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How to add product in WooCommerce?

1. Go to Woo-Commerce > Products > Add Product.

2. Enter a product Title and Description.

3. Go to the Product Data panel as the Product Data meta box is where the majority of important data is added for your products.

4. Enter the SKU which tracks products and also enter the Regular & Sale price for each product.

5. The inventory section allows you to manage stock for the product individually. Enter the Stock Quantity, and Woo-Commerce auto-manages inventory and auto-updates Stock Status as Stock, On BackOrder or Out of stock.

6. Under shipping section, enter weight, dimension and shipping class of the product.

7. Add product short description which typically appears next to product imagery on the listing page, and the long description appears in the Product Description tab.

8. On the right-hand side of the Add New Product panel, there are product categories in which you can place your product. You can also assign product tags in the same way.

9. Add a main product image and a gallery of images from Product image and Product gallery tabs on the right side.

10. After filling in all the necessary product information, you can upload the product by clicking on Publish button from the publish panel.



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