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11 Latest UI/UX Design Trends That Will Reign in 2021

Electronic device screens are getting bigger each year. And the viewer’s attention spans are getting shorter.  According to Microsoft, internet users have shorter attention spans than goldfish. The only way to hook visitors and reduce the bounce rate is to optimize your mobile app or website as per the best practices. Using engaging, trendy, and aesthetically pleasing UI/UX designs can run extra miles to persuade visitors to stick to your website for a long session. You need to comply with UI/UX design trends to outperform your competitors and build a powerful presence in 2021. 


11 Latest UI/UX Design Trends That Will Reign in 2021

With the growing number of websites and applications, it’s a great challenge to stand out from crowds. You can't impress new generation internet users without creating a visually appealing and highly intuitive app or website. Royex Technologies can be your trusted web development company in Dubai to help you stay relevant to the market. As the industry is evolving every day, you have to keep yourself aligned with new updates and trends. Read on to know which UI/UX trends to follow this year. 

1. Use of Motion Graphics

Use of Motion Graphics

Visual representation is more easily perceivable than a clutter of texts. Since everyone on the internet is used to watching visual information across social media and ecommerce platforms, you are left with no choice but to adopt motion graphics and animation in UI and UX designs for 2021.

Well, while motion graphics can add great value to your websites, too much of them may distract your visitors. And you may end up with a good number of visitors but very few conversions. So, make use of motion graphics and animations wisely so visitors eventually get attracted to the products or services you’re selling.


2. Interactive Voice User Interface (VUI)

Interactive Voice User Interface (VUI)

2021 may see an expected spike in the integration of voice-based user interfaces in mobile applications and websites. It will be an effective way for users to reduce screen fatigue and use hands-free devices. Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, etc. renowned organizations have already introduced voice assistance interfaces to their users. 

The number of smartphone users is increasing exponentially each day and each phone is equipped with a built-in microphone. That makes it even more convenient to use interactive voice UI for users. The next generation of UI/UX designs will talk to people.


3. Enhanced Security with ID Authentication

Enhanced Security with ID Authentication

Face unlock and fingerprint sensor technologies are not new features anymore. But they’re still relevant in 2021 to authenticate your ID for an app or a website. Especially, mobile apps are more likely to face hack attacks. That’s why security is a great concern for users. You can implement an attractive UI design on the security and authentication pages, including facial unlock, fingerprint sensor, and other authentication methods.


4. Immersive 3D Effects

Immersive 3D Effects

2D pictures and effects are age-old now. You have to give space to 3D visuals to engage viewers with more information and provide an amazing user experience. The increasing demand for 3D elements will continue in the future too. Immersive 3D effects build a bridge between real life and virtual space. 

These attractive visuals can motivate prospective customers to continue browsing your site and hence increase session duration. Don’t forget to optimize your site to increase load time. A slow website augmented with eye-pleasing 3D effects will do no good to your business. 


5. Energy-Efficient Dark Modes

Energy-Efficient Dark Modes

Dark modes are becoming more popular for mainly two reasons, they’re friendly to the eyes in low-light situations and they save battery life. On top of that, they look really cool and complement other design elements of the UI. Almost all reputable websites now offer dark themes for the users. The elegant, stylish, and modern looks of dark themes are also effective in reducing screen fatigue. Before integrating a dark mode, make sure that none of your design elements or texts are compromised when switched to the dark theme.


6. Blend of Photos & Graphics

Blend of Photos & Graphics

You have to come up with innovative ideas to impress users. A well-designed combination of graphics and photographs can add a new dimension to the UX/UI design of your website. This trend was on the rise in 2020 and it’s obvious that 2021 will be no exception. You can flaunt your creativity and create state-of-the-art designs by merging graphics and images together. You can easily add extra personality to your brand with such designs, taking professional help from a website development company in Dubai.


7. UX/UI Typography & Microcopies

UX/UI Typography & Microcopies


The use of beautiful, sophisticated typography in UI and UX designs is increasing rapidly. Bold fonts, unorthodox typefaces, and compatible colors all together can create amazing designs and play a pivotal role in delivering information artistically.  It adds a modern touch to app and website designs. There is a wide range of typefaces available for use. Flaunt your creative entity with a less extravagant font so that users don’t feel overwhelmed by the designs and miss out on your products and services. 

Copywriting has become an integral part of UX design nowadays. These microcopies not only enrich the user experience but also promote the brand to a great degree. You can connect well with your audience with microcopies written in excellent typography. So, implement a UX writing based design keeping your products and services in mind, maintaining brand consistency.


8. Abstract UI/UX Designs

Abstract UI/UX Designs

Abstract elements always have great appeal when it comes to designs and paintings. The same goes with UI and UX designs too. But abstract UI/UX designs are most effective for technology-related applications, hardware, server appliances, and production-oriented websites. Hyper-realistic animations, volumetric illustrations, and other abstract data visualizations create a sense of depth and authenticity. So, you can use abstract UI/UX designs to turn heads in 2021.


9. Use of Experimental Colors

Use of Experimental Colors

The choice of colors varies from person to person. People are using vivid colors, monochrome, neon colors, retro colors, and more in UI and UX design. This trend of using experimental colors will continue in the coming days too. You can express vibrant colors while numerous websites are using minimalist designs. Try new things so you can take space in the memory of the visitors. After visiting a lot of websites, they should be able to differentiate you from others.


10. VR & AR Trend in UI

VR & AR Trend in UI

The rise of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies have come into serious effect just a couple of years ago. Now that we’re working from home and most people are shopping online, VR and AR are more relevant than ever. They allow users to experience virtual things in real-time in a real environment. Maybe in 2021, we’ll experience the record-breaking development of these technologies. You'll lag behind if you can't integrate VR and AR into your UI design. Though these may increase your development time and cost, you should make use of VR and AR in your business if you can afford them.


11. The Return of Real-life Images

The Return of Real-life Images

While everyone else is using sophisticated designs, you can stand out with the help of real-life pictures, realistic textures, contours, and grain. These close-to-real pictures can build a personal connection with the visitors. Overuse of illustrations, 3D, and motion graphics may soon seem to be tiring to all. The use of real-life pictures has a great chance to come back in 2021.

As the industry is growing, people are choosing overcomplicated designs over simple designs. This harms usability and consequently contributes to providing a bad user experience. So, it's time to rethink UI and UX design and opt for simpler designs that can enhance user experience and visual aesthetics. Follow these leading UI/UX design trends and aim at reaching your business goals of 2021. 

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