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How to Set Up Automatic Email Replies in Gmail?

Now the day, it’s not necessary to write the same email over and over. Gmail makes  it easy for us. Just set up canned responses in Gmail. If you want to send the same bodies of text to people, then you can consider using the canned response function to send your messages automatically when set criteria are met.

Canned Responses feature works by setting up a filter in Gmail so that when certain conditions are met (like when a specific person emails you), a message of your choosing is automatically sent back to that address

To have Gmail automatically reply to emails based on a set of criteria, follow these instructions to set up your inbox properly:

1. Login your gmail account

2. Go to the Gmail's Settings and click on Advanced tab

3. Turn on Canned Responses (the gear icon) and enabling the Canned Responses option

4. Create the template that you want to use for your auto-replying messages.

5. Select the Show Search Options triangle in the search field at the top of Gmail. It's the small triangle on the right side of the text area.

6. Define the criteria that should apply to the filter, such as the sender's email address and any words that should appear in the subject or body.

7. Select the link at the bottom of the filtering options called Create filter.

8. Check the box next to the option called Send canned response.

9. Open the drop-down next to Send canned response and select which canned response to sending out when the filtering criteria are met.

10. Select any other filtering option that you want to apply, such as the one to skip the Inbox or delete the message.

11. Select Create filter.


Important Facts About Auto Responses

Canned responses will help automate your email workflow, but you should aware of a few important facts before setting your filters.

New emails only : The new messages are applied only for the filtering options that come in after creating the filter. Whether you have existing emails, the canned responses will not be sent out to the recipients of those messages.

Different email addresses : Canned responses originate from your own address,but with a slightly altered email address. For example, if your normal address is, sending out auto emails will change the address to

Attaching files: Try to attach files to a canned response and use them when you manually insert the response from the More Options > Canned responses menu, you cannot auto email attachments. Without any attachments, any text within the canned response will send out. And this includes inline images as well.

The canned responses is not plain text. You can include rich text formatting like bold and italics, and they'll send out automatically without any issues.



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