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Best Accounts, Payroll, Inventory and POS Software in Dubai

Accounts and Inventory Software in Dubai
Complete Accounts and Inventory Software to manage you Business

Accounts and Inventory Software in Dubai

An online smart solution for your small business. Entromizer’s online ERP solution helps you to manage your accounts, payroll, inventory, and POS. Everything you need to run your business is right here. Our Accounts and Inventory Software (Entromizer) is specially developed for Dubai, UAE, Middle-East and Asian countries. It gives you a complete solution to maintain your business at your fingertips.

An online smart Accounts and Inventory Solution for your Small Business
An online smart Accounts and Inventory Solution for Small Business

An online smart Accounts and Inventory Solution for your Small Business

The most important thing is that our Account and Inventory Software is fully customizable according to your business’s needs. With entromizer, your business is accessible from anywhere, anytime, in any device using an internet connection. You’ll have the freedom to work and gather the same information wherever you are. It’s simple, smart and magical.
Get more done with less effort.

Features of Entromizer

M Multi Language

Multi Language

Easy to switch from one language to another and has an option to add your own custom language.

M Multi Currency Facilities

Multi Currency Facilities

Through Multi Currency system, you can add currency according to your country requirements.

C Customizable


Although the software is a generalized solution but it can be customizable according to customers' requirements.

M Multi Company

Multi Company

Do not worry if you have more than one company. Our software is compatible for multi company.

M Multi Branch/Store

Multi Branch/Store

Option to setup multi branch or store under one company.

A Auto Backup Option

Auto Backup Option

No need to worry about the backup option. You can schedule your auto backup option and be hassle free.

E Encrypted Data

Encrypted Data

All data are in the encrypted format. So no tension for hacking or any security hassle.

R Role based user access

Role based user access

Option for different roles for different users, which can be set up in the system.



Accounting and Inventory Software is smart and comprehensive business account management application that safely maintain daily basis transaction or business records. Our goal was to develop a user-friendly Accounting and Inventory software for non-accounting person and experienced person. Entromizer’s online Accounts and Inventory solution help you to manage your accounts and inventory. It is ideal for mid-sized companies dealing with inventory, warehousing, job costing, pharmacies, general trading or contracting. It is affordable, intuitive, easy to use and robust. With entromizer, your business is accessible from anywhere, anytime, in any device using an internet connection. Entromizer has become the preferred accounting software for several medium-sized companies in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah) and other Middle East Countries.

There are several modules by which you can manage Billing records, Inventory details, Tax records, Voucher entries, Sales and Purchase order records, customer-vendor records and similar financial records all at one place. Our software precisely calculates the general ledgers including Balance sheets, Trial balance, Financial Bills and Profit/Loss details in a few steps.

Grow your Business With Our Account and inventory Software (Entromizer)

For Business Owners

For Business Owners

Entromizer is one of the best accounting software in Dubai that helps you to run your business according to your needs, in real time, quickly and efficiently. It's not just another online accounting or online invoicing. Everything you need is combined in one simple, integrated and effective solution.

For Organizations

For Organizations

Entromizer is a simple but effective cloud-based business suite for innovative organizations. All financial information and documents are securely stored in the cloud and available online. Our Dubai based accounting software lets you work and collaborates with your colleagues together in one place at any time.

For Accountants

For Accountants

Entromizer is transforming the accounting business by connecting accountants and bookkeepers with their clients on a common platform. There is no need to transfer files and re-enter transactions. You and your clients work online with the same set of real-time data from anywhere.

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