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Why Should You Consider A Lite Version For Your Mobile App

Mobile Apps are now essential to every business as they uncover many potential business opportunities. We all are aware of the applications like Facebook and Instagram; we use these applications daily, but just imagine their existence without mobile applications. Today, both of them have a huge market, but without the application, surely they would not be able to enter such a huge market.

Multiple brands are ruling in developed countries by covering a good part of the overall consumption. But still, a lot of countries face challenges like slow internet and low-end devices; they face difficulties because of their underdeveloped and still-young mobile infrastructure. Data-intensive applications made for strong mobile infrastructures do not function properly there, poor networks being the reason behind that.

So, that is when we need the lite version of mobile applications. 

Now, let's understand what Lite Version is and why we should consider it.

Lite Apps are basically designed for low-end devices with an app size of 1 to 4 MB. We enjoy the fast network, but several countries are still using 2G networks, so these lite version apps work great with such slow internet connections.

The Lite version application of Facebook is very popular amongst billions of users. It works with less than 1 MB installation space and consumes limited internet data and battery in slow networks like 2G. The only challenge that users had to face is that some features consuming a large amount of data and storage are trimmed. 

Now let's talk about the reason to consider the lite version of the app :

1- Battery Consumption

Battery Consumption

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to using mobile applications, but there is no doubt that people hate when their battery gets drained faster. Battery life is one of the most crucial features of the smartphone. We all like applications that are easily accessible with good usability and which do not deplete our battery. Generally, all the standard applications consume a lot of battery, that is because of the front-end utilities that are given to the users for which the back-end functionalities have to stay active. Due to this reason, some users delete these applications. Lite apps are specially designed with such features that do not consume much battery, and because of this feature, users enjoy using the lite apps more than the standard applications.

2- Data Consumption

As it is very obvious that not all the users have a good internet connection, several countries are still using 2G networks, and with that network, it becomes very difficult to use any normal application. It takes more than a minute to load one picture, and it is almost impossible to make a video call with such connectivity. So, we often lose interest even before we get to see the content. So, if you are not using any latest, tech-advanced smartphones or if you are facing low internet connectivity, lite version of the apps turns out to be the savior for both low connectivity and low data plans.

3- Consumes Less Space

 Consumes Less Space

There are several applications in our smartphones that we are uninstalling just to free up some space, to enhance performance, and to make room for some other important and relevant applications. Some businesses offer only the official applications to their end users, which is a drawback and that results in the loss of users. To avoid this, they come up with the idea of introducing a Lite version, which is nothing but the smaller version of their main official app. The space consumed by the Lite version application is less than 1 MB, which does not make you feel the need to uninstall them.

4- App’s User Interface

Users of mobile apps may not be aware that adding graphics, animations, videos, and similar components increases the size of the app, except for those who are tech-savvy. Some Lite apps are made with the intention of attracting users and encouraging them to use the full version.

As a result, the performance, size, and usage of the app are influenced by these design features. Lite apps differ from standardized apps in several ways. They are created with a minimalistic design philosophy and only use UI elements that are lighter. According to all the above differences, we can easily make out why should we consider a lite version for the mobile application. 

So, are you planning to develop any lite version app to improve the user experience of your mobile app users? 

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