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Million Dollar Apps - Story Behind Byju's
27 May 2020

Million Dollar Apps - Story Behind Byju's

Byju’s - The Learning App is an Indian ed-tech and online tutoring platform. It was founded by Byju Ravindran in 2011. In 9 years, it has managed to become the world’s most valued ed-tech company valued at $5.4 billion. From humble beginnings to being a billion dollar company, to having Shah Rukh Khan as brand ambassador, Byju’s has had a meteoric rise and in this article, we will tell you it’s success story.

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20 May 2020

Million Dollar Apps - App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization is all about making the app rank higher in the search results by growing visibility in the app stores. This means more users would be able to find and use your app. More down...

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16 May 2020

Viral Elements That Make Your App Successful

In this article, we will learn what a viral app is, what viral elements are, examples of viral elements in popular apps that went viral, and what kind of viral element will be best suited for your app...

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14 May 2020

Million Dollar Apps: Online Grocery Delivery Apps

A lot of effort goes behind making a mobile app successful. An app simply doesn’t become a million dollar app right after launch. Careful planning, skilled development, creative marketing, acquiring a...

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13 May 2020

Performance Monitoring Metrics You Need To Track For Mobile Apps

Developing and launching a mobile app is only the first step in the long road to creating a mobile app that is high performing. Many users expect a new app to be released but are left frustrated as ne...

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12 May 2020

Million Dollar Apps: Story Behind Airbnb

The story of Airbnb is one of the 21st century's most inspirational stories. With no investors and thousands of dollars in credit card debt, despite all odds, the creators needed to turn to selling ce...

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11 May 2020

How To Develop An App Like Deliveroo And How Much Will It Cost

Food delivery apps are all the rage at the moment. Hence we are writing this article to give you an idea of how you can develop a food delivery app like Deliveroo in Dubai and how much the development...

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06 May 2020

Development cost of a Classifieds platform like Dubizzle

Dubizzle is a very successful Classifieds platform that runs in UAE and all major countries in the middle east and around the world. So imagine the data flowing through them every second of the day, e...

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04 May 2020

Online Business You Can Start Right Now in Dubai

With the ongoing lockdown , people manage their day-to-day activities from there. Many essential services have transitioned from brick-and-mortar stores to online businesses due to this lockdown. I...

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23 Apr 2020

This Is The Time To Build Super Apps And The Cost Of Development

Super app became a trending Model of app development after applications like WeChat and Grab came out. Basically these apps were so quickly so popular that it became a go to application for any needs ...

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16 Apr 2020

Why is Online Grocery Delivery Service the Next Big Thing

The Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting global lockdown due to it has changed how we operate daily. All business has been shut down and is forced to run online. Consumers have cut down their spendi...

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15 Apr 2020

Development cost of Pharmacy App like 800 Pharmacy

The healthcare industry has grown massively and one of the reasons being is technological advancement. In this article, we discuss the development cost of a pharmacy app like 800 Pharmacy in Dubai....

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06 Apr 2020

Building Enterprise Mobile Application Using AWS

Enterprise Mobile App relates to a smartphone app used in the corporate world to address an enterprise's issues. Typically speaking, an enterprise application is a very broad and sophisticated technol...

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