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Mobile App Marketing Plan

Mobile App Marketing Plan

Mobile app store marketing is a whole new ball game with different players and rules. How to market a mobile app is a common question which requires a new marketing approach. Marketers entering in mobile app arena have to face unique challenges such as unfamiliar channels, targeting problems, understanding downloads versus users, app store ranking and much more.

It might be surprising to know that ranking high in an app store is no longer a challenge. The mobile app developer can get their app to the masses through ASO (App Store Optimization). It is the best possible and only way to improve visibility and discoverability of mobile app in the app store but how an app developer can do so is still questionable?

Before diving into the details of ASO, strategies let me inform you that Royex Technologies assist in optimization of an app for the app store. It utilizes world class, up-to-date technologies and a significant level of experiences for the promotion of the mobile apps. It is not only known for developing mobile apps, but it also finds ways to promote and do business with them.
Here is the lineup of 10 most effective app marketing strategies that can help you to navigate the landscape of mobile app marketing.

● Know Your Customers and Your Competition
● Start with a Right App Title and App Name
● Identify the Best Keywords ○ The App Store ○ Google Play
● Create a Compelling and Persuasive Description
● Stand Out With a Unique Icon
● Feature Screenshots and Videos
● Localize Your App Listing
● Promote your App Beyond the App Store
● Frequent updates
● Encourage ratings and feedback

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