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How to create a backup of a Magento website?

Make sure that you have protected your Magento Site for information & disaster prevention.

How much is it important for creating a Magento backup? Yes, it is so much important to make a Magento Backup of your Magento website. But when? Before making any change or on periodic basis change, you have to make sure that you have you Magento Backup. If you ever do mistakenly delete any important data or document or there is any chance that corrupts your important data, then this backup option will extremely help you to restore your Magento website easily.

(1) Login Magento Administration Panel

(2) Go to System menu -> Tools -> Backups

 System menu -> Tools -> Backups

(3) Create Database Backup

Click on "Create Database Backup" button

There is a pop-up warning pop-up about long-time-taking process when creating backup. Click on

"OK" button if you want to proceed

We recommend you to enter backup name with the backup date and tick "Put store on the maintenance mode while backup creation", then click "OK" button

(4) Download the Backup to your computer

Have you done this step? See, it is soo easy to create a Backup of a Magento website, M I right?


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