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Apps for Gym and Fitness

The fitness industry should not be taken lightly as it’s worth is 3.4 trillion dollars with multiple different niches. Almost any approach works, you can have a scientific method, or you can casually tell your clients to just exercise and eat healthily, everything thing works as long as your gym fulfills its niche.

Top 3 Benefit that Consumer gets via Business Apps

Mobile devices have become a part of daily lives of ordinary people, which is now a fact. Initially, simple phones were used to make calls and today; they have turned out to be highly functional and versatile smartphones.

Five Latest Mobile App Design Trends for 2017

The mobile phone as the fifth wave of computing technology have revolutionized the way we communicate. We are living in the age of simplicity where our handsets are getting faster and faster with more memory and greater capabilities.

Royex Technologies is participating in GITEX Technology Week Dubai 2017

GITEX Technology Week is the world's most important technology event held every year in Dubai. It is an exciting showcase of the very best solutions, ideas and innovations that could revolutionise the world we live in.

Local Business Listing Sites for Dubai and UAE

UAE local business directory listing can be put as a promoting add-on to your search engine results positioning. Free online business listing sites in Dubai services gives you information on your local business, goods, contact information, Website address, location, and time of procedure etc.

Top 10 Task management software for Dubai

Task management software is a virtual assistant that helps us to manage our daily to-do lists in a manner so effectively and efficiently. Its contain all kinds of features - like reminders, file sharing, assignee, descriptions, deadlines, calendars and much more.

What Is Local SEO And How Important Is It For Your Business

A website is critical for the online presence of your business. It is important to use google to teach wider customers even if you are operating brick and mortar store. Today, potential customers turn first to search engine whenever they need a place to grab a bite, spend a weekend or get a haircut. In such a situation ultimate goal of your business is the one that shows up first! And for that, all you just have to know is local search engine optimization.

Five core reasons to use Xamarin for cross-platform development of mobile applications

The mobile development market is growing at a phenomenal rate due to massive consumer mobility. This is already big, and it is getting bigger there is no end in sight. Mobile developers are booming in the market, and a large number of mobile applications has hit new heights.

Royex Technologies participated in Step Conference 2017

Step Conference is the largest interactive Gathering with more than 400 tech companies from all over the world are participating in with their tech project in the Step conference. Royex Technologies have participated in the Step Conference 2017. Our product, Woops EMS, has been been selected as one of the startups to participate in the conference.

How grow your Business via Mobile Apps

To help boost your business, mobile applications is the most useful option. It should not be neglected or taken for granted as a versatile platform. As the number of users of mobile applications is increasing so, are the numbers of Smart Phone and Tablets too. Because most Android users use to apps to assist them in store or businesses purpose,

Challenges and its Solutions for Mobile App Security

The Mobile application database security is major issue that many of you as users may face. The users want their information and data be secured, and all the apps need some users data to operate. Hackers and other malware can be a grave danger, so it is important to protect the data.

Businesses that can avail great Benefits from Mobile App Development

The reason people hesitate to step into it without knowing its benefits is that mobile app is a significant investment to carryout mobile app development Dubai,a lot of money and time is required.

Official news from Google about Mobile-first Indexing

This is the official news from google about Mobile-first Indexing. Google has begun testing its mobile-first index, which will primarily look at the mobile version of your website. We expected this was coming and even heard about it over a year ago, but this is the first time Google has posted details about the mobile-first index on their own blog.

Hot SEO Tips and Tricks for Blogs and Website

Keep in mind that your SEO tips cannot scam Google. Similarly, over-optimizing your content is not the way to get better ranking. But some you must do some content optimization to get better results.

3 Common Reasons for Failing Mobile Apps

In using mobile devices and mobile applications after increment,mobile apps have become essential tools. Dubai app developers have started making apps with the growing use;that contain retention rates as well as high download rates.

Web design trend in Dubai for 2017

The process of evolution on the internet never stops. It offers a unique environment. Due to its consistently evolutionary nature, Royex technologies are looking over the next 12 months with and a list of significant trends to follow.

Inventory Management Mistakes

Being inventory management Software Company, we are required to send out trainers all around the country to help various warehouses of different companies implement our software in to their system.

Eleven Cost cutting Tips for eCommerce Business

In today’s world where every other venture that is entering the already saturated market comes under the domain of eCommerce. And with an ever increasing number, it has become hugely important to keep the costs under control at all times. Reducing the cost will not only help your business become more efficient but will also help you to achieve its profitability targets.