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How To Develop A Cloud Kitchen Platform Like Kitopi
04 Jan 2022

How To Develop A Cloud Kitchen Platform Like Kitopi

Cloud kitchen is the new food processing & delivery technology to keep up with the increase in population and modernize its food processing industry.

A cloud kitchen is a kind of virtual kitchen space that has no dine-in but facilitates a menu for delivery & takeout. Cloud kitchen platforms are on-demand in Dubai as they are low-cost to start, optimized with a fast delivery experience, low overhead, highly customer demanding & easy to access with user data.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, almost all dine-in restaurants lost their demand for food business. Also, online food delivery orders have increased globally.

In this article, we will discuss Dubai-based leading & fast-growing cloud kitchen Kitopi & how you can develop a platform in Dubai like it. 


What is Kitopi & how does it work?

What is Kitopi & how does it work?

Kitopi is the world-leading cloud kitchen company operating in the UAE, KSA, Poland, Bahrain & Kuwait with over 3000+ employees(Kitopians). The company is now valued at more than $1billion. They connect with restaurants that need to deliver their services online. Kitopi has grown to become one of the most influential players in the food industry, catering to all kinds of chef needs.

Founded in January 2018- Kitopi's aim is to satisfy the world’s appetite with exceptional food on user’s terms. Kitopi allows restaurants to operate in different locations requiring minimum time & capital with infrastructure & software in less than 14 days. Apart from this, they enable a smooth customer experience while providing

  • Receiving orders
  • Processing ingredients & Cooking
  • Delivery
  • Customer review management

It’s like franchising,” says the co-founder Saman Darkan of Kitopi. According to Darkan, the process starts with-

  • Brands or restaurants have to pay an onboarding fee to join the platform. Kitopi keeps a part of it as revenue & also gives them a 10% royalty fee in return on all sales
  • After joining, brands provide their menu & train Kitopi’s employees how to cook with recipes. Basically, they cook food on behalf of the brands with trained staff.
  • Lastly, Kitopi does the end-to-end operation for the customer. Kitopi has a hub kitchen in each city where they operate & most of the food-making preparation is done here. The finishing touches are given at a smaller kitchen located close to the residential area.

They also build their in-house technology called Smart Kitchen Operating System(SKOS). It is developed with collections of applications that provide an optimized solution in all aspects of cloud kitchen to maximize efficiency & customer satisfaction.

Right now, they are empowering 200+ brands in over 5+ countries with 60+ kitchens. They are featured in CNN, Forbes, BBC, CNBC & Bloomberg


Features Required To Develop A Cloud Kitchen Like Kitopi

You need to consider the following physical & technical things to open a cloud kitchen.

Physical Location

Physical Location

The difference between traditional and cloud kitsch is the size of the property. Cloud kitchens don't need a king-size property in any prime location. It can be any residential area, unused parking lots, or market backsides, most probably 250-300 sq feet place.



You need a valid legal paper to start your cloud business. It will help you to get rid of any legal hassles. As it is a virtual kind of thing, your customer can access your workplace to see the preparation of food, safety & hygiene. So, it’s safe to have legal documents.

Skilled Manpower: In a cloud kitchen, you don’t require the quantity of staff rather than choose the quality of 4-5 people who are qualified with their own departments in cloud kitchen. If you have a multi-brand kitchen then the brand’s chef or staff can do a better job.

Choose your online food aggregators or delivery person


As the demand for food delivery services is rising high, you need to choose the best from those. As they already have targeted customers, you have to list your platform to choose the best online food aggregators.

Integrated System to receive online orders: To run a cloud kitchen the very first technical requirement is to develop a system that will help to take orders from your online aggregators. This is needed as your platform will be enlisted in a variety of food delivery platforms. Also, an integrated system will help you to track your daily orders through each platform. This will enable you to choose the best delivery platform for your targeted customer.

Website & Mobile App For Online Ordering: You can't rely on only food delivery services. You should develop your own website or mobile application to emphasize receiving orders. We offer the best website design and development services in Dubai. Besides that, online delivery services claim extra free for order delivery. To avoid this hassle you need to have in-house SEO-optimized software for online orders.

Integrated Call Center Panel

Integrated Call Center Panel

An integrated call center will help to take online orders over the phone. A POS call center panel enables you to show- customer & order details & it will help you collect a history of the user so that you don't have to ask for the same details again & again. 

In-House Food Delivery System: As we have discussed in the previous point about having your own website & mobile application. So you also need an in-built food delivery system as well if you want to boost your sales for a better user experience. This will make your order delivery easier than hiring a third-party delivery service as it is related to cost.

Inventory Management Software For Cloud Kitchen

Inventory Management Software For Cloud Kitchen

For any business having an inventory management application is a necessity. As you know, Kitopi collects all the raw material first. Keeping an inventory management system helps to keep track of food costs & reduce material wastages.


Cost to develop a cloud kitchen platform like Kitopi

Cost to develop a cloud kitchen platform like Kitopi

To build a cloud kitchen platform like Kitopi that includes both a website and a mobile app will cost you AED 60k to AED 80k. Depending on your feature requirements it may vary sometimes. Royex Technologies- the leading website & mobile application development company in Dubai can help you to structure a variety of websites & mobile apps at the most affordable price. If you have detailed requirements on your apps, will give you the exact idea about the app’s cost. You can contact us for more information to make iOS and Android mobile applications.

We have come up with these tips to start your cloud kitchen platform. No doubt, cloud kitchen service in Dubai is the biggest food technology revolution. So, it is better for both business owners & restaurants brand to work together on this innovative idea to develop the restaurant business model.

Royex Technologies is the leading company in Dubai providing website development, e-commerce & mobile application development in all scales with quality & flexibility. We have already developed a variety of food & grocery delivery applications to provide to our clients. Visit our portfolio & connect with us for further details.

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