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Why is Online Grocery Delivery Service the Next Big Thing

The Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting global lockdown due to it has changed how we operate daily. All business has been shut down and is forced to run online. Consumers have cut down their spending to focus their budget on things that are the most essential.

As a result, there has been a dramatic rise in demand for online shopping for essentials such as groceries. There have been reports worldwide of retailers struggling to keep up with the demands for online grocery shopping.

People have been stocking up on food and other daily necessities so the demand is way higher than usual. Brick-and-mortar stores face issues such as customers wanting to avoid crowds and wanting to stay at home.

During this moment of crisis, online grocery shops have been the go-to-solution for the majority of consumers. They are convenient because you don’t have to go outside your house at all. All you need to do is install an app, register, and you can shop whatever groceries you need with a few touches. They are delivered at your doorstep at your convenience and this is perfect during this time of outbreak.

Increased Demand for Online Grocery Delivery Services

Increased Demand for Online Grocery Delivery Services

The image above is proof that the demand for online grocery apps is through the roof. Instacart is a grocery delivery service based in the U.S and Canada and is quite popular. But its popularity has increased exponentially from 15 million visits in February to over 33 million in March. That’s an increase of more than 100% traffic in just a month.

And this is not just a global trend. Even in the Middle East, many online grocery apps are reporting an unprecedented demand for online grocery shopping. They are filling in a gap that conventional supermarkets are failing to fill in.

Even the platforms that offered only online restaurant food delivery services have now shifted to grocery delivery services due to the increased demands. Examples include Deliveroo, Careem NOW, and Otlob. 

Why should you run an online grocery store now?

Why should you run an online grocery store now?

We have already witnessed the heavy demand of online grocery shopping. If you have been pondering over starting an online grocery delivery service, now might be the best time ever. For all you entrepreneurs out there, never has been the demand for these services been this high.

The demand is only going to rise as the lockdown continues and people need to continue their purchasing over the internet. Groceries are essential items that are required by all people and their demand doesn’t decrease over a particular period or season. 

With all the mass hysteria and panic buying going on, the demand will keep rising steeply. If we consider the situation in UAE right now, traditional supermarkets are failing to meet the demands of the public whereas e-grocery startups are doing a great job in handling the situation.

UAE based online grocer, el Grocer has been quick to add more workforce and combat this situation quickly. Now they are reaping the benefits as their business is booming more than ever. Its founder, Nader Amiri, claims 

“Whenever there was rain in Dubai or it was flu season, we saw a spike in orders. There have been signals of this, not to the current level though. This is giving the opportunity for the whole e-grocery segment to break the convention of early adopters. People are now proactively looking for solutions.”

Why should you run an online grocery store now?

Meanwhile UAE based InstaShop have seen a 70% increase in their app downloads, and the daily rate of order has spiked 53%. Meanwhile the CEO and Founder of Nana (KSA based online grocery store), Sami Alhelwa remarks this lockdown situation is a game changer for the industry. 

“There is a trigger in certain periods that makes businesses big. We are closing contracts with new partners and onboarding a huge number of customers every day. This is a chance for us not just to increase orders, but to create habits, and convert customers from offline to online. We also help partners to survive and even sell more in this hard period.”

If you don’t want to fall behind, now is the perfect time to start your own online grocery business. We will help you get started.

How will Royex help you build your grocery app

All you need is a mobile app that will serve as a platform for your grocery service. For this, you need a reliable mobile app development that will build you the app as per your specifications, ensuring complete satisfaction. So the question may arise why Royex?

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