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What are Progressive Web Apps? And How are they different from Native Apps?
21 Oct 2019

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What are Progressive Web Apps? And How are they different from Native Apps?

Progressive web applications are a type of application which is deployed and delivered through the web, built using the very popular techs which include markup language like HTML, styling using CSS and interactive elements and real-time activity using JavaScript. They are programmed to work on any platform that uses any standard web browser. Unlike the normal Native applications, these PWAs are a mixture of normal website pages and Mobile apps, and the word progressive is pitched because it states that PWAs are always up to date and will always have new features, but they behave just like any other applications.

Some Big Brands that use Progressive Web Applications are Starbucks,, 2048, Make my trip etc

In the Tech-Savvy world there are 2 major Operating systems for mobile now - Android which is powered by Google and IOS which is powered by Apple and almost all applications in the world are powered and shared by these two. Even Though IOS and Android provide similar features and functionalities to their users, their backend is different, in a developer's point of view, they both follow completely different languages, protocols and even have their own UI guidelines! Android current owns more than 75% of the Application market, as it's open-source and anyone with an idea can create an app and publish it in the store, that's not the case of IOS, IOS is a very closed and security prominent system. So as a matter of fact, most companies prefer to develop applications native to their OS and these applications require separate developers, development methods but follow the same proposed design. These kinds of applications are called Native Applications

Some Big Brands that use Native apps are Uber, Instagram, Airbnb, Skype, Carlens, Temi, etc.


What are the Pros and Cons of PWAs and Native Applications? And which one should you go for?

The Complex and Critical question arises when you have any application idea in mind - Which Development platform should I use? PWA or Native application? - The answer is quite straightforward, the decision depends on 2 main points 

1. Budget

2. The complexity of the Application

3. Go Live TImeline

So like we explained above, Progressive Web Application is a masked version of a website that is disguised as an app and hence the development cost will be lesser than a Native Application. So if your idea is a simple and straightforward application, we would recommend you to choose PWA as your platform, which is less hassle and progressive hence can be supported by any mobile phone and is also cheaper to develop. And any update on the application will be reflected to all the versions, regardless of the OS, hence it's up to date. When the Proposed application should be live in a very short time it's wise to choose PWA


Native applications like we explained above are native to their operating system, and any update on one application will reflect only to that Operating System. And Android and IOS should be worked on separately in case of updates. Native apps are the only solution in case of complex apps that mainly requires the usage of all the functionalities, gestures and sensors of the phone. So people with specific and lots of requirements prefer native apps, so they have complete control over the application in terms of updates, data, etc. If there is enough time for Go Live, and if its a complex application also if Speed is a key point for the success of the app, it is wise to choose the Native App.

Progressive Web Applications :


Adaptable and Progressive — They work for everyone regardless of the OS version, Platform, Device Ram, Browser, etc.

Responsiveness — Responsiveness is a major issue in today’s world as phones come in various shapes and sizes, not to worry anymore PWA is here it will work for any screen size!

Just like any application — In terms of User experience and interaction, Users won't be able to make out the difference! 

Up-to-date — service workers are data processors that make sure data is always updated.

Security — follows all certificates and protocols embedded in the website.

Search friendly — Search engines show them just like an application

Installable — They are Installable, just like other applications and have a brand icon.

Easy share — can be shared via URLs too

Timeline — Faster Delivery of the application


Battery — More Device Battery usage

Hardware Features Support — PWAs does not support all the hardware features if it is required (standard features are available)

Offline — The working of PWA offline is very limited

Hardware components — Can access only limited hardware components

Third-Party App support — Integration of 3rd party apps and services are very limited


Native Applications :


Speed — Native Apps work faster as they are Platform independent and many data and content are preloaded on initial load. Only the data required are fetched rather than the whole application

Offline — Even in the case of limited or no connectivity, the applications work

User Interface — They have a standard and familiar look and feel which is branded by the client

Up-to-date — service workers are data processors that make sure data is always updated.

Security — follows all necessary protocols required.

Hardware Feature support — can make use of any hardware component if required

Third-party integration — Can integrate any third party apps or services, just need the respective APIs

Push Notifications — Push notifications can easily be implemented in native apps


Storage — Storage and Ram requirement can be more based on the complexity

Updates — Requires Frequent Upgrades and Updates based on new OS requirements

Timeline — Development timeline is more 

Cost — Higher Development Cost


Why Royex Technologies?

Royex Technologies, a leading website and mobile app development company in Dubai, We have experience in developing over 300 projects for our clients in the GCC which includes several Mobile Apps, Websites and other Solutions. So we have the expertise perfect for your requirements. Our Development cost for a Progressive Web Application starts from 25,000 AED and for a Native Application starts from 38,000 AED, which of course depends on the complexity of the application and timeline available. If interested, feel free to call us at +971566027916 or mail us at and we can send you a proposal based on your idea.

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Reza is the Project Manager at Royex Technologies. Formerly worked as a Software Developer, specialized in .NET and PHP Languages. In his free time, he researches about new technologies and products. Movies, TV Shows and Football are his hobbies.

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