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 AI Professional
27 Jan 2023

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AI Professional

Application Deadline: 27 Feb 2023 | Remote | Software Engineer

We are seeking a highly skilled AI professional to join our team on a part-time basis. The ideal candidate will have experience in the development and implementation of AI and machine learning algorithms and models, as well as experience building and deploying chatbots and natural language processing systems.


Develop and implement AI and machine learning algorithms and models

Build and deploy chatbots and natural language processing systems

Collect and analyze data to improve the performance of AI systems

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate AI technology into business operations

Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in AI research and technology



Experience with AI and machine learning technologies, including chatbot development and natural language processing

Knowledge of popular AI tools such as ChatGPT, Watson, Google AI, and BigML

Strong problem-solving and analytical skills

Experience working with cross-functional teams

Strong communication and presentation skills

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, or a related field


This is a part-time position with flexible hours. The candidate must be available to work remotely.

If you are passionate about AI and have the skills and experience we are looking for, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.


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