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How to Create a Food Application like Zomato and what will be the cost of it?
02 Apr 2019

How to Create a Food Application like Zomato and what will be the cost of it?

Zomato Video Menu

A food ordering app is today’s Instagram. The only difference is that instead of the scroll and double tap, scroll, tap, and checkout. That’s why on Instagram, we find more cheesy messages than cheesy smiles!

Speaking of which, various businesses and startups cannot help but appraise the undeniable advantage of demand food ordering solutions.

Lately, Royex technologies, a one-stop shop for many clients across the globe witnessed substantial growth for creating food delivery mobile apps similar to Zomato. The recent covid-19 outbreak and resulting lockdown has significantly increased the demand for online food delivery services.

We have written this article for easy access to information to help you create the best alternative to Zomato.

What is Zomato?

Zomato Go Out Menu

Zomato is a restaurant search app, founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008 providing comprehensive information for over 1 million restaurants across 23 countries. Zomato is used by consumers globally to discover, rate, and review restaurants, as well as create their own personal networks of fellow food enthusiasts for trusted recommendations.

In addition to restaurant search and discovery, Zomato has expanded its offering to include transactions – Online Ordering, Table Reservations, and a Point of Sale system, creating cutting-edge technology to connect restaurant businesses and customers in ways that will revolutionize the restaurant industry.

Zomato has been around since 2008 and acquired Urbanspoon along with its client-base and technology in 2014. It provides your potential customers with a database of restaurants to discover local eateries. They can view photos, menus, and reviews to get an idea of what the restaurant has to offer. Your customers can also make reservations, order takeout, and leave reviews of their own.

Zomato Gold Support

Zomato currently serves in 10,000 cities across 36 countries having 1.2 million popular restaurants with 80 million foodies every month. It is available in 10 different languages and has 10 million reviews with 18 million bookmarks, making it one of the most popular and widely used food delivery app. 

Key People:

  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer – Deepinder Goyal
  • Chief Operating Officer- Surobhi Das
  • Chief Technology Officer - Gunjan Patidar

The logo of Zomato represents simply the name of the company and indicates the love for the good food. As its mission is to ensure that “Nobody has a bad meal”.


  • The CEO has been honored with NDTV Indian of the Year.
  • Zomato generated its 95 % of revenues from the commercial advertisement in the financial year 2013.
  • Zomato is in 77th position in Top 100 starts up in India.

Keeping in mind, you need to make an app like Zomato.

Great decision! Everybody adores a good meal and people won’t surrender the tendency for eating out at any point soon.

Creating an app like Zomato will soon hit the sweet spot as it not only lets customers find cool burger joints but also lets them blend with other foodies.

Features of Zomato

Zomato Side Menu

Login and Signups: The go-to course here is that Zomato offers its customers to import their contacts from Facebook. Their emphasis is highly on social content. Zomato isn’t just for looking up restaurant venues, it’s a community of food bloggers. Through their collaboration with Instagram, they also let people share #foodporn pictures and reviews.

Search Functionality: Zomato provides a planned hierarchy with search filters. Customers can choose settings according to the planned filter. They are as follows:

  • Sort by: remove/rating/cost/fame
  • Category
  • Cuisines
  • Cost
  • Restaurant Offers
  • Open now
  • Pure Veg
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Credit Cards
  • Buffets
  • Breakfast
  • WiFi
  • Luxury eating
  • Desserts and Bakes

Zomato Order Menu

Here’s how the data is sorted out:

  • Header Photo Slider
  • Opening Hours
  • Bookmark/Check-in Buttons
  • Native Calling
  • Listing points of interest
  • Address + Maps and Directions
  • Menu filters
  • User photographs
  • Reviews with a catch to present yours
  • Daily opening hours
  • Average cost


Key Entities Involved in App Like Zomato

Basically, there are three key components in a food delivery app like Zomato. They are:

  • The app/platform owner
  • The restaurants
  • The Delivery personnel

These three entities are connected to each other. The restaurants pay a certain fee to get their restaurant enlisted in the platform. When customers order food through the app, the delivery personnel transports the food from the restaurant to customer's address. He gets paid in exchange for his service.

Here the app owner does not own any restaurant or delivery personnel. His platform is a medium for these two entities to interact.

So all you need is an app that will connect restaurants with customers and delivery personnel. We will tell you how much it will cost you to get an app like this developed down below.

How To Order From Zomato?

Ordering from Zomato is an easy and hassle-free process. The process is described below:

1. Open the Zomato App. In the search bar, enter your preferred restaurant.

2. Click on 'order delivery'. The menu appears with all the dishes and the corresponding price.

Zomato Restaurant Info

3. Choose your dishes and add them to your cart. Click on view cart to see your ordered dishes.

Zomato Order Info

4. Add your address if it's not already added and choose your payment method. 

5. Proceed with your payment and food will arrive within the stated time.


How does Zomato make money?

Zomato Book: Zomato book is the table reservation service. It makes it very easy for the users to reserve a table as it’s just a tap away on Zomato.

Data Consulting Service:  A lot of companies fail in their first year. Zomato provides an inbuilt analytics platform where the restaurant owners can view the most popular type of foods and needs of the customers to provide them with complimentary services.

Online Ordering: Zomato started an online ordering scheme where the customers can place an order and it will be completed by Zomato.

Promotions: Zomato’s promotions are very open. When customers look for specific keywords, ads of the restaurant are automatically opened, which makes it very targeted.

How much will it cost to develop an app like Zomato?

Royex Technologies are the leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai. Our expert mobile app developers in Dubai are committed to provide cost effective mobile app solutions that generate more revenue for our clients.

We can make your app at a very much affordable price adjusting your budget. Development costs to make an app like Zomato lies between 40K AED to 60K AED. But if you have detailed requirements for your app, will give you the exact figure about the app’s cost. You can contact us for more information to make any iOS and Android mobile application. 

The advancement timetable for the sketched-out highlights along with the application will not take more than 8-12 weeks for an android, iOS application or a website. If your goal is to create the next chart buster for an on-the-go food app, then call us today. Our expert team will listen to you and help your business create an outstanding and scalable on the go food app. Hire us for your dream on-demand mobile application now, by choosing us as your technology partner.

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