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Which Platform Are You Looking To Develop Your Mobile App On?

Budget is obviously a main fact whenever you want to develop your own software/app. So we always want a trustworthy and also an experienced app development company who will give you the best app software but within your budget.

Nowadays, there are literally thousands of app company, so how do you choose?

You may find them under various names: app builders, app creators, app makers, app building platforms, app builder software, mobile development software, etc. Basically, these platforms are there to allow anyone assembles various features, elements, design into one mobile app. Most of the online app makers create a) mobile app versions of a website and b) native apps

Now, what you want to develop?

Let’s find out some of the top app development software platforms.

1. Kalipso Studio

This one is a mobile application generator which one enables users to program their own apps without having to deal with complex coding. This platform is designed for mobile activity which is their special focus. It has five main operative systems: Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Windows 10, Android, and iOS. But now V4.1 of Kalipso allows iOS deployment  too. This platform is so easy and faster so that deployment and implementation are immediate.

Kalipso Studio

Pricing: upon request, plus free trial.

2. Appery

Appery is the platform where you can develop native apps (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), responsive web apps and hybrid apps (across all devices). Non-coders and non-designers find out this platform in an easy way because of its drag-n-drop options. You just simply choose the components, or available app templates, and assemble your user interface. From back-end services like cloud database, push notifications, REST APIs, etc., multiple plugins for media, mailing, socials, to latest iOS11 support and technologies like jQuery, Angular.js, Bootstrap integrated.

3. Bizness Apps

This Bizness Apps is aimed at small and mid-market level companies. If you compare to other app builders, this one is a bit more advanced platform which one is good for marketing agencies, restaurants, beauty salons, real estate agents, etc. Bizness Apps also claim life-long support. A lot of offer it is provided like neat visual editor, multiple integrations (including 3rd party services), m-commerce features, music and video players, GPS-based directions and notifications, shopping cart, etc.

Bizness Apps

4. Appy Pie

Appy Pie is an app development software that provides you to build mobile-friendly versions of websites for free. Industry-specific ready templates are offered. What are they? Dating apps, church apps, restaurant apps, SMB apps. The process they have developed is clear and understandable. How! You just choose design, add features, publish. So easy at all.

Appy Pie

5. GoodBarber

GoodBarber is an app development software platform that basically works for native (iOS/Android) apps, HTML5. But the prime focus remains on progressive web apps (PWA). If you check on this platform, you can find out a lot of nice themes, features like social networking, chat, geofencing, customization possibilities, push notifications, many plugins. Plus plenty of app management options : a CMS, audio/podcast features, event listings, user profiling, sharing/comments section, mCommerce integrations, etc.


6. Appsmakerstore

Appsmakerstore is a portable advancement stage with a few formats clients can look over to make Android, iOS or HTML5 applications. There are diverse structure presets for various enterprises, for example, human services/medication, nourishment and cafés, instruction, dance club, inns, philanthropies, government offices, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, and this stage gives incorporations online life, installment passages, for example, PayPal and ePay, notice alternatives by means of Google AdSense.


7. Mobincube

Mobincube offers straight up what you’re actually looking for in online app building platforms. Visual advancement interface, intuitive, layouts and customization, source code and Google Analytics, notices etc what you need? You may all of these find in this Mobincube platform. This is unique because of its monetization capability from others. It means the apps you create will comprise ads and banners, and every time a user clicks on it, you’ll get your share of income.

8. Shoutem

Shoutem will help to you to build cross-platform apps using React Native with good design, UX and templates. You can get over 40 screen types, over 200 layouts and over 40 extensions/features in this platform. Believe me, no coding knowledge needed, drag-n-drop interface, native app preview, local testing, all building blocks as an open source. And all in JavaScript, nothing else. It actually deserves a five star rating.

9. MobileRoadie

The top clients of the more expensive app platforms, Mobile Roadie are Disney, TED, Universal. With a nice design and features make a site more attractive to users and clients. And they did their best at all, we sure. There are enough possibilities to tweak and adjust all you need, chats, music player and fan wall particularly hefty for artists. They also provide you content digital commerce, geo-targeting, analytics and app submission. But the most probably, price is the only drawback of this platform.

10. AppInstitute

Rich with content, videos, its own CMS, image gallery, listings and HTML, m-commerce options, AppInstitute is the most prominent app development software platform in UK. It is mainly aimed at creating apps with in-app ordering (food and drinks), event scheduling, maps and geolocation, customer loyalty programs. If you want to specify a link to your website, then you can do this automatically after setting a color scheme for a future app.



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