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Development cost of Pharmacy App like 800 Pharmacy
15 Apr 2020

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Development cost of Pharmacy App like 800 Pharmacy

The healthcare industry has grown massively and one of the reasons being is technological advancement. Yes you might believe it or not Mobile Applications and Websites related to the healthcare industry take in all the credit for this massive growth. The tiniest example being the idea of scheduling and taking appointments online; that is people no longer have to stand in a queue to take appointments!

For a fact, you can see in the below demographic, a statistic researched by shows the rise of the Healthcare industry over the decade nearly 10 folds have increased since 2012! Which makes this industry the hottest field to invest in. If you think about it, it's right, whatever recession it may be, the healthcare industry always runs!

In other research, it was noticed that more than half of the Smartphone users will avail any services through their devices if stepping out isn't necessary, that is, if they have the service through an application, they prefer that!

How does 800 Pharmacy Work and its features?

The business model of 800 pharmacy is different from other standard apps. 800 Pharmacy is actually an interface, a platform where the pharmacies and buyers meet. The Pharmacies are curated by the app when the user enters their Location, landmark , etc, so 800 pharmacy display the nearest pharmacies to you, with their entire inventory and we can browse through each category and buy the medicines we need. Once ordered, 800 pharmacy forwards your order to the store you ordered from. The App shows the estimated time required we can redeem for ASAP express delivery too! So if you are in a hurry you can choose the fastest option available. 

The user can Pay in any of the following ways :

  • The credit card reader on delivery
  • Cash on delivery
  • Online payment via the app. 

 This kind of business model ensures the Genuinity of the ordered products and quick service as there are no middlemen to handle the deliverables.

Some Features which highlights in 800 Pharmacy

  • Order Medicine and Health Products
  • Upload Prescription and Claim Insurance
  • Payment Options and Loyalty Program
  • 24/7 Delivery Service
  • Track Order and Order history

Some of the promises given by the 800 Pharmacy team are

  • Delivery to the customer’s doorstep in less than 30 or 60 minutes average time depending on the location.
  • 24x7 Delivery, if the Pharmacy operates during the Scheduled time.
  • Service Authorized by the Government

What features should you implement in a Pharmacy application?

Time is a major constraint in today’s life, so saving time is essential. So by using a Medicine Delivery app Customers expect a neat and swift transaction and delivery, so you get to sit home and relax or do other work when the 800 Pharmacy service provider delivers the ordered products right at your doorsteps.

In a place like Dubai, where reaching a destination requires lots of patience, because of the traffic on the roads and for parking, using an app like this should make it very easy. 


Some features to add additional to the other features:

  • Medicine intake reminder: Where customers have a profile section where they add their regular medicine intake with medicine name and time to take it, and the app automatically reminds them of the intake
  • Automatic Medicine Delivery for regular medication: in case of regular or lifelong medication, like sugar, fits, etc, the system should get the customer’s details and if the customer opts in for auto-refill option, the system will automatically place an order next time the medicine gets over, as it already has all details.
  • Symptom Database: a database of common symptoms and common medications best suited recommended by doctors, of course
  • Hotlines for Doctors or Nurses: in case of emergency, customers can connect with any doctors or nurse

Some Points to take care of to stand out from the rest :

Simple UI

Should have Simple and Easy to use User Interface, targeting the Matured audience, The app should be made in such a way that it is easily understandable and usable.

Delivery Promise

The app should have guaranteed delivery promise of 30 to 60 Minutes on average, and it should never be late! In the application, there should be order tracking option and status updates and also a delivery scheduling option so based on the user’s availability they can schedule or deliver whenever suitable.


Should link up with Quality and high standard pharmacies authorized by the government and they should ensure the quality and update inventory.


App should have a strong location module which is very necessary for their productivity as using a map it shows the nearby pharmacies and products, This map must be accurate and powered by Google.


The application should also focus on providing services and hotlines to help people in need. This will boost productivity and client interaction.


Development cost of an app like 800 Pharmacy

Development cost for an app like 800 Pharmacy in Dubai will be between AED 40000 to AED 50000. If you have a detailed description and requirement we can give you an exact estimate. We explained in detail how an App like 800 Pharmacy works and also its development cost. We are a group of experienced and skilled software architects, engineers and developers who will give you the perfect solution for any of your ideas. We set the client’s goals as our goals and set a timeline, and complete it on time. We are here to give you the best and affordable prices that match your budget for your business profit.


Why Royex for Mobile Apps Development?

 Royex Technologies, a leading Mobile App and Website Development Company in Dubai. We at Royex can help you make a well-Constructed application like 800 Pharmacy at a very affordable price based on your requirements. You can contact us for more information. You can mail at or call on +971566027916

About the Author

Reza Rouf

Reza is the Project Manager at Royex Technologies. Formerly worked as a Software Developer, specialized in .NET and PHP Languages. In his free time, he researches about new technologies and products. Movies, TV Shows and Football are his hobbies.

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