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How to post article on WordPress?

1. Log in to your WordPress account and look for the “Posts” item in the sidebar, and then click on it.

2. Then click “Add New”. This is where you will create your WP article.

3. Next, fill in the appropriate fields. Enter a title for the article on the first line.

4. Enter the content for the article in the text box below the headline by either typing the text or cutting and pasting the text from a word processor.

5. To insert an image into your WordPress article, click on the “Add Media” button and then click on the “Upload Files” tab on the next screen.

6. WordPress allows you to create categories and sort your articles into these categories. These categories can then be used to display articles to your readers grouped in meaningful ways.

7. After you have verified that everything looks good with your article, it is ready to be published. You can publish it either immediately or schedule it for a specific time and date in the future.

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