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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is the Future and We are the Pioneer in Dubai

Progressive Web Apps are the trendiest ones and seem to be the evolution in the field of mobile applications. Before explaining why it is expected to be the future of mobile apps, let’s have a look at what is a progressive web app. 

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Progressive Web app (PWA) is the kind of application software that is delivered by the web. It is designed by adopting the general web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. These applications are compatible with any platform that uses a standard cooperative browser. It is designed to perform the functions like push notifications, offline working, and access to the hardware device and enabling the experience of the user just like the native apps on desktop and mobile devices. There is no specific requirement for the developers or the users to install web apps via digital platforms like Apple Store or Google Play.

As per the Google platform

Know more about Progressive Web App

PWA provides the user experience that has the reach of the web. It provides the following features:

Reliable: these apps have the capability of loading instantly and even in the uncertain network situations never show the fault.

Fast: intended to give response rapidly to the user interactions and queries including a smooth environment and animations.

Engaging: makes you feel that you are using a natural app with an astonishing experience.

These emerging features and quality functions enable the Progress Web Apps to achieve a place on the user’s home screen.


Dubai is just known as the hub of the IT field for the Middle East and there are up to thousands of software companies in Dubai. Most number of software companies are just following the traditional way of designing mobile apps. Majorly the native applications and some smart companies are trying to develop apps in the hybrid platform.

We also have the experience to develop the apps in the native platform but we have started the PWA recently.


These are some of the sample apps in PWA developed by us


Apps for the Khalifa University: this is the general event app for the Khalifa University; any visitor can use this app to check-in and get more info regarding the event. This app is designed in PWA.

Apps for APAC accreditation: these apps are developed by our company Royex Technologies. Apps are designed to manage the guest and to communicate with the guest.

The Scene Mobile Apps: it is the dictionary of events for Abu Dhabi. It enables you to purchase a ticker and save as a favorite and much more.

Five more apps are just near to the completion stage.


If you are interested in developing the Progressive Web Apps in Dubai, you must contact our leading company “Royex Technologies”. We are just a call away from you, call us at +971566027916 or you can also mail us at Check more information related to mobile apps development in Dubai or website design in Dubai

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