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Overview of Magento 2 Admin Panel [Video]

Magento 2’s Admin area has less clustered and lot cleaner user interface. We have shared a video by Astral Web Inc. which gives an overview of the Admin Panel of Magento 2 and also provided an insight into the Admin panel in this article.

You will find yourself in the Admin Dashboard when you log into your Magento 2 admin area. Here, you could see all the info about your lifetime sales, last orders, average order value and search terms. At the main part of the workspace, you'll find a chart which when enabled, it shows your orders or amounts for the selected time range.

Under the 'Sales' tab you can overview your shipments, orders, credit memos, invoices  and transactions. Under catalog section, new products can be added or edited. Also different categories for each product can be created. Magento 2 has a powerful pack of marketing tools. You can manage promotions, private sales, communications, SEO and search settings and Content that has been generated by users.

The content section of the Admin settings will let you manage your store design, content and content staging. Under the 'Elements' settings, you can customize, add or remove CMS pages, banners, widgets and static blocks. Under the 'Design' settings, it's possible to configure or install a new design theme, as well as schedule automatic theme changes. This reports functionality lets you evaluate your overview customer reviews, check sales reports, marketing efforts, customer and product stats. It also gives you access to private sales, statistics, as well as such advanced options as Marketing Automation and Business intelligence.

Under the 'Store' settings, you can set tax zones, rules and ratings, define currency ratings, manage product ratings, add/ configure/ modify Store Views, add product attributes and attribute sets, and configure multiple shipping options.

That’s basically it. We believe this article would be helpful for users who want to setup their own Magento store as this article would give the users a general idea of Magento 2 Admin panel.

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