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Online Business You Can Start Right Now in Dubai

With the ongoing global lockdown in full force, people all over are forced to sit at home and manage their day-to-day activities from there. Many essential services have transitioned from brick-and-mortar stores to online businesses due to this lockdown.

The good news is many online business opportunities have opened up for entrepreneurs to take advantage of. In Dubai, this is more prevalent as it is a leading tech innovator and one of the most developed cities in the world.

In this article, we will discuss the best online business opportunities in Dubai currently, and how you can get started on them.

Food Delivery Application

Food Delivery Application

With restaurants, cafes, and hotels closed down all over, the demand for online food order and delivery is at peak. Now is the perfect time to start an online food delivery business in Dubai. Apps like Zomato and UberEats are already quite popular here and in great demand.

You need a mobile app where restaurants can list their food service on the app, customers can place orders using the app, and riders can accept the request from the customers. Once the app is up and running, you don’t need anything else. The orders will arrive, they will be serviced by restaurants, and delivered by drivers. 

So you can see, in these times how profitable a food delivery business can be. But how can you build the app that will enable this? Well, you will need a mobile app development company that is experienced in building these kinds of apps. They will build the app for you as per your requirements and specifications. 

For the customers, there will be a separate application through which they can create an account and view and order from restaurants. There will also be other options such as configuring payments, re-ordering, ability to favorite restaurants and items, avail offers and discounts, and more. 

For the restaurants, there will be a merchant app that will receive orders and bookings and manage deliveries. All the restaurant information such as price, discounts, payouts, reports will also be managed through this app.

For the drivers, there will be a rider application where they can manage their operations. Firstly, receive approval from admin, accept or reject orders, view earnings, and interact with the customer.

Finally, there will be an admin panel that will allow you to manage customers, restaurants, and drivers. 

Let’s see another trendy business in Dubai that is perfect for the current situation.

Online Grocery Delivery

Online Grocery Delivery

Similar to food delivery services, the demand for online delivery of groceries has gone up significantly high these days. Groceries are essential items that people need in their daily lives. With how busy our lifestyles are in Dubai, online shopping for all kinds of goods have become a part of our lives. Apps like InstaShop and el Grocer are popular online grocery services in Dubai.

With the demand for groceries rising as the lockdown continues, it is the best time to develop a mobile application for it. Similar to the food delivery app, there will be separate apps for customers, delivery personnel, and admin. 

The customer app allows customers to view stores, browse menus, add items to cart, configure their payment gateway, view order status, etc.

The delivery app will enable riders to receive orders, interact with customers, and access maps for navigation.

The admin panel allows you to maintain customer data, manage grocery stores, add/remove items, view sales reports, and other administrative functions.

Online Pharmacy Service

Online Pharmacy Service

Like groceries, medicines are an essential commodity in our lives. Ordering from pharmacies is quite beneficial when you are sick and unable to go out. They will deliver you medicines straight to your doorstep.

In Dubai, the 24 hour online pharmacies are already quite popular and transitioning this service to an online platform is even more convenient and innovative. 800 Pharmacy is one example of a service like this. Using an online pharmacy app also offers advantages such as privacy, cost-saving, and competitive pricing. 

There will be four different apps for pharmacies, customers, riders, and, admin. The customer app will allow users to register an account, upload their prescriptions, search for medications, view details on medicines, order, and pay.

The pharmacy app should allow pharmacies to add / change their menu, review prescriptions, view and process orders, handle returns and refunds, offer discounts, and track payment details.

The rider app should allow the riders to receive notifications, track the order, alter delivery status, access maps for deliveries.

How can you get these apps developed?

How can you get these apps developed?

We have discussed the three online businesses that you can start right now in Dubai. You need a mobile app for each of these businesses. So, what do you need to build these apps? 

The answer is an experienced mobile app development company that has a proven track record. They need to have experience in building apps that provide online services described above. For this you can check their portfolio to see their best projects and research their company.

They need to understand the business process that is involved in those sectors. For example, an online food delivery app has a business model that involves their platform, the restaurants providing the food and enlisting themselves with the delivery platform, and the riders who will commute the food delivery from the restaurant to the customer’s dedicated address. 

The process doesn’t just stop at building the app. They must be able to influence users to join and use the app.

The development cost to build these business apps

The development cost to build these business apps

Before we break down the development cost for each of the apps separately, I would like to state the exact cost for each of these apps depends on your requirements and specifications. If you sit with us and discuss your needs, we can provide you an accurate figure. 

For now, we will list the estimates: for an online food delivery app, the average development cost will vary from 30K AED to 80K AED. For an online grocery delivery application, the average development cost will vary from 30K AED to 50K AED. For an online grocery delivery application, the average development cost will vary from 40K AED to 50K AED.

Why choose Royex to build these apps for you?

Royex Technologies is a mobile app development company based in Dubai. We have worked with more than 300 clients globally since 2013. We have developed over 50 mobile apps of all kinds so we have the skill and expertise to deliver you a quality finished product that will grow your business.

With us, you don’t need to worry about building your business app. We have prior experience in developing all kinds of mobile applications such as food delivery, taxi booking, eCommerce, cafe booking, ride sharing, spa service, and many other apps under our belt. You can check our mobile apps portfolio to see the complete list.

You can contact us and pitch us your idea about the app and we will give you a presentation covering the development phase, examples, and the development cost.

We can create an app for you that combine as many services as you want and build the super app exactly as per your specification. It is high time to build a super app for Dubai that will enhance the lives of the residents by providing all the services in one platform. For more information please visit our website at or call us now at +971566027916