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Web Design Trends That Will Stand Out In 2023
23 Dec 2022

Web Design Trends That Will Stand Out In 2023

Web design is not about aesthetics or leveraging all the tactics to make the web interface colourful. A good web design is a reflection of a company’s values, goals, and culture. You should incorporate such trends that imply your company values. The main focus of web design trends in 2023 will be “Less is more.” Also, the use of video, animation, and organic design elements will be on priority. This article will share some effective web design trends that will help you stand out from your competitors in 2023.

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10 Nov 2022

Best Practices To Create A Splash Page For Your Website

When running any e-commerce or business page, the customer’s first impression is the last impression. The best way to make a good first impression is to have a splash page. It must be attractive and e...

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13 Sep 2022

7 Ways To Build A Better Website Using Eye Tracking UX Technology

Eye-tracking UX technology is a measurement that defines how your customers look at your website & consume your website content. It gets a lot easier when you can understand your targeted audiences vi...

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12 Sep 2022

85% of UAE Consumers Concern Over Personal Data When Paying Online - 5 Ways To Protect Personal Data

Any data relating to an identified natural person, or a natural person who can be identified by reference to an identifier such as his name, voice, image, identification number, online identifier, geo...

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06 Sep 2022

What Are The Elements Of Customer-First Website Design

Customer-centric web design is the key principle for any website design strategy. It's not enough to just put a website up and hope it will get customers. A website needs to be designed so the custome...

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11 May 2022

Role of White Space in UI Design

Whitespace is an important aspect of visual or UI design that has stayed consistent over the years. This article provides a basic explanation of white space and how it may have a significant influence...

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28 Apr 2022

UX Design Practices To Follow For A Great Website

UX design is like the plan of a home. A blueprint specifies everything from the layout of rooms, window layout, and door opening directions to the positioning of appliances. It ensures that the house ...

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07 Apr 2022

8 Tips To Speed Up Your Website

Speeding up a website is a common & crucial challenge for webmasters and developers. The faster your site loads, the better user experience you can provide to your visitors. A good page loading speed ...

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08 Dec 2021

11 Web Design Trends To Look Out For in 2022

Web design is moving forward with cutting-edge methods like complex interactivity and animations, as well as visual effects such as glassmorphism and grain. Designers are leveraging no-code technologi...

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23 Nov 2021

Important Website Statistics That Matters For Website Design

If you are looking to improve your business's bottom line by starting with a redesigned web design? If that's the case, you'll need to know what you need to do to build a website that will help your c...

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01 Nov 2021

Vital Elements Of High-End Web Design

What is the best way to design a high-end website? What characteristics do all high-end websites have in common? These questions appear to be difficult, but they are actually rather simple to answer. ...

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09 Mar 2021

Designing Your Home Page: 13 Essential Components to Consider

Only a well-optimized, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing website home page with simple navigation can hold visitors and motivate them to continue browsing....

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09 Nov 2020

Royex Technologies To Design Website For Shopping Centre Day To Day

A very good news for everyone is that Dubai's most famous shopping destination “Day to Day” is going to start their online order soon. ‘’Day To Day’’ is a well known Shopping Center in Dubai. They ar...

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