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What is the eCommerce site development costs in Dubai, UAE

Hello, I am Rajib Roy from Royex Technologies.

This is a very basic question everyone asks to google and also to us, How much it will cost to develop an eCommerce site in Dubai. Now why Dubai or location-based price is important? Development cost varies location to location, if you develop an eCommerce site in India and if you develop the same eCommerce site from the USA the cost will not be the same. The living cost and managing cost of USA is higher than the Idia. Similarly, Dubai is a very modern city, the hub of the whole middle east, The cost of development in Dubai and Other countries must be different.

Before coming to the cost, let's discuss why do you need to develop the eCommerce site from Dubai? Why are you not going some cheap development destination and engage some freelancer to do the development
No, it will not be wise, Why?
It is very important to sit with the development face to face and explain your idea. And you need to monitor the development on every stage. Distance meeting doesn't work honestly, I am speaking from my experience.

Once the development is done the job is not finished. The reality is the main job starts now. When the site is launched you will face lots of issues and required lots of modification to run the site. So the distance team will not help you with it. You need someone in your location, to do some physical meeting and make the job done quickly.

Seriousness, Dubai based company will take your job seriously, as all of us want to make a good reputation in this small place. But outsource company will not take that seriously, as for them the whole world is there customer.

Now let me assume that I have convinced you to do the project in Dubai. Now you need to know what will be the cost to develop the project in Dubai. Before that, you need to research what features you need on your website. You have already seen several eCommerce sites is Dubai like

Do you need all of their features from day 1? If you don't need don't keep it in your features list. Like if you plan to do the business only in UAE, so you don't need multiple currencies, AED is more than enough. But you need Multi Languages (Arabic and English). So in this way list up what features do you need for your website for the first few months (First Phase).

Based on your eCommerce Features, you need to select what platform will be good for you. For a nontechnical person, it will be tough. You need to take advice from some consultant or software company who have vast experience in running or managing eCommerce site for a large organization. They will guide you what platform will be good for you, at this stage also think for your future plan. It is not very simple to switch platform. Few most popular eCommerce site development platforms are


Now lets me give you the idea of Costing. How much our first char normal case. All of our site design is custom, we don't use any predefined template.
WooCommerce: 12000 AED to 16000 AED
Magento: 18000 AED to 30000 AED
UCommerce: 18000 AED to 30000 AED
OpenCart: 12000 AED to 16000 AED
Custom Ecommerce Platform: 35000 AED to 55000 AED

I hope now you have clear pictures, but if you want to know more details please give us a call on +971566027916 or mail us at

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