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Taxi Booking and Ride Sharing Application
06 Feb 2020

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Taxi Booking and Ride Sharing Application


Our Taxi Booking system is an All-in-One Solution for you. We basically provide the end to end system you need to manage the Applications, that is, Customer Application, Driver Application, Basic Website with Driver Registration, and an Admin Panel for the Admins to manage the overall process. Our Taxi Booking Application provides a bug-free and seamless ride booking, google maps integrated navigation and simple user interface. The Application is now used by our clients from Jordan, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. Any conventional cab business is tormented with complicated manual processes, we changed these norms and made it a simple and automated process that saves both time and money.

Why do You Need a Ready Mobile App?

A ready mobile app is a pre-built app that is already fully developed and can be customized based upon the needs of the clients. Instead of having to wait for months and months to have your app built from scratch, you can instead choose a ready mobile app. There are several advantages to doing so. Firstly, you are saving a lot of time by getting a ready mobile app. You can get your business up and running immediately as the app will be ready in no time.

Secondly, the ready app developed by Royex is already being used by many clients. You are getting a tried and tested app that has been used by millions of users. This way you know your business will be a success as the app will deliver what you require from it.

Thirdly, the app was tested thoroughly and is free from any bugs or errors. Having a ready-made app at your disposal can be one of the best tools for your business.

Our Experience in Taxi Booking Apps:

We have successfully Delivered our Taxi Booking and Ride Sharing Application to our clients in Saudi Arabia, Morrocco, Jordan, India, and Bangladesh. Some of them even have over 5million active downloads and users.

Royex Technologies have successfully delivered over 400 projects to date, and we have the experience and capability of understanding your business and business model. We thoroughly test the Load Capacity, Data Security, etc and we follow strict protocols in achieving the goals. 

What we are offering in this project:

  • Customer Application (Android and IOS)
  • Driver Application (Android)
  • Web-Based Admin Panel
  • Basic website with Driver Registration Portal

Customer Application:

The Customer Application is the Apps that is used by the end-users. We make sure the apps have a seamless workflow and make the process as short as possible, by giving the least number of steps to book a ride. The Applications are Native apps, so there is no compromise on performance. The Apps are Strongly built and rigorously tested for an error-free experience. A Detailed Feature list is given below.

Driver Application:

The Driver Application is the App that is used by the Cab Drivers. This Application is built in such a way that it is always running in the background so that they never miss a request. Also, each request is followed by Vibration and Alerts unless the Driver responds. Drivers can choose to toggle their status to offline of they are not able to accept any rides.

Admin Panel:

The System needs a very strong admin panel, as the applications are full of varieties of features. So we built a stable platform in the dot net. Which will anticipate to all your needs and can handle the customers, drivers in one place. There are also all relevant reports which can be generated with proper accounting. Admin panel can also have user levels and access roles. The live movements of all the drivers can also be seen from the Panel.

Basic Website:

We also provide a Basic Website with your branding and colors to showcase the applications and to explain the working. You can display any kinds of information, Terms, How it works, etc in the website. There is also a Driver Registration Portal, wherein the drivers can Register themselves and provide their information, their vehicle's information, legal documents, etc and answer questionnaire if any. and all these documents and info will be sent to the admin panel for approval. Only post-approval, the drivers will receive app download links in their phone number or email.

Apps Features :

Mobile App for the Customers (End-Users)

Users can log in via their registered Mobile number or email id. The users will be asked to mention the number of passengers traveling with them in the case of Ride Sharing,  select the class of vehicle they want to ride in and search for nearby available Cabs, and then enter their destination, the users can verify their current location and pick the destination location from the interactive Map and confirm the booking by choosing required timeslot and the payment method. Users will be able to see all the information about the driver like Name, Car model, Car Registration number and Phone Number and they also can call them instantly if they want. If a customer wishes to cancel a ride after booking, that also can be done, and various cancellation policies and algorithms are available.
Payment Gateway can also be integrated according to the client’s wish. Customers can check their Previous Bookings, Rate the Drivers/Ride, Set favorite address, favorite payment methods, etc. 

