracking
  • Payment methods
  • Customer support service
  • Order Summary
  • The ability to book an appointment or order online
  • Cash or card in person
  • Multiple Online Payment Gateways
  • Push notifications
  • Ratings/Reviews


Choose The Technical Stack

The right technological stack is the key factor for any on-demand app development process. The technology stack defines the efficiency of the app & the ability to provide smooth service. Usually, the on-demand applications have three types of end-users- a client, a service provider, and a platform admin. Stack refers to the combination of programming languages, frameworks, and tools that are used to develop a web-based application. The choice of the stack can be a crucial factor in determining how easy or difficult it will be for developers to work on the project. It can also determine which technologies are available for solving specific problems.


Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy is another crucial part of a successful on-demand app. The pricing strategy should be based on the type of service that is offered and the target market. Many factors need to be considered when deciding what kind of pricing strategy an app should have, like competition, targeted market, product demand, estimating cost & margin, and charge or service fee.


Cost to develop On-Demand Service App Rizek

Cost to develop On-Demand Service App Rizek


Building an on-demand service app like Rizek in Dubai that includes both a website and a mobile app will cost you AED 50k to AED 70k. Depending on your feature requirements, it may vary sometimes. Royex Technologies- the leading mobile application development company in Dubai, can help you structure various websites & mobile apps at the most affordable price. Having detailed app requirements will give you an exact idea about the app’s cost. You can contact us for more information about making an iOS and Android mobile application.

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