Eyaana: AI Virtual Assistant

Introducing Eyaana, our AI-powered virtual assistant. Unlike other virtual assistants that rely on external APIs or large datasets, Eyaana has been developed entirely in-house by our dedicated R&D team. Our unique question and answering system, which currently utilizes only 2.9 Megabytes of data, sets Eyaana apart.


Eyaana: Our New AI Virtual Assistant

A Game Changer in Virtual Assistance

Eyaana emerges as a game-changing solution, harnessing the power of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to transform how companies engage with their customers. Eyaana is an advanced AI-powered virtual assistant developed by Dubai-based renowned software company Royex Technologies. This chatbot helps companies to meet their customers' communication needs in a preferred manner. Eyaana represents the next generation of virtual assistants equipped with cutting-edge technologies that enable businesses to communicate with their customers in a highly personalized and preferred manner.


Eyaana is powered by AI

Powered by AI

Imagine the power of having your own personalized AI-driven virtual assistant—an assistant that effortlessly understands your customer's needs and provides accurate responses, all while reflecting your company's tone and style. Eyaana is here to make that vision a reality. By integrating this cutting-edge technology into your customer communication and support strategies, you can unlock new levels of engagement and satisfaction. The future of virtual assistance is within reach. Experience the transformative capabilities of Eyaana, your in-house developed AI virtual assistant, and witness firsthand how it revolutionizes your customer interactions. Let Eyaana become the trusted companion that understands and connects with your customers, delivering exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impact.

R&D Team

tech team

Rajib Roy

Role: Team Lead

Department: Technology

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