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Innovative Mobile App Ideas To Consider in 2022

Around the world, there are currently over 6.055 billion smartphone users. In addition, by 2023, mobile applications will generate $935 billion in revenue. These stats alone demonstrate the importance of mobile apps for any business. Here are some of the most innovative app concepts for 2022.

Apple March Peek Performance Event: iPhone SE 3, Mac Studio, iPad Air 5, & More Announced

Today, Apple's March 8 Peek Performance event unveiled a slew of new products. The iPhone SE 3 with the A15 Bionic power, 5G, and various camera enhancements have been unveiled, as well as a new iPad Air 5 with the M1 CPU. Apple has revealed the new Mac Studio computer, which features a blistering M1 Ultra CPU that essentially combines two chips into one. There's also a new Apple Studio Display with 5K res that costs less than the Pro XDR, albeit it's still expensive. Here's a quick summary of the event.

How To Develop An On-Demand Car Service App Like MySyara

MySyara is one of the successful on-demand car care & technology companies in Dubai. They have been recognized as the first online car care app in the Middle East! In this article, we will explore some of their car care services & give you some guidelines on how to develop an on-demand car servicing app like MySyara.

Important Characteristics Of Effective Web Design

There are many key factors that contribute to perceived customer engagement & increased revenue, such as consistent web structure, typography, color scheme, imagery & so on. Providing a better user experience, a well-designed website can contribute to building trust & brand awareness at the same time. Here we will discuss some important characteristics of effective web design.

How to Increase Mobile App's Users Engagement

With the enormous amount of increasing demand for mobile applications, it is necessary to understand the perspective of the user engagement process to retain your customer & also make them use each & every update of your mobile app. To avoid your mobile application getting replaced by others, you need to ensure some factors. Here you will find a full guide on how to increase your mobile app’s user engagement.

7 Tips To Make Your E-Commerce Site Trustworthy

92% of the consumers are more likely to buy additional services apart from the main products from their trusted shop. If you can’t provide your customers' products with safe transactions they will just switch away to the second option. So, you must make your customer more confident while they are visiting your e-store & intent to purchase anything. It takes continuous effort & time to build a good relationship & trust with your potential customers. So, how can you make your e-commerce business more trustworthy?

8 Great Online Business Ideas That Will Prosper In 2022

Over the traditional business ideas, people now prefer online business or you can say the online presence of their physical business. Apart from these points, it is true that online business is much easier & you can personalize your business according to the trend. So, in this article, we are sharing the top 8 best online business ideas 2022 in Dubai & also with the reason behind these ideas & some tips & tricks to start an online business.

How To Develop A Delivery Platform Like Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero is a leading local delivery app that offers customers one of the widest range of cuisines at their doorstep. In this article, we will share some insights about Berlin-based delivery platform- Delivery Hero & also share some effective points on how to develop delivery platforms like Delivery Hero in Dubai in the most cost-effective way.

How To Develop An On-Demand App Like Glovo

Glovo is a kind of delivery app that allows customers to get anything necessary in the city like- food, groceries, pharmacies, courier & a lot more! In this article, we will know some insights of the Glovo app & also will know how to develop an app like Glovo

How To Choose The Best Payment Solution For Your E-Commerce Site

If you are starting an online business, you need to survey all the available payment gateways. This will help you to choose the best online payment methods. As the e-commerce platforms are growing fast, the competition between the available payment gateways is strong. In this article, we will share some factors that you should consider when choosing online payment methods for your business.

Evolution of Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 - Why Web 3.0 matters

This new Web is rapidly evolving into a more dynamic and rapidly changing environment, in which the democratization of action and knowledge may accelerate business in practically all domains. Web 3.0 is the next step in the evolution of the Internet.

Royex Technologies To Develop And Maintain eCommerce Website For

Royex Technologies To Develop and Maintain eCommerce Website for, an online platform dedicated to booking ground handling and flight support services for airplanes. This online platform allows aircraft operators, flight support companies, charter brokers, and other aviation service buyers to source and book ground handling services and trip support services online without the need for multiple emails, Whatsapp messages, and endless phone calls.

Importance of Mobile-First Design

A major component of effective product design is a mobile-first design. Designers may focus on the essential functionalities of their product by designing for the smaller displays first and then working their way up. Today, 2 billion individuals solely use their smartphones to access the internet. That percentage is anticipated to rise to 72.5 percent by 2025. This indicates that designing for mobile is crucial for users to have a satisfying experience.

Ecommerce Trends That Will Shape The Ecommerce Industry In 2022

UAE and Dubai have become a hub for ecommerce. The dependency on online shopping increased with the pandemic. From the reports, the apparel and footwear ecommerce category has the highest shares. For success in this industry, the ecommerce trends for 2022 that will dominate the industry are discussed in this article.

Our Achievements in 2021 and Our Plans for 2022

2021 was a great year for us. We have done lots of great things with many remarkable achievements. In this article, we are going to talk about our achievements of this year and our plan for next year. This article is mainly for our extended team, clients, and those who are planning to take service from us.

Royex Technologies Forms Strategic Partnership With Cashew; Specialized Rates for Royex Clients

We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Cashew Payments. Royex Technologies has teamed up with Cashew to offer our clients a customized discount rate. Our ecommerce clients will not only enjoy a personalized rate, but they will also get dedicated support from Cashew Payments. They will pay a lower merchant fee than the usual Cashew merchant fee.

Top Mobile App Design Trends To Follow In 2022

If your app doesn't appear modern, it isn't modern. That's why staying on top of the latest app design trends, especially what's in store for 2022, is critical. The question is, how can you forecast what will be trendy graphic trends in the future today?

How To Make A Doctor Booking App Like Okadoc

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for mHealth apps increased. This article will explain how exactly the doctor appointment mobile app like Okadoc works, the features required in such an app, and the development cost.