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UI Design Trends for Mobile Apps

Over the years, we have observed that people’s taste change with time so this article would be a little different from the one we published last year. Designs from over 3 years ago have been almost phased out because of the evolving taste of humans as well as improvement in functionality. For this reason, we have taken the time to put together a list of the top 9 UI design trends for mobile apps for the year 2018:

Benefits of using React Native for Hybrid Mobile App Development

There are diverse Mobile App tools you can choose; however, it is very tough to develop them. Besides, in order to reach the largest audience, it is very important for Mobile Apps to support multiple platforms. This is where the Hybrid app framework takes the position.

For Local Businesses 8 Useful SEO Considerations to Rank High at Google

Local businesses find it difficult to stand firm because of the budget constraints putting a hurdle in the way of marketing. However, a website needs promotion, marketing, means investment. The exact ROI with genuine SEO efforts are by no means easy to determine.

8 New Year’s Resolutions from Our Dubai Web Design Company

A very happy new year to all of you! The previous year has kept our Dubai web design company very busy, the timings have been tight around the office as we got new projects, new information, new partnerships and of course new websites to construct and like always, we completed every task with perfection.

10 Reasons to Select Magento for Your E-Commerce Website

The use of smartphones and internet has proliferated in UAE’s futuristic and progressive city, Dubai. A survey conducted by MasterCard claims UAE to be leading the e-commerce revolution in the Middle East, with the statistics showing 5 out of every 10 people to be seeking services and purchasing products online.

Our Top 10 UX Design Predictions For 2018

In 2018, we will witness some rich experiences. You can expect simple and clean designs that will make their way for these immersive technologies.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Umbraco CMS for your Website

When we look at the CMS site development, there is a surplus of platforms in the market. However, choosing the best and the right one as per your business needs should be your goal. There are many CMS, such as Kentico, DotNetNuke, Sitefinity, and Umbraco.

Top 10 Reasons why Magento is a Reliable E-Commerce Platform

To be honest, it is not an easy task to run an e-commerce website or business. It needs constant sweating to develop a strong presence on the web, and only that gives you a competitive advantage. There are many e-commerce and CMS (Content Management System) platforms exist on the internet and Magento is the leading platform among them for online shopping especially.

Mobile Apps Idea

Mobile Apps is booming in the technology market and will it is a smart choice to take advantage from it by venturing out into the mobile app business. Mobile application development ideas are a curious commodity. In our experience, we saw some startup destined for glory before they’re even executed.

The Advantages of Hiring Professional Magento Development Company

The advantages of Magento development is being recognized by people all over the world as we speak. Especially in the middle east, Dubai. As it has recently acquired a lot of popularity in that region. Why are people in Dubai found of Magento?

Shopify – The Best Suited System For All Small-Scale E-Commerce Ventures

Royex is a trusted name as an eCommerce development company based in Dubai. We are an experienced firm having adeptness at working with various development systems, such as Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, and Shopify.

The Fundamentals of Accounting for all Small Business Owners

Running a small business isn’t that hard. Many people who started small have grown to business giants today, therefore, starting a small business might be your best decision, but one area of running a small business which is usually not understood by young entrepreneurs is accounting.

Vat in Dubai and UAE - 10 Important Things You Should Know About GCC VAT System

The new regime of taxation will be taken off on January 1, 2018 in UAE. Value Added Tax (VAT) is set to make its introduction in the six-country GCC block in 2018. UAE VAT will be another revenue incomes for governments up in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). From the beginning of 2018 at 5%, Vat will be introduced alongside other Gulf nations. Even after the implementation of VAT, the UAE will remain tax-free from diverse ways as there is no wage charge on pay rates in the nation. Free zones in the nation offers tax free environment as well including 100% ownership in free zones, simplicity of doing business.

Online Shopping Apps

With the growing use of the internet, e-Commerce has emerged as the latest trend in the commercial sector. By the term e-Commerce, we refer to the online sale and purchase concept. Initially, the launch of e-Commerce appeared as a lucrative opportunity to the merchants for growing and expanding their businesses.

Feature Overview of Inventory Management App Developed By Royex Technologies

Days of book keeping and petty cash books vanish. In the modern day, professionals from every walk of life prefer smart work rather than the hard work. So, for the smart work, they use Smartphone and other devices to take help from the latest technology.

Mobile Apps Development like Uber or Careem

It was a thing of the past when traveling to a new country brought with it a bag of conundrums. Language was a serious barrier that added on to the apprehensions. The digitized world today, luckily, has got smartphones to cater our needs.

Apps for Gym and Fitness

The fitness industry should not be taken lightly as it’s worth is 3.4 trillion dollars with multiple different niches. Almost any approach works, you can have a scientific method, or you can casually tell your clients to just exercise and eat healthily, everything thing works as long as your gym fulfills its niche.

Top 3 Benefit that Consumer gets via Business Apps

Mobile devices have become a part of daily lives of ordinary people, which is now a fact. Initially, simple phones were used to make calls and today; they have turned out to be highly functional and versatile smartphones.