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Task Management system (0Task)

A Project Management System can help companies to manage all the projects large or small, it also help to achieve organization key goal by ensuring project execution on time within budget. Project tracking software can easily assign tasks to the all employees. Royex technologies has developed a project management software named as 0Task.com. This task tracking software will help you to meet the completion dates to projects and tasks also can track the progress of projects and task. Our project tracking software meets all the requirements of organizations. Our software is the best task management software which is used by the clients from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Middle East.

We are skilled working for the offshore projects. While managing those projects we used to learn several issues before delivering the project. It’s difficult to send all those changes to the team and also difficult to track all changes has done or not.

0Task is one of the top task management software and project management software in Dubai which obliges both the team member and the project manager to manage all tasks and issues easily. With our task tracking software you are able to assign admin, supervisor, an over-all user (mainly who will work) for a project. Our Task Management Software will make your life easier if you have several tasks/project to manage in addition to a team (Maybe all members are not in the same place).

Moreover, you can give access to your client to monitor task tracking and you can also additionally manipulate permission level of a client.

Also, the reminder system of 0Task is very cool, it will make your whole team very effective and accountable and can send them remainder of their work through automated mail.

Features of 0Task

Multiple Company option

Each Company can add several projects. Can categorised projects under Running Project, Completed Project and Halt Project.

Multiple User

Multi user option with Admin and General user

Multiple Projects

Projects can be categorised under Running Project, Completed Project and Halt Project.

Alert Notifications

If you or any of your team member forgot the work, will always be notified by email.

User Access Level

Different User Access Level for Admin, Manager, Team members with different functionality to create projects.

Everything in Dashboard

You can see all your projects and how much task left for each Project in dashboard with options like Today’s Task, Remaining task, Comment and Overall performance.

Safe and Secured

All the data is secured and the software has all the security measures usually has in a software.

Team Performance Management

You can track the activity of your team regarding the task given to them. You can also set the level of importance of each task and set deadline to measure their performance.

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