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This Is The Time To Build Super Apps And The Cost Of Development
23 Apr 2020

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This Is The Time To Build Super Apps And The Cost Of Development

What are Super Apps?

What are Super Apps

Super app became a trending Model of app development after applications like WeChat and Grab came out. Basically these apps were so quickly so popular that it became a go to application for any needs in Asian countries like China, Japan and Singapore.

To start with, the rise of super apps was initially in Asia , but now all other countries started building their own super apps, some become popular , some not. Super apps are described all-in-one managing a consumer’s need in one place. This everyday app incorporates many functions and features, from social networking, eCommerce, to goods delivery and financial services. Basically, super app is also known as apps within an app.

Moreover, the super app allows mobile users to use the service of third-party merchants without downloading separate apps.

Just a single “super app” you can easily message with friends, order food delivered, call a taxi, shop online any products or services, transfer money,… The list can go on and on. And all this is put a bunch of services together into. Super great, isn’t it?

The need for a Super App in Dubai

The need for a Super App in Dubai

Dubai is one the most technologically advanced city in the world. It is a fast moving city that is facilitated by technology to make life convenient and easy. The recent lockdown has even encouraged this behavior where we rely on different online services to carry out our day-to-day tasks.

In Dubai, there are various apps for various tasks. For example, Dubai Now is an app that citizens use for government services such as car registration, bill management, visa tracking, and a lot more.

Dubizzle is a service for posting free classified ads in the UAE. Then there’s online food delivery apps like Zomato and Talabat. 800 Pharmacy is a popular service that provides medicine and healthcare products to residents of Dubai. 

Then there are taxi booking apps like Careem and Dubai Taxi. Apps like 800 Handyman provides all kinds of handyman services in Dubai. For online grocery shopping, Insta Shop and el Grocer are popular apps that provide fast delivery of grocery items. 

Similarly, there are many more services such as instant messaging, cash transfer, ticket booking, flight reservations, etc that are done via apps in Dubai. The point is these apps are popular and in great demand in this region.

Dubai Now App

To use all of these services, you would need all these apps installed on your mobile or tablet separately. It is a hassle and feels cumbersome to install all these apps. Apart from you having to access each separately for the services, you also need to dedicate a considerable portion of your device storage space for these apps.

The solution is a super app that combines all these services in an organized way into one app therefore fulfilling all your needs through one single app. All these different apps that serve different purposes now exist under one umbrella app. 

All you need to do is install this single super app and now you have your food delivery, online grocery shopping, instant messaging, taxi booking, ticket booking, handyman services, pharmacy services, govt services, and much more under this super app.

Why are Super Apps successful?

Why are Super Apps successful

If countries like China and Singapore have super apps, why can’t UAE take advantage of it. Consider WeChat, a super app in China that boasts over a billion users. With WeChat, you can buy groceries, book a cab, book a doctor’s appointment, make online payments, engage in social conversations, apply for jobs, use it as a virtual ID for social security, and a lot more.

Let’s take a look at some statistics to back the success of super apps. WeChat has 1.16 billion monthly active users, they spent an average of 432.6 million hours over a span of 90 days, which is twice the usage time of more than popular apps like Instagram or Snapchat!

WeChat Super App

So what is it about WeChat that makes it a huge success? The answer is simple: convenience. Super apps are all about convenience and making your life simple. WeChat users get all services under the sun in this single app. They don’t have to install any additional apps for availing their necessary services.

Gojek is another example of a super app. It is a one-stop app for online food ordering, traveling, digital payments and shopping, massage service, logistics, cleaning, and more than 20 other services.

Gojek is also a huge hit among the masses. With 3+ million daily orders, 2+ million drivers, 125+ million app installs, 1100x growth in order volume in 3 years, and $6.3 Billion worth of transactions, this super app is a massive hit.

Again, the reasons are not different from WeChat. The culmination of various services all under one platform is what’s attracting tons of users to use this app. And this app worked in a developing country like Indonesia.

Gojek Super App

What’s surprising is that there are no super apps in the Middle East. In one of the most technologically advanced and innovative cities such as Dubai, there is no super app to meet the increasing demands of residents for various services.

If super apps have gained mass adoption and usage in countries like China, Singapore, and Japan, there is no reason it won’t flourish in Dubai. In fact, you can expect super apps to become a bigger success here.

What do you need to build a super app?

What do you need to build a super app

So far we have discussed what a super app is and what purposes it can serve. We have also seen a couple of examples of existing super apps that are very popular. But the bigger question is, what do you need to build an app that combines the functionalities of multiple apps into one?

Without a doubt, you need an experienced mobile app development company that has a proven track record. They need to have experience in building apps that provide various services. For this you can check their portfolio to see their best projects.

As a super app combines apps from different sectors or industries, the app development company must be expert in understanding the needs and requirements of all the sectors involved. 

They need to understand the business process that is involved in those sectors. For example, an online food delivery app has a business model that involves their platform, the restaurants providing the food and enlisting themselves with the delivery platform, and the riders who will commute the food delivery from the restaurant to the customer’s dedicated address. 

Building a super app is a complicated and comprehensive process that only an established mobile development company can offer. The process doesn’t just stop at building the super app. They must be able to influence users to join and use the app. 

“Super App represents a new class of mobile applications that make you wonder how you ever lived without them.”

~  Mike Lazaridis, Blackberry founder

Development cost to build a super app

Development cost to build a super app

Royex Technologies, a leading Mobile App and Website Development Company can help your dreams come true. We have designed and developed several applications as you can see in our portfolio.

Meet us and tell us your idea, and we can tweak it and make it a masterpiece! The average development cost for a super app will be between 150K AED to 300K AED. If you have detailed descriptions and requirements, then we can give you an exact estimate.

Why choose Royex to build a super app for you?

Royex Technologies is a mobile app development company based in Dubai. We have worked with more than 300 clients globally since 2013. We have developed over 50 mobile apps of all kinds so we have the skill and expertise to deliver you a quality finished product that will grow your business.

With us, you don’t need to worry about building your super app. We have prior experience in developing all kinds of mobile applications such as food delivery, taxi booking, eCommerce, cafe booking, ride sharing, spa service, and many other apps under our belt. You can check our mobile apps portfolio to see the complete list.

We can create an app for you that combine as many services as you want and build the super app exactly as per your specification. It is high time to build a super app for Dubai that will enhance the lives of the residents by providing all the services in one platform. For more information please visit our website at or call us now at +971566027916

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