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What will be the cost to develop ecommerce site like in Magento?
30 Jul 2019

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What will be the cost to develop ecommerce site like in Magento?

To Building an e-commerce portal like we have several constraints to take care of like logistics, inventory management, tax regulations, etc and to encapsulate all this together, the perfect platform would be Magento.

Magento is tailor-made for E-commerce hence it provides all necessary options built-in, it provides a wide range of themes and plug-ins to choose from. Magento is an open-source platform which means we can customize the code to meet our requirements. Although Magento is free to use, some of its plug-ins and themes are paid and the website is self-hosted, meaning we have to purchase a server and host it. is a very successful E-commerce website which was recently launched in UAE and is already in a tight competition with Amazon-SOUQ.

The good part of using Magento is that one single admin panel can be used to handle both the website and Mobile Applications.

How different is Noon from other e-commerce stores in the UAE was found by Emaar, which is the biggest property and real estate firm in the UAE. has a very simple UI and is very responsive and fast compared to other e-commerce websites. has products categorized to different categories which are very simple to navigate with and they make sure an order is placed with the least number of clicks! prioritizes their logistics that is the products are dispatched and delivered within the timeframe mentioned at the time of booking, and they are doing great at that! Noon has 2 kinds of delivery system Standard delivery and Noon Now. Standard Delivery is for items that do not have the noon now label are subject to the seller's convenience so noon may or may not be able to guarantee its timeline.

Noon has a new out of the box idea of Automated Delivery vehicle, which they are planning to launch, it is been tested as we speak - How cool is that!

Noon has various categories of products available from Electronics to Fashion to Home and Kitchen to Beauty to Baby Products to Pet Supplies to Grocery items, Noon has everything categorized to proper sections for ease of use.

Noon has a mobile application which is also very User-friendly and easy to use which also follows the same rules as their website.

Noon also has live chat support which is very responsive and responds to user needs.


What is Noon-Now?

Noon has an express delivery system called Noon-Now, it means that the particular product is stored in-house, packaged and dispatched and the whole process is fulfilled by Noon directly. They promise the product will be shipped in 24hours, and they promise their in-house delivery team is fast and reliable. And also during different stages of dispatching, the customer will be promptly notified and kept up to date.

Below given is a Noon Now grocery product.


Noon-Now is generally for items that are on offer and for Grocery products. Noon-Now products have a Now label to indicate it will be delivered soon.

Why Magento For E-commerce

Magento is an open-source eCommerce solution that has thousands of customization options and integration with third-party apps available. Magento has the capability to take your e-store idea to the next level and increase your sales revenue.

Magento can unlock a multidimensional perspective of online shopping, It can accomplish a great deal of tasks for you. Magento is known for its custom options and extra integrations. Magento was formerly owned by eBay and now owned by Adobe- That proves it has great potential! Magento has amazing cart options, custom tax regulation options, security, payment options, custom area wise shipping options, etc, etc.

Best features of Magento are :

1) Web Design Customization

2) Mobile and SEO Friendly 

3) Quick Loading Store

4) Secured Order Preferences and Product Management

5) Multi-Website Options

6) Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support

7) Custom Integrations to third party apps

8) Hosting Options- provides support to several hosting platforms

Magento Admin Panel is simple to use and understand. The very same admin panel can be used for managing the Magento mobile apps as well. So there is no need to maintain separate admin panels for your website and mobile app


Cost of Developing an ECommerce website Like in Magento

Sincerely speaking, Magento is a hard platform, and only developers who have experience in proper hardcore PHP coding and/or have experience in using Magento can develop and customize an E-commerce website in Magento.

We at Royex Technologies, a leading Website, Mobile App and E-commerce Development Company in Dubai, have certified Magento developers who can bring reality to any of your ideas. Check our portfolio to know more. For a Magento based e-commerce website and application, we would charge around AED 50k to 60k, of course, based on the proper requirements and specifications the price can vary. If interested feel free to call us at +971566027916 or mail us at and we can send you a proposal based on your idea.


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