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Which platform are you looking to develop your mobile app on?
20 Jan 2019

Which platform are you looking to develop your mobile app on?

Nowadays, there are literally thousands of app company, so how do you choose? You may find them under various names: app builders, app creators, app makers, app building platforms, app builder software, mobile development software, etc. Basically, these platforms are there to allow anyone assemble various features, elements, design into one mobile app. Most of the online app makers create a) mobile app versions of a website and b) native apps Now, what you want to develop?


Watch out for Top Mobile App Development trends in 2019

We have all notice that how Mobile App Trends have shaped our lifestyles in this recent times. The massive popularity of mobile applications offers an amazing opportunity for our business to leverage it through business apps. As business owners and enthusiasts, we all strive to provide the best services and meet clients’ needs whenever it is possible.So that, we need to watch out for new trends.

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Upcoming 2019 trends of Mobile UX Design

Nowadays many things move quickly in this mobile app digitize universe. To succeed in the field of mobile UX design,designers must have the foresight and prepare for new challenges. So we have to simple the matters. And to simplify the way, we have already listed some of expressive and the biggest trends for the upcoming 2019

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Gradients are back to rule in App Design 2018

What are gradients, and why are they so valuable to designers? Gradients let designers create something more impressive design. For tips on using colors on apps and websites, make sure to read this article helping in your design process.

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Best Mobile App Landing Pages to inspire you

A mobile landing page is an important page that has to showcase the appropriate information and it has a clear call-to-action(CTA) in an effective place. Thinking to design a landing page for your own mobile app? Why not to find out the examples of these impressive landing page design?

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Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help You Plan for 2018

We assume that how significant mobile marketing is for our business nowadays. Mobile marketing is an inseparable part of any marketing campaign. Creating exceptional mobile experience for consumers is turning out to be a great challenge for every brand and marketing agency today. Here, we have put together some of the most insightful mobile marketing statistics for 2018 to help marketers. Let’s explore it and beef up our mobile campaign strategies.

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8 Quick Tips for UI/UX Design

UX Design stands for User Experience Design, while UI Design refers to the term User Interface Design. This User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design play a crucial role in the success of a website or mobile app. This article will surely help you in UI/UX design process.

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Latest Mobile Marketing Statistics Tips for 2018

If your year 2017 strategies did not include mobile website optimization, you better include these 10 strategies for 2018. Update your business goal with the latest marketing tips. We bet you these will help you to boost your business. These 10 mobile marketing statistics will show you why you need to invest in a mobile marketing strategy in 2018 and give you the insight to do.

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4 Most Important Features of an E-Commerce App

E-commerce industry is growing each day for better. Initially, e-commerce started out with websites that were not even mobile friendly. But with advancements in the technology and the way people use their devices has brought us to mobile applications for these e-commerce platforms.

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10 best Mobile marketing statistics : Make plan for your 2018 year

This year is approaching quickly. It means this is the perfect time to look at the 2018 mobile marketing statistics and trends. A lot has changed in the mobile industry. It's no longer a question that how important mobile marketing is. You must need to have a solid plan to target your customers by your mobile marketing.

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