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Why Should You Choose Magento 2 For Ecommerce Website And Mobile Apps

In November 2015, Magento announced the new 2.0 platform for enterprise and community editions. The impending release of this new version sent waves through the Magento community. Some were excited for the change, while others felt Magento 1 was suitable for their ecommerce needs.

Magento 1 was officially retired in 2020 – Adobe, its owner, ceased support. That’s more than the reason to upgrade if you haven’t to! But we’ll discuss some more in-depth considerations. This article will cover the reasons for you to choose Magento 2 for ecommerce website and mobile app.


Shortcomings of Magento 1

Shortcomings of Magento 1

Magento was developed to be a scalable and flexible platform. This is truly its distinguishing trait. Magento users can create stores using readymade extensions or by coding themselves. This is the elegance of a platform like Magento and one of the reasons why it's so famous.

Unfortunately, that didn't render it the most user-friendly, high-performing framework to concentrate on usability. Significant resources, such as performance enhancement, mobile-responsiveness, and admin functionality, were lacking right out of the box that any store required. In the past, to get important functionality, consumers will have to go to third-party providers.

In reality, there have been several concerns regarding Magento 1 operating slowly. In addition, experts have established what helps Magento sites operate quicker, but the question of core speed can still not be modified. The Magento team devised an updated framework to solve these problems: Magento 2.


Magento 2 for Ecommerce website and mobile apps

 Magento 2 for Ecommerce website and mobile apps

Magento 2 comes with enhancements that overall render it a much better platform. Other top platforms such as Shopify and Woo Commerce compete with it. Below are several key characteristics that lead to this:

Better performance

Magento 2 performs an average of 20 percent faster relative to Magento 1. Faster site speed facilitates further purchases and boosts search engine optimization for websites.

Full-page caching embedded into the framework ensures that for non-caching websites, pages load even quicker, 1-2 seconds compared to 5-10 seconds. Without slowing down, it can even navigate certain catalog pages easier. For big retailers, this allows scalability and flexibility allowing it to expand as an online market.

Furthermore, Magento 2 updates are programmed to function even easier, making it simple for users of Magento to take advantage of new features when they are launched.


Easy checkout for users

In Magento 2, the checkout process is more organized, making it simpler and easier for clients to move from the cart to the finished order. It is easily flexible and needs less measures and details from consumers. To minimize discarded carts and to maximize conversions, minimizing the checkout period is immense.

The customers are taken to a regular guest checkout page when they proceed to checkout, where they type an email address. If this matches with that of an existing customer, a faster checkout option with saved details is offered. On the other hand,  guests can build an account on the Thank You order page with one click. Such features attract repeat clients.

To make things more user-friendly, the bulk of Magento 1 stores had to change the checkout procedure in some way. In Magento 2 now, improved checkout features are built in. This implies that any store designed with Magento 2 would have a more intuitive checkout method by design.


Secure and diverse integrations

Magento 2 now has several common extensions, so stores have improved out-of-the-box capabilities. It covers payment gateways such as PayPal and Braintree. 

These are payment channels that most Magento users want to incorporate anyway, so it's much better with Magento 2. Integrations with Worldpay and Cybersource are now in place to improve payment protection.


Intuitive Admin panel

Magento 2’s admin interface is meant to help minimize the time needed to run an online shop. For potential team members to practice, it's a lot more user-friendly and faster.

Administrators can configure the admin panel such that vital company details can be easily accessed. This makes each admin panel unique for each consumer while handling items, requests, and customer data to improve efficiency. Creating goods in the admin panel with 4x quicker product import capability is smoother than before. 

Magento 2 's admin interface also provides drag-and - drop editing. This ensures that you don't require advanced coding experience to alter the look of an online shop. 


Magento 2 is mobile friendly

Mobile responsiveness is crucial to business improvement, since smartphones and tablets are used for shopping by more and more customers. This was acknowledged by the Magento team and made mobile responsiveness in the core Magento 2 framework a priority.

It comes with modern (and SEO-friendly) responsively crafted themes, embedded videos, and faster checkout. All of these boost the look and feel of Magento stores on mobile devices, thus facilitating smartphone purchases.

The admin panel is touch-screen oriented in addition to the front-end of the platform, meaning you can handle your shop on the go.


While some have concerns about switching to Magento 2, it is obvious that this framework was built to give consumers and administrators a smoother experience. It retains the simplicity for which Magento is renowned, but incorporates several important, useful functionality.


The latest edition of Magento is capable of evolving as corporations expand. With a seamless checkout process to improve sales and attract repeat customers, it's quick.

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