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Popular E-Commerce development platforms used in UAE and their development cost

E-commerce websites are an essential entity to any business, be it a startup or a well-established business, everyone needs an online store to sell their products. We designed the infographic below based on a research done by, they have done a survey on over 991 e-commerce websites across UAE, research is mainly on the E-commerce platform they are using and the figures are astounding.

Connecting Magento eCommerce site with your ERP system odoo

For most B2B companies, the enterprise resource planning system acts as a “single source of truth.” If your eCommerce platform and ERP system don’t talk to each other, it makes everything harder. Your eCommerce platform may not have the latest product catalog for each customer or the right rules for spending and approvals.

Royex Event Management and Online Ticketing System - Why and How much will it cost?

Event Management Software is a specialized event-focused solution that brings automation and task-tracking benefits to the event planning, event registration, event booking, and execution process.Our Event Management System enables organizations to envision an event, Sell ticket online, Managing multiple types of tickets, maintain a participant database, send invitations, run through the entire process to confirm participation, ticket printing and assign event execution tasks to various teams.

How much does it cost to build an eCommerce site like on Magento

Namshi is one of the popular eCommerce platform in Dubai, UAE. It is popular for Fashion Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Accessories. The design of the site, especially its simplicity with colorful presence is really great to see. Also, the user shopping experience is really good.

What is the eCommerce site development costs in Dubai, UAE

This is a very basic question everyone asks to google and also to us, How much it will cost to develop an eCommerce site in Dubai. Now why Dubai or location-based price is important?

How much does it cost to build eCommerce website like

Can you remember how good the was? Yes, it was a nice eCommerce site and we all love that site. If you are an entrepreneur or planning to start a new business, you may want to wonder how to build an e-commerce website like and how much will it cost to develop.

What are android Instant Apps and How does it work?

No one has got the time to wait and download a whole application so here comes Google Instant App. A Google Android instant app is a module program that enables end-users to test out a portion of a native Android app without installing it on a device.

Development Cost and Working of Udrive - The Smart Car rental Application

Rent a car whenever, wherever with Udrive. Read our take on it and contact us to if you have an idea in mind. Find the development cost of a car rental application like Udrive in Dubai.

Development cost and Working of an On Demand Service App like Helpbit

Go for a drive, take your wife out for a movie because Helpbit is here to do your daily errands. Want to develop an app like Helpbit? Read to know more

How much does it cost to develop an app like Fetchr?

The Million dollar investment startup - Fetchr, Delivery Application. Why is it so special and how does it work? What is the development cost of an app like Fetchr? Read to know our take on the trending application!

How much does it cost to develop an app like elGrocer?

Sit home and relax while elGrocer deliver your ordered goods in less than an hour. Want to know the features and approximate cost to develop an app like elGrocer in Dubai? Read to know more.

“Your Tulip flower can talk now”. Discover the Google Tulip with amazing features

Google has recently introduced a new service app that people never ever to think which will become a reality. A new and unique flower-chatting service is provided by Google Tulip. It was a challenge for Google to decode the language of flowers.

What are the ways to find the best e-commerce platforms?

Effectiveness in technology is basic. For setting up your eCommerce business is not so hard and exquisite in the event that you pick the ace with specialized company who can help you for your prosperity. The proper and correct e-commerce solution for you depends on your business plan and budget for development.

Be together in the moment with Google Duo

Monologuing by Dr. Maya Angelou, Google has taken the opportunity to bring the Google Duo to the world in a new image. Whatever happens, people now can share their moments with their friends and family by using a simple video calling app “Google Duo”.

How much does it cost to develop an app like InstaShop?

Shopping grocery has never been so easy. With InstaShop, Now you can sit home and relax while InstaShop delivers you all the groceries you ordered right at your footstep! Read more to find out the development cost of an app like InstaShop in Dubai

Different Proven Ways to Promote Your Mobile Application

It is important to make it viral and familiar to its audience developing a useful app is essential too. Unless they are told to do so, users are not going to know about its importance. However, make sure you do the following to promote your app and make it familiar to its target audience if you are in middle of developing an app or have carried out mobile application development

Ten Factors while Choosing E-Commerce design Company in Dubai

Intersection with the regional boundaries, and moving toward worldwide customers, the worldwide world is mentioning associations to think comprehensive. Experiencing extended arrangements volume and business advantage by having a web nearness as it implies that you have streamlining procedures to get client input. The most important decision is to pick the right e-commerce website design company to have a strong web presence for an e-commerce store.

It’s Time to Know How Responsive Website Can Help Your Business

If you manage an online business, you must have checked its analytic to learn the source of customer inflow. It provides a clear idea about the devices where they come from. It is no wonder, in majority of cases; your customers visit your site using mobile devices. What can we realize from this?