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Magento 2 Admin Roles Permissions [Video]

We have shared a video by Astral Web Inc. which gives an insight of the Admin Role Permissions of Magento 2. In this article, we have provided a general overview of setting up user roles and editing user role assignments in Magento 2.

Roles for company users set up with various levels of permission to access sales resources and information. The company admin is a super user by default with full permissions.

In order to give someone restricted access to the Admin, the first step is to create a role that has the appropriate level of permissions. After the role is created,new users can be added and assigned the restricted role to grant them limited access to the Admin.

Sign in to your store account as the company administrator and choose User Roles under System section in the panel on the left.

Choose Add New role, and under Current User Identity Verification enter your password. Set Role Scopes to custom and in the tree, mark the checkbox of each Admin Resource that the role can access. Then click on save role. The role now appears in the grid, and can be assigned to new user accounts.

To edit user role assignments, from the roles grid , open the record in edit mode.

Enter your password under current user identity and then in panel on left choose role users.

Mark the tick box of user that is to be assigned to the role and then click on save role.

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