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What is the development cost of Magento Website in Dubai, UAE?
08 Nov 2019

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What is the development cost of Magento Website in Dubai, UAE?

With the advent of the modern era and internet, e-commerce has become necessary for business in today’s world. Business owner now seek advance e-commerce solutions which offer their businesses the scale, the flexibility and the expanse required to survive successfully in this competitive environment. Choosing the best option that suits all the business needs has become one of the most important elements of business planning.

While there are other platforms like OsCommerce, OpenCart, Zen Cart and WordPress etc., Magento is widely regarded as one of the best e-commerce platform available in the market. This open source platform, besides having rich features, offers users flexibility to manage content of their website, outlook, and functionality of their ecommerce store. Magento gives you one of the best e-commerce solutions, with an attractive blend of maximum customizable design and a wide-ranging support network.

Magento Versions

# Magento Community Edition (free)
# Magento Enterprise Edition (paid)
# Magento Go (paid & hosted on Magento’s servers)

The Community Edition is most widely and actively used across the internet and is completely open source. Some companies opt for a combination of the Community and Enterprise editions, where it provides the best range of features required for their individual needs. The pros and cons of both versions complement each other at different levels, which work together to give the optimal e-commerce solution.

The reasons for Magneto’s unparalleled success are as follows

# Magento is recognized worldwide and is one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms.
# It has very simple and user-friendly features, with option to customize content.
# Flexible Content Management System: You can easily build up customized solutions as per your ecommerce business needs.
# It gives marketing support. The platform helps in generating revenue by using tools like cross-sells and upsells, which attract your customers and boost sales
# Magento creates search engine friendly URL’s, thereby increasing your website’s SEO
# The website is updated automatically
# Magento allows flexible pricing which attracts wide range of customers
# It allows several websites to promote their products and services and increase presence across several domains. # Customizable themes: Templates for various themes are available for you to choose from
# Mobile-friendly Configuration is available for a quick responsive platform
# This platform is very simple, quick and versatile. Customers can easily brose and shop online, and also enjoy extra services for their convenience.
# It is very popular with a high number of users, who provide feedback and support. The large community helps developers with their working.
# Magento’s advanced SEO support features give products a great chance to rank on all popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.
# A simple set of options allow you to manage your products very effectively. You can adjust prices for different groups of customers and also add more than one image for the same products on you online store.

Additional Reasons Include the Following

# A well-organized back end
# A shopping cart that is easy to update
# A nice default template
# Add-on modules that have new and significant capabilities
# Supports all industries

If you want to successfully run your business on an e-commerce platform, you should choose Magneto for an unwrinkled and a hurdle-free operation. With over 240,000 worldwide users, Magento and Magento 2 have exploded in popularity in the eCommerce industry.

Why Magento is Best Ecommerce Platform

Often, the real concern lies in the customer’s budget for the whole Magento project. They are most interested in the cost of all the features and services being provided to them to ensure that it fits into their budget.

There are numerous factors that determine the Magento website development cost. One of the many factors is your business size. Depending on your business need, you could choose basic Magento, community edition or an enterprise edition.

Here’s the pricing for the three Magento services-

1. Basic Magento Website Development Cost:

Individuals and small businesses often prefer basic Magento website. This is because it gets them up and running fairly quick. The cost for the development of a basic Magento website starts at AED 20,000 in Dubai, UAE. This could go up to AED 45,000. Because it is a basic site, the available features are limited to the following:

# Basic Magento Functionality
# Simple Design Or Theme
# Access To Magento Community Site
# No Integration With Back Office System
# A Smooth Magento CMS

2. Custom Magento Website Development Cost

If you’re an established retailer looking to upgrade or migrate from another eCommerce platform, then you may need a Magento custom website. The development cost ranges from AED 40,000 to AED 90,000 in Dubai, UAE. Here, you enjoy extra benefits like:

# Custom Magento Design
# Integration With Back Office Systems
# Custom Attributes Required To Be Created For Products
# Customer Groups
# Migrations To Host
# Extensions, Etc.


3. Magento Enterprise Website Development Cost:

Magento Enterprise edition is for large-scale businesses. This allows them access to the full range of Magento features. Magento Enterprise website development will cost you AED 120,000+ in Dubai, UAE. Although expensive, Magento Enterprise gives complete support for your eCommerce sales. It gives complete features to deal with the complete customer order processing, right from ordering up to shipping and delivery. Some of the additional benefits include:

# Built-In Modules
# Mobile Friendly
# Multiple Stores
# Full Page Caching
# Free Professional Customer Suppor
# A Large Amount Of SKUs
# Hosted By Magento
# Customer Segmentation
# Targeted Promotions & Merchandising
# Custom Coupons
# Integration With Shipping Providers
# Social Media Integration
# Training
# And Much More


Some other important elements of Magento development cost

Some additional features which add to the developmental cost of your website are as follows:

# Magento Version
# Server Cost
# Development Cost
# Extensions
# Magento Theme and Support


What is the cost to maintain your Magento website?


Once a website has been developed, it requires constant monitoring and maintenance for updates, security patches, design, etc. The pricing for these depend on the website development company. An average rate for these services is AED 100-150 per hour, as per current rates.


Royex Technologies, based in Dubai, is an Ecommerce development company. We have developed and successfully delivered more than 300 projects to date for our clients in Dubai, UAE and other Middle East countries.

At present we have three offices. The head office is in Dubai and the other two offices are in India and Bangladesh that oversee design and development. We employ over 50 people across these three locations. Our support team is in Dubai, which allows clients to have face to face meetings with the team, and explain their requirements clearly. Moreover, our online support system provides clients with trackable support. As a bonus, we also provide free after-service support for our customers to assist with fixing bugs and errors.

Our team consists of accomplished and highly skilled software architects, engineers and developers, who work together to provide you with the best services to achieve solid growth in the web solution market.



About the Author

Rajib Roy

Rajib Roy, CEO of Royex Technologies is a highly motivated, genuinely flexible and exceptionally hard-working person. He is a Systems Architect with a background encompassing a decade of experience in software development. Having played a key role in the development and deployment of projects and solutions that have been adopted by leading retail, hospitality and travel sector clients, his skills lie in planning cost-effective solutions and building and coordinating dedicated, highly-skilled teams that convert ideas and concepts into innovative, functional and ultimately profitable products.

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