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How To Develop An App Like Deliveroo And How Much Will It Cost
11 May 2020

How To Develop An App Like Deliveroo And How Much Will It Cost

Food delivery apps are all the rage at the moment. Hence we are writing this article to give you an idea of how you can develop a food delivery app like Deliveroo in Dubai and how much the development cost will be.

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04 May 2020

Online Business You Can Start Right Now in Dubai

With the ongoing lockdown , people manage their day-to-day activities from there. Many essential services have transitioned from brick-and-mortar stores to online businesses due to this lockdown. I...

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23 Apr 2020

This Is The Time To Build Super Apps And The Cost Of Development

Super app became a trending Model of app development after applications like WeChat and Grab came out. Basically these apps were so quickly so popular that it became a go to application for any needs ...

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16 Apr 2020

Why is Online Grocery Delivery Service the Next Big Thing

The Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting global lockdown due to it has changed how we operate daily. All business has been shut down and is forced to run online. Consumers have cut down their spendi...

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01 Apr 2020

Flutter Mobile Application Development

We live in a world where internet rules every corner of our lives. Many of us skim throughout the day,or switch between multiple devices phones, smart watches, tablets, etc. Flutter on this emerging ...

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21 Mar 2020

Introduction to Enterprise Mobile Application

Enterprises are usually regarded to be large companies that have many many employees. These organizations usually have massive budgets which allow them to be fairly flexible with their expenditure on ...

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19 Mar 2020

6 Things To Do Before Developing a Mobile App

It's just not enough to come up with a unique product concept, no matter what targets you want to pursue it - the mobile app market is just too intense. It gets tougher to stand out, and the commitmen...

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01 Mar 2020

7 Free and Innovative App Promotion Techniques

Despite the endless hours and expert attention to details, many companies still do not receive the type of adoption they hope for when they release an app in the market. They expect thousands of users...

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19 Feb 2020

Top 10 Effective App Marketing Strategies

You've built an app but you don't have any clue to get people to download and install it? In this article, we will discuss 10 marketing strategies for apps that will help you get more installations. M...

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30 Jan 2020

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App Like Washmen

Washmen is a mobile app-based laundry service that operates in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi. They provide pick-up and delivery of laundry straight to the doorsteps of their customers. Washmen is the brainchild...

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23 Jan 2020

Mobile Apps Design Trend of 2020

Every year, rapid technological growth has an impact on design trends. As designers, we need to be aware of current and future design trends, to constantly study, improve and expand our design toolkit...

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10 Nov 2019

Examples of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

A PWA, a kind of application software, consist of various web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Functions of Progressive web applications are to enable building user experiences, work of...

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30 Oct 2019

Mobile App Developing Mistakes that can fail your App! [Updated]

To eventually become the reasons of app failure, a lot of things go wrong. App development companies or developers get wrong; there are few things that when designing apps must consider. To come up wi...

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