Some features of the User Application are - 

  • Option to choose from several types of Taxi - Sedan, Economy, Luxury, Ride Sharing, etc

  • Select Pick up point - from the In-App integrated Google Map 
  • Select Destination - from the In-App integrated Google Map
  • Select the number of passengers (for Ride Sharing) - as if the customer chose Ride Sharing, the driver might already have some customers in the car. 
  • Estimated Fare and Duration - calculated at an average considering the distance
  • Rate equation will depend on the type of car, distance covered and time during the ride
  • Pick up, destination, ride location all will be in Google maps
  • After completing the payment process by Cash or Card
  • Rating option to rate the ride and the driver
  • Gift Voucher options
  • Profile Section
  • Booking History
  • Complaint option


Mobile App for Drivers:

The Driver Registration should be done from the Website by providing all the necessary documents like License and Vehicle Insurance etc. and after the approval of the admins, Drivers can log in to the Application with their registered Mobile number or email id. Once logged in they can set their status to Online or Offline. If Online, they will start getting ride requests. They can check the route and choose to accept multiple ride requests based on the available space in the car. I in case of carpooling. If the status is Offline, They won't receive any requests, but they can be monitored in real-time from the Admin Panel. Drivers can check their Ride History, cash-in, cash-out, Bonus, etc.

Some features of the Driver Application are- 

  • Set status  - Online and offline option
  • When users send request, will be received by nearest and free drivers
  • Option to accept multiple jobs to drop passengers 
  • Accept and reject ride button
  • can see multiple destinations on the map in the case of multiple drop-offs. The nearest Destination will be Routed by default, the Driver has an option to select any destination as well.
  • Call option to the user
  • Pick up and cancel option after reaching the pick-up location
  • The fare will start calculation after clicking on the pick-up button
  • The fare will be on the app during the journey
  • Rate equation will depend on the type of car, distance covered and time during the ride
  • Pick up location, destination, ride all will be in Google map
  • After completion payment received process by Cash or card
  • Rating option
  • Complaint option



The system will need a very strong administration panel for maintaining the day to day service. The Admin Panel has all sorts of features required for monitoring and accounting the sales. Admin panel features are mentioned below -

  • Log in via Email id
  • Can have multiple users for an Admin Panel
  • Can check documents uploaded by the Drivers and approve the account. 
  • To activate and deactivate the car and the driver.
  • Commission calculation and payment from admin.
  • Commission calculation for drivers
  • Set up a Bank account against the drivers.
  • Report for driver activity.
  • Report on vehicle activity.
  • Report for Customer activity
  • Commission based report
  • Can edit details of Customers and Drivers
  • Sales- View Total sales by driver, day, by date range, months.
  • Can create Gift Codes with unique numbers
  • View and Edit Profile
  • Complaints section
  • User, Service Provider, Ride management sections
  • Accounts section available
  • Can Monitor ratings and reviews of both passengers and drivers
  • Real-time monitoring of the drivers if the status is Online or Offline.
  • Real-time monitoring of a ride
  • Can monitor all ongoing rides with customers and drop off location with Maps
  • All Live monitoring is handled by Google Maps API

Development Technologies: 

The apps will be native applications.

The platform we will use: Visual Studio, Android Studio, XCode


The solution is developed using the following technologies/tools

Language: ASP. NET - MVC, Java, SWIFT 4

Database: MSSQL

System Hosting:

We can host the applications to any Server. But if you want, Based on your Target users and Consumer base, Our Server Admins and Developers will suggest you the best specification and platform to host the application on.

Source Code:

Client will own the source code after deployment. 

Customization Option:

We give our clients the flexibility to customize the application according to their needs. We have no restriction on the color pattern or theme or the typography you prefer. You can always ask us for the suggestion, but ultimately the decision is yours. User flow customization is also possible, considering the change is within the scope. We also have the experience to integrate all the leading payment gateways like paypal, telr, payfort, stripe, etc so any choice is welcome, we can integrate it.

Delivery Period

We can Deliver the Ready Tested Product in 2-3 weeks with new branding. That's a Promise we can give.

What is the development cost of Taxi Booking Apps?

The Development cost of our Taxi Booking and Ride Sharing Application will be quoted on-demand as each client will have specific demands and customization, and based on these we will quote a price for the application and we promise the delivered product will be an on-field tested ready to use the system. To enquire about the application You can drop a mail at or call on +971566027916.

Our works are known for their Functionality and Design. We Deliver what is been discussed and more. We are a group of experienced and skilled software architects, engineers and developers who will give you the perfect solution for any of your ideas. Visit our Portfolio section to know the different projects we worked on from simple websites to complex applications. We set the client’s goals as our goals and set a timeline, and complete it on time. We are here to give you the best and affordable prices that match your budget for your business profit. We are one of the best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

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