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What Is Email Marketing and Why it is Important for e-Commerce Business?
04 Aug 2016

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What Is Email Marketing and Why it is Important for e-Commerce Business?

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that email marketing is the most inexpensive method of retaining your customer and it is the easiest way to experience an impressive ROI because through email marketing you can turn your website visitor in potential buyers. It is also a great engaging platform that targets market by sending offers to those people who have surrendered shopping carts or haven’t purchased in awhile. Through email marketing, directly you can remind people that you remember them, and in an indirect way make a statement that you exist as well.

Top 5 Advantages of E-mailing Marketing to e-Commerce Business

1.    Reactivate Inactive Clients Through Mailings

It usually happens in business that people go inactive for a long time, questions come is that whether they are away for good or just have forgotten about you. This situation implies to people who haven’t open your newsletter in the past five years or the people who haven’t purchased any of your products in the last five months.

To assess this situation you can send a re-activation email to your inactive customers, if by any chance a person open but don't purchase anything, this will let you know that this inactive member still thinks your brand. But in the case otherwise, where the person who haven’t opened your newsletter, is better to be removed from your email list. It needs to be addressed that “More is never better” so focus your time and resources on the potential customers who will make a purchase

2.    Rise Conversion with Segmentation

It is easy to convert people to your customer using email marketing in the right way. And the best way to boost your email conversions is through segmentation. Segmenting your customers into a specific list accordingly to their information will be easier for you to reach out to your clients with the right offers.

You can send personalized email on the base of a specific geographical region or on buying behavior because segmenting your customer base will let you know which segment is the potential buyer. To have a firsthand communication with your customer, you can get to know them by sending a personalized email to these clients.

You can draft e-mails that appear to refer directly to the recipients although there may be more then hundreds of customer that receiving the same email. Emails can also be personalized to incorporate address and name of the consumer. Segmentation will further help you raise engagement with the following varieties of e-mails:

•    Retention messages
•    Mails for improving customer pleasure
•    Birthday emailings
•    Abandoned shopping cart messages 

3.    Reward your loyal customers

The basic task of a marketer is not only to market his product but also retain his customer, and contact them from time to time, because if your customer base is strong, then it is an achievement to keep these people engage with your brand. One way to achieve this is to run an automated reward program via e-mail. You can reward your client who have crossed the desired milestone for example, a dollar amount or a number of products bought. This will not only keep your customer engage but it will let him feel appreciated, and this is a way to make him keep coming back.

One thing to note is that, don’t limit your emails to only discounted offers alone because it doesn’t hold a long lasting charm in it.

4.    Operate Brand Reputation

You can manage you brand reputation by encouraging it between your website and other social review site. It is a very easy step that you can use email marketing for; enlist a multitude of brand advocates! Attract customers to ask product reviews on your site and other social network sites. This will help your name to view and recognized through different social media platform, because the key to marketing is making your name established in people mind, so then when they want any product they will firstly think of your brand name. With feedback from real customer who have purchased from you, you will know precisely how to improve to make the buyer experience better.

5.    Support E-commerce Sales

Up until now, it is talked about how to increase sales and retain the customer’s base, but email is not only limited to that this purpose only. It is an effective tool for you (as an e-commerce provider) to keep in contact with your customers and their orders.

Using the email you can send tracking emails and thank you notes with a note of your monthly events. It would be better if you ask your product review in your emails. If you have finished your role right, your client will be pleased when they open that packet that comes in the mail. This is the point at which you ought to request a review or recommendation. Sending order confirmation and tracking e-mails results in improved customer experience. If your clients are happy with you, they are likely going to keep returning and this way you will have customer loyalty.

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