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What Is Local SEO And How Important Is It For Your Business

Every local business aspires to grow. Every local business should go local!

A website is critical for the online presence of your business. It is important to use internet to reach wider customers even if you are operating a brick and mortar store. Today, potential customers turn first to a search engine whenever they need a place to grab a bite, spend a weekend or get a haircut. In such a situation, the ultimate goal of your business is the one that shows up first! And for that, all you just have to know is local search engine optimization.

Local SEO is all about optimization for search results in google which are related to the searcher with respect to his location. Standard SEO practice and local SEO go hand in hand. But there are many other steps which you must have to take in order to optimize your local search engine ranking.

“Your website deserves the best, after all, it is the internet advertising billboard for you and your company.”

Local SEO is a strategic part of local online marketing. As a local business, it allows you to promote your services to local customers. Local SEO is a fundamental set of rules for your company if you are dreaming to increase your local audiences through a useful and effective online optimization strategy. For example in the case of Dubai, local SEO services are increasing revenue and popularity by increasing trust among existing as well as potential customers, targeting local customers.

The opportunity for business improvement in the case of the small and medium-sized organization is great because they are known for offering reliable and effective services locally. By implementing an effective local SEO strategy, they would be able to increase money as well as overall market reputation. For example, Royex, a leading SEO Company in Dubai is offering reliable and experienced SEO experts and helping professionally by providing local SEO tools and features.

Internet marketing aligns the business and customers in order to influence them to make a purchase. Internet marketing allows customers to build a strong relationship with customers through regular and low-cost personalized communication. Internet marketing increase customer reach, convenience and create a highly personalized relationship. Internet marketing enables you to take advantage of social media and to reduce cost.


Elements of Local SEO

Local SEO uses conventional marketing tools and offer desired results to the businesses. Local SEO increase traffic and connect you with more qualified local prospects. It will allow you to ensure that your marketing budget is spent on the right direction and increasing growth and progress in the local business environment. Local SEO is focused on optimizing your business service area for your target market. Successful execution of local SEO strategy will allow you to stand out in local search results and it will allow your business to stay at the top of local directories.

Elements of Local SEO

Few elements are important for the successful execution of local SEO strategy. Responsive UI, Contact Us page, loading time and listing in business directory are some of the most significant elements. Social media marketing, Link building and unique fresh content is also important.

You can make your business a recognized brand by taking advantage of experienced and certified SEO consultants. In this regard, Royex technologies are enabling their clients to understand all the elements important for high ranking in local SEO and their significant role in increasing traffic on a website. Hiring an SEO Agency in Dubai from reliable sources is important. A professional SEO team with right resources and the strategies play a significant role in helping youv acquire better results.

Is local SEO beneficial for small businesses?

Is local SEO beneficial for small businesses

•    Local customer prefers to search for local businesses.
•    64% local customers prefer local businesses to hire the services online. In UAE search engines are considered as most reliable sources.
•    Local directories are the only main source which will help you in promoting your business.
•    Local SEO ensure the market presences of the business by taking into consideration the desktop as well as mobile Apps for potential customers.
•    There are free local SEO opportunities. You can list your brand in google map without any cost, and it is one of the best resourceful ways for online business directories.


Tips to improve your local SEO

Local SEO prioritizes appearing on SERPs in a particular region.  This technique is focused on appealing to consumers for the brand, goods, and services. As the approach is more applicable to the local client base, leveraging your local SEO ensures more internet traffic, leads, and conversions. Here are some tips to take your local SEO game to the next level:

Configure your Google My Business Account

The most powerful way to rank higher on Google Maps as well as achieve prominence in Google Search local results is maybe to optimize your Google listing. However, you need a Google My Business account linked with that profile in order to get links to your Business Profile to allow these optimizations.

Acquire reviews from local customers

Getting reviews doesn't just leverage your Google My Business profile to get your customers to write glowing reviews for your company; it also invites more local customers to purchase from you. A study indicates that 85 percent of users value online ratings as well as personal suggestions.

Optimize voice search

In the coming years, voice search will grow quickly. In local SEO, however, it is important to refine how people ask questions while talking to computers, as opposed to how they type out their searches. In essence, by doing voice queries, the clients use more long-tail keywords relative to standard searches.

Localize your content

There's nothing quite like writing content that speaks or applies specifically to a local concern to catch the interest of your local consumers.
Such techniques include:

  • Writing blog articles regarding local news reports, incidents, or activities
  • Creating videos for local organizations or initiatives sponsored by your organization
  • Set up location-specific websites and high-quality local content on your website if you cover multiple sections of an area.

Focus on local keywords

For targeting the local clients, the keywords should be relevant. Google's own Keyword Planner helps you to sort location-based keyword searches to get an idea of a specific region's common search words. This helps you to build a set of keywords to pursue which are locally appropriate. They can make appearances in the meta content, copy, and URLs of your site until you have them.