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Android & iOS Mobile App Development Company Abu Dhabi

Leading Mobile App Development Company Abu Dhabi

Leading Mobile App Development Company Abu Dhabi

Working with several agencies & companies, Royex technologies has immersive & extensive experience in mobile app development for multiple cross-platform apps ios, Android, native, and html5 cross-platform apps.
We have designed & developed more than many mobile apps for clients located all over the UAE. Incorporating excellent technical expertise we can help you to select the best mobile app idea with the right & most advanced technology.
Our skilled team of mobile app developers & web designers allows creating applications that can make you accessible in the digital world with a convenient mobile app experience. We have been working hand in hand for the last few years to develop good-quality mobile applications for clients across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other cities in the UAE.

Expert Mobile App Developers Abu Dhabi

Expert Mobile App Developers Abu Dhabi

Being one of the leading mobile app developing companies in Abu Dhabi, Royex technologies holds the best experienced mobile developers teams. Our experts provide cutting-edge services in the most cost-effective way one can afford. With the proper feature requirements, we provide the best solution that generates more revenue for our clients. We are here to turn your idea into a reality if you can lead us with the proper feature guidelines.

Experience in all kinds of mobile app development

E E-commerce App

E-commerce App

E-commerce apps are the convenient e-commerce solution that helps to boost sales & positive ROI.

B Business App

Business App

Business apps make it easy to optimize your business activities & interact with the customers in a mannered way.

U Utility App

Utility App

Utility apps are helpful for functional activities that drive productivity in both personal and business sectors.

L Lifestyle Mobile App

Lifestyle Mobile App

Lifestyle mobile apps are great for usability & have been popular for the past few years in Abu Dhabi.

S Social Media Mobile App

Social Media Mobile App

Social media apps are the best way to connect with the user if you promote your service & a platform to share educational as well as promotional content.

N News & Information App

News & Information App

This type of app gets you notified about all the latest news & activities happening around the globe. Launching news or informational apps is easier to build with the proper developing team in Abu Dhabi.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Our Mobile App Development Process


Royex is a well-recognized mobile apps development company in Abu Dhabi and also in other parts of the UAE. Providing a high-professional mobile app development consultancy service, we follow an ideal as well as a standard mobile app development process with several steps. A proper development process includes the following phases we have mentioned below.


Initially, we set up a person-to-person meeting with the clients & discuss the mobile application ideas, the operational & functional requirements & of course what kind of feature they want to integrate with their application. After determining the complexity level of that specific application, we conduct possible market research to know about the market demand of the app idea. We have a dedicated team to run this market research with keeping in mind the possible risk.


This step involves lots of conceptual brainstorming, mind mapping, concept testing & strategy development. Wireframing is the next step after setting up the client's needs. We have an expert team of developers who are responsible for designing the best mobile app framework for you.

Design Approval 

After building up an ideal app framework the next step is to approve the design from the related or concerned person. For the design presentation, we like to use the Invision app for our clients & they can also suggest some changes if necessary. Taking their suggestions as an utmost priority our developers move forward to the next development step.


The development stage is the core part of any mobile app development process. We create an admin panel in this phase. We use android as a basic platform as it is easy to build, test & deploy. Then experienced developers ensure the QA & performance testing to check all the app functionalities.

Feedback & possible adjustment

 If we are happy with the current app performance after testing, then we decide to present the whole system to our clients to make sure that everything is ok according to their requirements. Also, we take the feedback for the further improvement process.

Content Integration 

After the primary approval, we start integrating the content recommended or provided by the clients. We set the right content in the right place with the help of the development team.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the hardest part of any app development process. In these steps, we can find out about the navigation of all the functional activities and also can fix bugs if any exist. We run meticulous testing to ensure the quality of the application from every aspect of the standard app development process. This is one of the reasons why we have become the top-rated mobile app development company in Abu Dhabi.

App Launch & Deployment

After passing the quality assurance & testing phase successfully, we finalize the APK and IPA files and submit them to the Play Store and App Store respectively. Also, we finish the backend app development for both android & ios. Then our team helps our respected clients while it’s time to release updates & fix other issues.

We Offer Android, iOS, flutter & PWA App Development Service In Abu Dhabi

Android App Development In Abu Dhabi

Android App Development In Abu Dhabi

Android is the most used & popular open-source platform to develop mobile applications. The android application market has emerged fast & now currently ruling in the marketplace. As a leading app development company in Abu Dhabi, we design & develop every possible app satisfying our client's requirements. At Royex, our passionate & professional developers are always available to choose the best features, app design & development process that suits your application seamlessly. We can ensure your app performs efficiently & smoothly in all versions of Android.

iOS App Development In Abu Dhabi

iOS App Development In Abu Dhabi

Apple's iOS has enabled us to develop well-designed & eye-appealing iPhone apps that help to create huge engagement & retain customers for the long term. In recent years, iOS app development has taken a giant leap in Abu Dhabi. At Royex have a complete understanding of iPhone app development & professional iPhone application developers who can develop apps that reach your targeted customers & increase revenue.

Flutter App Development Abu Dhabi

Flutter App Development Abu Dhabi

Right now, Flutter is the best solution for the mobile app development sector. It is an open-source development toolkit that enables you to develop both Android & iOS apps quickly without writing a different codebase for multiple platforms. Also, Google uses Flutter for the multiple modules of the Google Assistant & the user interface of the Google Home Hub. Using Flutter it is easily possible to create a beautiful & functional app with a uniform look. Being a leading mobile application development company in Abu Dhabi, we have been successfully creating mobile apps using Flutter for clients frequently.

PWA App Development In Abu Dhabi

PWA App Development In Abu Dhabi

Progressive Web Application development involves a set of software development practices for making a web application that functions like a mobile or desktop application. PWA technology lets users access the native mobile version of their favorite website with just a single click. It is a blend of web & mobile applications & these types of applications are easy to deploy.PWAs have a push API & cache that easily allows developers to receive any notification & add icons on the home screen. Royex’s professional mobile application development team in Abu Dhabi has hands-on experience in making PWA. We can assure you to provide the highest quality PWAs for your next upcoming projects.

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