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Why Large Enterprises Should Consider Moving to Amazon Web Services

The face of world in Startups has already changed with Amazon Cloud Services. Setting up large computer clusters, it is feasible for zero capital cost. Amazon Web Services can not only host your applications but also offer reliable, adaptable, and cost-efficient cloud computing resources.

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We strongly believe that a large enterprise should consider moving to the cloud. You can find the reason of our strong believe. Let’s check our article here.

Agility and Responsiveness

Suppose, a startup is a speedboat. Then a large enterprise is the Titanic. In the same way, while you find the startups pivoting any time, danger and large enterprises make it slow.

A large enterprise has significantly more skin in the game, and the old model of waiting a month before buying a new rack just doesn't cut it anymore. If larger enterprises shift to the cloud, new servers can be brought up in minutes. It causes shorter downtimes, rapid experimentation, more innovation, increased global reach, improved demand-surge handling and more successful short-lived-but-resource-intensive projects.


In the business process, we always strive to out-innovate the competitors. Our article is both Amazon and cloud-focused. Amazon is reflected by its 80% market share and is clearly ahead of its competitors. It has been blazing the cloud-computing trail longer than anyone.

For example, in the following chart, you can see Gartner’s analysis of different cloud providers and you’ll see Amazon in a corner of their own.

Because of dominating the competition, Gartner had to artificially lower the scale. Innovating at such a rapid pace, Amazon provides new services and broadening its customer base that competitors are struggling to keep pace.

The effect of innovation is always clear to developers. You can provide Active Directory integration with Amazon. You can save on data costs by using the BitTorrent protocol for content distribution. You can put heavy compute behind your mobile games. You can also ramp up your clients quickly with remote workstations.

It is a happiness for us to learn more about AWS. Whenever Amazon will have their new features, we always try to get the features as early as possible.

The advantage of moving your business to the cloud is that you can let your developers focus on your company’s area of expertise while leaving the boilerplate to Amazon.

A Data Center That Hosts A Top Website

A product of years of innovation by one of the largest e-commerce website in the world. We must not forget this. Data centers of AWS distribute globally in numerous parts of the world. They provide different failure domains while being close enough together to provide cheap communication. Global content distribution network and DNS Server are shared by Amazon. There are only a handful of companies today which are developing cloud capabilities with that kind of global reach. It draws traffic data finding the best route for network traffic.


The biggest headache of cloud computing is security. But you can feel easy because Amazon provides the important certifications like PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and ISO. Maintaining of separation of logical and physical access to data, security limits the impact of disgruntled employees.

In-house Expertise Not Required

If you move to the cloud, it allows offloading much of your data-center maintenance onto Amazon. We all know, people have to pay to hire someone outside of your area of expertise. Imagine, you are a director of IT at a renowned company. Amazon will offer a more intriguing challenge and a deeper sense of mission to the kind of people with core expertise in data centers. Employee engagement is not at all, it is not about money, it is about involving in a greater mission.

Lower Costs

Getting to the cloud has more requirements of a lot of expertise and hard work. It will lower costs if you are moving to the cloud. It is cheaper than on-premise solutions when cloud solutions played right. At first, you have to pay for a machine on AWS and Amazon’s years of expertise in setting up resilient data centers. Then scale to your variable demands which need instead of designing for max capacity.


Being a large enterprise and on the fence about whether or not to move to the cloud, we highly recommend to make it try. If you try it on a contained project rather than on a critical path, it fits well within the cloud’s capabilities. If you are done with implementation, do a post-mortem and analyze the results in terms of cost and time-to-market.

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